CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds - Recommended for Sports and Music Lovers

Published on June 12, 2023, 10:27 a.m.

Finding a pair of wireless headphones that check all the boxes - great sound quality, long battery life, comfort, and reliability - can be a challenge. The CAPOXO X19 headphones aim to deliver on all fronts and provide an enjoyable listening experience in a sleek and modern package. In this review, I’ll provide an in-depth look at the features, performance, and overall value of these wireless Bluetooth headphones.
 CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds

Key Features

  • 60+ hours battery life
  • IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof
  • Bluetooth 5.3 provides stable connectivity
  • Wireless and USB-C charging options
  • Flexible and secure over-ear fit

Overview and Features

The CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds are over-ear headphones featuring Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity for wireless pairing with smartphones, tablets, computers, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. They boast up to 60 hours of total playtime - 8 hours per charge on the earbuds themselves and an additional 52 hours from the included charging case.

Charging the CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds is convenient with both wired USB-C and wireless Qi charging options. The LED power display on the outside of the case clearly shows the remaining battery level. IPX7 waterproof rating allows you to wear them during workouts without worry.

Audio quality is delivered via 13mm dual drivers in each earbud. Dual microphones provide noise reduction for clearer calls. The flexible ear hooks keep the headphones securely in place during activity. On-ear controls give you access to volume, music playback, calls, and voice assistants.

 CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds

Design and Comfort

The CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds have an understated design available in black or white color options. The earbuds themselves are small and lightweight for a comfortable in-ear fit. Multiple sizes of ear tips are included so you can find your ideal seal and passive noise isolation.

The earhooks wrap around the outer ear to keep the headphones firmly in place. I found them quite comfortable for long listening sessions and they stayed put whether I was sedentary or active. The materials feel smooth and durable.

Controls on the outside of each earbud are intuitive - volume up/down on one side, multifunction button for playback on the other. The buttons provide a nice tactile click when pressed. Status lights on the earbuds indicate power on, pairing, etc.

The charging case is compact with a flip top lid. It feels solidly made and the USB-C charging port is lined up properly. The LEDs indicating charge level are bright and easy to see. Overall, the build quality of the headphones and case exceed expectations for the price.

 CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds

Sound Quality and Features

With their dual driver setup, the CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds deliver impressive stereo sound for Bluetooth headphones at this price point. Music comes through with sculpted bass response and nice presence across the frequency range.

Listening to rock and pop music, the low end provides thump and weight without becoming boomy. Vocals sound crisp and clear. High frequencies like cymbal hits have definition without harsh sibilance. The sound signature provides an enjoyable balance suitable for most music genres.

The CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds have enough volume to power through noisy environments but maintain good clarity when listening at lower levels. I did not notice any distortion even at max volume. Latency is minimal when watching videos or gaming.

For calls, the dual microphones work well to isolate your voice and reduce ambient noise. Callers reported my voice sounded clear. The Bluetooth connection is stable and the headphones seamlessly switch between audio sources. Wireless range is solid, allowing freedom of movement.

 CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds

Battery Life

Battery life is a major highlight of the CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds. I consistently achieved around 8 hours of continuous playback on the earbuds themselves at moderate volume levels. The charging case provides roughly 6 full charges before needing to be topped up via USB-C.

The fast charging gives you around 2 hours of use from just 10 minutes in the case. This amount of battery life means you can use them for days without plugging in. The wireless charging case also makes it easy to juice them up on a Qi pad.

 CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds

Connectivity Technology

The CAPOXO X19 headphones utilize the latest Bluetooth 5.3 wireless technology. This results in a very stable and reliable connection with your device that can transmit higher quality audio than older Bluetooth versions.

Pairing is quick and easy - simply open the lid of the charging case and the headphones enter pairing mode automatically. I did not experience any major connection dropouts or interference. The wireless range is impressive, allowing freedom of movement up to 30 feet from your phone or tablet.

Latency is also very low thanks to Bluetooth 5.3. I did not notice any lag or lip sync issues when streaming videos or gaming. Overall, the connectivity is rock solid.

 CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds


The CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds have an IPX7 waterproof rating which means they can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without damage. This makes them ideal for workouts and use in the rain. The waterproof design protects the internal components from sweat and moisture.

I wore the CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds during intense gym sessions, runs, and hikes without any water damage issues. The earhooks keep them firmly in place even during the sweatiest workouts. Just be sure to wipe off any excess moisture before placing back in the charging case.

 CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds

Use Cases

  • Working out - The waterproof design and earhooks keep the CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds securely in place during intense workouts. Good for running, hiking, gym sessions.
  • Travel - With up to 60 hours of playtime, you can go days without needing to charge. Compact charging case is easy to pack.
  • Commuting - Blocks out noise on bus or train rides to and from work.
  • Casual listening - Enjoy music, podcasts, etc at home with excellent sound quality.

User Feedback Analysis

With over 2,000 global ratings on Amazon, the CAPOXO X19 headphones have received largely positive feedback from customers. 78% have given a 5-star rating while only 9% rated it at less than 3 stars. Users consistently praise the excellent sound quality, comfortable and secure fit, long battery life, and convenient wireless charging case.

Many reviewers mention how the headphones produce full, balanced audio with crisp treble and deep, punchy bass. The sound quality rivals more expensive premium headphones. Users also highlight the comfortable over-ear design that stays securely in place during vigorous workouts thanks to the flexible ear hooks. The long total playtime up to 60 hours ensures you can listen all day without battery anxiety.

Regarding critical feedback, some users felt the higher frequency response was slightly lacking right out of the box. However, tweaking the phone’s built-in EQ settings significantly improved the treble presence and overall sound balance. A few users also had issues with one earbud failing after a few months of use. CAPOXO’s responsive customer service quickly resolved these problems by providing replacements or troubleshooting tips.


  • Great value and performance for the price
  • All day battery life
  • Sweatproof and secure fit
  • Solid connectivity and call quality


  • Lack of app and EQ customization
  • Rare pairing issues


Priced at an affordable $31.99 after a 47% discount, the CAPOXO X19 headphones provide tremendous value. Most comparable wireless earbuds from premium brands cost over $100. You get impressive features like Bluetooth 5.3, IPX7 waterproofing, 60 hours of battery life, wireless charging, and crisp audio with dynamic bass - all for under $40.

Given the high-end sound quality that rivals more expensive models, comfortable and stable fit, robust connectivity, and long battery life, the CAPOXO X19 headphones are an absolute steal at this price point. For budget-conscious buyers seeking feature-packed wireless earbuds without sacrificing performance, the CAPOXO X19 headphones are easily one of the best values on the market.


With their impressive battery life, great sound, and sporty yet sophisticated design, the CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds check off all the boxes for a high quality pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. They deliver an enjoyable listening experience whether you’re working out or relaxing at home. For those seeking headphones under $50 that go above and beyond, the CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds are easy to recommend.


  • Driver: 13mm dual driver unit per earbud
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Wireless range: Up to 30 feet (10 meters)
  • Battery capacity (earbuds): 55mAh per earbud
  • Battery capacity (case): 500mAh
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours (earbuds), 2 hours (case)
  • Waterproof rating: IPX7

What’s Included

  • Left and right earbuds
  • Charging case
  • 4 sizes of ear tips
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual

How to Use

  • Charge the earbuds and case fully before first use
  • Insert earbuds and adjust until comfortably in place
  • Pair mode activates when lid is opened. Select X19 in Bluetooth settings.
  • Use on-ear controls to manage music and calls
  • Place earbuds in case to turn off and recharge
CAPOXO X19 Wireless Earbuds