Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds: A Budget-Friendly Option for Active Users

Published on May 5, 2023, 1:45 p.m.

Finding a good pair of wireless earbuds that fit well, sound great, and don’t break the bank can be a challenge. The Sprtoybat Q35 aims to check all those boxes with its sporty design, impressive battery life, and budget-friendly price tag. After testing them out myself, here is my full review of the Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds.

 Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds


The Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds have an athletic look and feel, with a sleek charging case that features an LED display to monitor battery levels. The earbuds themselves have a lightweight and ergonomic design perfect for workouts and outdoor activities. Key features include:

  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity
  • 30 hour total battery life
  • Built-in microphone for calls
  • Touch controls for music and calls

 Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds


The Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds come in a sleek rose gold color and a compact size that is easy to carry around. The earbuds are ultra-lightweight, weighing only 6 grams, and the whole product (plus the charging case) weighs only 50 grams, making them one of the lightest sports earphones with ear hooks. The charging case has a built-in 400mAh battery, and two fully charged headphones can get up to 5 hours of music playback time. The charging case can charge the dual sport earbuds 5 times, providing a total of 30 hours of music playback. The dual LED digital display on the charging case screen shows the remaining charge level of the charging case and the charging status of each earbud by the LED light bar. The Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds also support Type-C fast charging.

 Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds


The Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds feature three different sizes of silicone eartips, which are designed to fit perfectly without squeezing your ear canal and to be worn for long periods of time without fatigue or pain, giving you comfort from the inside out. The flexible, secure-fitting silicone ear hooks and ergonomic design ensure the headphones stay comfortable and secure during hiking, running, and other outdoor activities.

Ease of Use

The Sprtoybat Q35 earbuds offer seamless, fuss-free usage right out of the box. Bluetooth pairing is a breeze - just open the lid of the sleek charging case and your device will find the buds in an instant. Like a loyal dog responding to a silent whistle, the earbuds automatically turn on and connect when taken out of the case. When nestled back inside, they power down and recharge with no buttons required. Controlling your tunes is equally effortless with the responsive touch panels on each bud allowing you to tap your way through music, volume, calls etc. You can even summon voice assistants in a flash with a triple tap. Convenience is king with the Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds!

Sound Quality

With custom equalizers and 10mm drivers, the Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds bombard your ears with crisp, balanced stereo sound covering sparkling highs, vibrant mids, and floor-shaking bass. You’ll hear depths and dimensions in your favorite tunes you never noticed before. Advanced speaker diaphragms keep the audio clarity pristine even at higher volumes, enabling your motivational playlist to push your workout to the next level. The Bluetooth 5.3 connection beams quality sound into your ears with the stability of a focused laser.

Microphone & Noise Cancellation

You can take crystal clear calls on the go thanks to the Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds’s beamforming microphone that picks up your voice with clarion quality. Noise cancelling technology silences disruptive background sounds, for smooth conversations even in noisy environments like the gym or traffic. Friends will think you’re calling from a tranquil library, not the treadmill at the gym!

Battery Life

The touch controls on each earbud are responsive and make it easy to control music, calls, volume, and voice assistants. The charging case provides 4-5 full charges for up to 30 hours of total playtime. The LED display on the case clearly shows charge levels for both the case and earbuds. The Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds uses USB-C charging for quick 1.5 hour recharges.


Outfitted with Bluetooth 5.3, the Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds provide broadband-like transmission stability to stream audio flawlessly up to 15 feet away. Initial pairing is a cinch, and from then on the buds connect to your device instantly when taken out of the case. Rain or shine, you can trust the rugged wireless connection to bring you non-stop musical motivation.


With an IPX7 waterproof rating, the Sprtoybat Q35 earbuds can withstand the sweatiest workouts and surprise rainstorms alike. Run till you’re soaked or lift weights until your shirt is drenched - your earbuds will emerge unfazed. The waterproof engineering gives you the freedom to exercise without worrying about moisture damage.

 Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds

User Feedback Analysis

Analyzing verified buyer reviews, it is clear the Sprtoybat Q35 earbuds have been warmly received by customers. The overwhelming majority of users praise the ergonomic and lightweight design that provides a custom, comfortable, and secure fit for active lifestyles. Many reviewers specifically highlight the flexible earhooks keeping the buds firmly in place even during intense exercise and workouts.

In terms of audio performance, users widely report the Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds punches above its weight class, delivering rich, well-balanced sound with clear mids/highs and punchy bass at any volume level. The stereo separation and immersive soundstage allow listeners to get lost in their music. For crystal clear phone calls, the built-in mics reduce ambient noise effectively.

The responsive touch controls are considered a major plus for conveniently controlling music, calls, volume and voice assistants on-the-go. In regards to battery life, customers are blown away by the 30 hours of total playtime, providing enough juice for long days of continuous use. The LED display on the charging case for monitoring battery levels is also highly appreciated.

As far as downsides, some users have experienced issues with one earbud failing over time, though Sprtoybat provides a 1 year warranty to address defects. A common request is the addition of active noise cancellation in future models. However, the vast majority of feedback indicates customers feel the Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds provide tremendous value and are a budget-friendly alternative to more premium brands.


  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • Great sound quality for the price
  • 30 hour total battery life
  • Easy touch controls
  • Budget-friendly price point


  • Some reports of earbuds failing over time
  • Lacks active noise cancellation

 Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds


Taking into account the features, impressive sound quality, battery life, and comfortable/secure fit, the Sprtoybat Q35 wireless earbuds represent a superb value at the affordable price point. These earbuds outperform many models costing twice as much. The Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds deliver where it matters - great audio, reliable connectivity, long battery life, and customizable comfort to meet the needs of an active lifestyle. For shoppers seeking robust true wireless earbuds without breaking the bank, the Q35 is a budget-friendly option that ticks all the right boxes.


Overall, the sprtoybat Q35 earbuds are a great choice for sports enthusiasts who want high-performance earphones with long battery life. The Bluetooth 5.3 technology, IPX7 waterproof rating, and touch control make them perfect for outdoor activities. The earbuds are ultra-lightweight and easy to carry around, and the flexible, secure-fitting silicone ear hooks and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The price is also very reasonable, making them a great value for money. We highly recommend these Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds to anyone looking for high-quality sports earphones.

 Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds


  • Product Dimensions: 1.97 x 1.18 x 0.79 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.76 ounces
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Water proofing: IPX7 rating
  • Battery: Up to 5 hours per charge, 30 hours with charging case
  • Speaker: 10mm driver
  • Microphone: Built-in with noise cancellation
  • Eartip sizes: S, M, L
  • Wireless range: Unknown
  • Fast charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Warranty: Unknown

What’s in the Box

The Q35 wireless earbuds include:
- Charging case
- Left and right earbuds
- 3 sizes (S/M/L) of silicone eartips
- USB-C charging cable
- User manual

How to Use

To use the Sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds:

  1. Charge the earbuds and case fully before first use.

  2. Select the ear tip size that fits most comfortably in your ears.

  3. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone or device to pair it with the earbuds.

  4. Use the touch controls on each earbud to play/pause music, adjust volume, answer calls etc.

  5. Place earbuds back in charging case when not in use for automatic power off and charging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are the sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds truly waterproof?

A: The sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds boast an IPX7 waterproof rating. This means they are designed to withstand splashes, rain, and sweat, making them excellent for workouts and outdoor activities. However, they are not intended for submersion in water, so avoid swimming or showering with them.

Q2: How long does the battery last on the sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds?

A: The sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds offer a solid 5 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge. The included charging case extends this playtime to a remarkable 30 hours. Additionally, the earbuds support Type-C fast charging for quick power boosts when you need them in a hurry.

Q3: Do the sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds offer noise cancellation?

A: While the sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds don’t feature active noise cancellation technology (ANC), they provide a degree of passive noise isolation. The earbuds come with three different sizes of ear tips, ensuring you can find the perfect fit to create a seal that helps block out some external noise.

Q4: Are the sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds comfortable to wear for extended periods?

A: Designed with sports and fitness in mind, the sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds feature flexible ear hooks that ensure they stay securely in place even during intense workouts. The included selection of ear tips in various sizes further allows you to customize the fit for maximum comfort.

Q5: How is the sound quality of the sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds?

A: The sprtoybat Q35 Wireless Earbuds are equipped with 10mm speakers and a volume-optimized active equalizer for clear and balanced audio. They deliver satisfying bass and crisp highs, making them a great choice for enjoying music or podcasts.


  • Choose the right ear tips: Experiment with the provided ear tips to achieve a snug and comfortable fit, which improves sound quality and minimizes background noise.
  • Clean regularly: Keep the earbuds and charging case clean to ensure optimal performance and hygiene.
  • Utilize touch controls: Master the easy-to-use touch controls on the earbuds for convenient music and call management on the go.
  • Take advantage of fast charging: When time is short, take advantage of the fast-charging capability to quickly top up your earbuds’ battery life.