Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones - Battery Free for Unlimited Listening, Built-in Mic and Controls

Published on June 12, 2023, 10:40 a.m.

Looking for headphones that pack a powerful punch? The Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones deliver a booming bass audio experience in slick and sturdy packaging. Read on to see if these cans are the right fit for your listening needs.


As a pioneer in bass-boosted audio, Beats needs no introduction. The Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones model brings the brand’s signature sound to an on-ear wired design made for everyday use. With a durable build and intuitive controls, these headphones let you feel the beat whether you’re commuting or just chilling.

 Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones

Key Features

  • Powerful bass-driven sound
  • Durable stainless steel and aluminum design
  • On-ear wearing style
  • Wired connectivity for uninterrupted audio
  • Integrated microphone and remote for phone calls and playback control

 Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones


The Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones sport an eye-catching design accentuated by stainless steel and bold Beats branding. The fixed aluminum headband provides a sturdy yet lightweight feel. Soft ear cushions cushion the on-ear fit, while sliders allow adjusting for personalized comfort. The slick, durable aesthetics match the Beats style.


With easy wired connectivity and onboard controls, the Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones offer intuitive usability. Simply plug in the 3.5mm cable to start listening. The one-button mic and +/- buttons make controlling music and calls a breeze. Adjustable sliders help achieve a secure yet comfortable on-ear fit for most users.

Build Quality

Reinforced with stainless steel, the Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones feel solidly built to withstand regular use. The fixed headband avoids fragility from folding. While mostly durable, some users report issues like frayed cables over time. But overall, the metal and plastic construction gives an impression of quality.

Sound Quality

As expected from Beats, thumping bass takes the spotlight in the audio department. The sound leans toward bold lows rather than a balanced profile, which suits bass-heavy genres well. Mids have presence but can be overpowered by the low end. Highs come through crisp and clear. For a dynamic listening experience emphasizing the beats, these deliver.


The inline microphone performs well for phone calls with clear voice pickup. Users can answer/end calls and activate voice assistants by pressing the mic button. It gets the job done without fanciness.

Noise Isolation

With an on-ear seal that blocks out some ambient sound, the Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones isolate reasonably well without active noise cancellation. Some sound leakage can occur at high volumes. Overall, they mute moderate background noise for undisturbed listening.

Battery Life

Requiring no battery power, the wired EPs provide unlimited listening time. This avoids needing to recharge headphones frequently.


The standard 3.5mm wired connection ensures a consistent signal without dropouts or artifacts. This wired-only design lacks wireless functionality, which may disappoint some users. But it eliminates battery concerns.


Onboard controls include a mic button for calls/voice assistants along with + and - buttons to adjust volume. The simple three-button system covers basic playback controls.

 Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones

Use Cases

Take the Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones with you wherever you go. Their on-ear design makes them easy to wear around town, on your commute, at the office, or during workouts. Wired connectivity ensures a reliable connection with your device, so you can listen without skips or lag. Control your music and take calls thanks to the built-in mic and remote buttons.

User Feedback Analysis

Many reviewers praise the Beats signature bass-heavy sound that brings energy to hip hop, EDM, and other beat-driven genres. Some note the on-ear fit can cause discomfort during prolonged use. Wired connectivity reliability is a plus, though some lament the lack of a wireless option. Build quality earns acclaim for durability, but a few mention wear issues like frayed cables over time. While audiophiles find the sound biased toward bass, most agree these deliver enjoyable audio for the price.


  • Forceful, deep bass response
  • Durable stainless steel and aluminum design
  • Integrated mic and controls
  • Reliable wired connectivity


  • Bass-heavy sound may not suit purists
  • On-ear fit can cause discomfort over time
  • Not the most compact for travel


With powerful audio performance and premium styling, the Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones offer good value at the mid-range price point. Those wanting a portable Beats listening experience without breaking the bank will appreciate what these bring to the table.

 Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones


Overall, the Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones bring the brand’s iconic bass-forward sound in a stylish and strongly built package. While the boosted lows may not suit purists, fans of pulsating beats will find these cans a solid choice for lively audio on the go.


  • Driver Type: Unknown
  • Frequency Response: Unknown
  • Impedance: Unknown
  • Sensitivity: Unknown
  • Connection: 3.5mm wired
  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Battery life: No battery needed

Box Contents

  • Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones
  • Carrying pouch
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty card

How to Use

Using the Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones is simple:

  1. Connect the 3.5mm headphone plug to your smartphone, tablet, or music player.
  2. Wear the headphones over your ears, adjusting the headband for a secure fit.
  3. Press the microphone button to play/pause music or answer calls. Use the +/- buttons to adjust volume.
  4. Enjoy your music and calls with powerful Beats sound!
Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphones