RORSOU R10 Wired Headphones: A Budget-Friendly Option with Impressive Sound

Published on May 2, 2023, 9:14 p.m.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, budget-friendly pair of wired on-ear headphones, the RORSOU R10 should be on your radar. Offering impressive sound, a lightweight and comfortable design, and a very wallet-friendly price tag, these headphones punch above their weight class. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones a standout in the crowded budget headphone market.


Hailing from the electronics brand RORSOU, the RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones sport a simple but reliable design. The plastic build keeps them lightweight at just 7.6 ounces, while the padded headband and ear cups aim for all-day wearing comfort. At under $20, the pricing is highly competitive. So what exactly do you get for such a low investment? Read on to see how these headphones stack up.

RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones


The RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones sports an understated design with mostly plastic construction to keep them lightweight. The glossy black color looks sleek while the padded synthetic leather on the headband and ear cups aims for comfort. The flexible headband adjusts to fit most users. The folding hinges allow the ear cups to rotate inward for a more compact size when traveling.
 RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones

Ease of Use

With no batteries or Bluetooth pairing needed, the plug-and-play wired design makes the RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones extremely easy to use. Simply plug the 3.5mm jack into your device and enjoy your audio. The in-line controls provide convenient access to volume, playback, and call management.

Sound Quality

Equipped with 40mm drivers, the RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones delivers well-balanced sound with tight bass and clear mids and highs. The closed-back design provides decent passive noise isolation. While not audiophile-grade, the audio is very impressive for the budget price and beats out more expensive models.

Microphone Quality

The in-line microphone allows you to make calls and access phone voice assistants. However, users note the mic audio is subpar and can sound muffled on calls. The mic quality is a weak spot.

 RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones

Noise Isolation

As an on-ear model, the RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones doesn’t block ambient noise as well as over-ear designs. But the closed-back construction still provides reasonable noise isolation for everyday use. Just don’t expect active noise cancellation.


The in-line remote makes it easy to adjust volume, play/pause tracks, and answer calls without touching your device. The simple three-button interface is intuitive.

 RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones


The RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones are a perfect companion for daily commute, work, or play. Their lightweight and comfortable fit allows you to relax and enjoy vibrant audio whether you’re taking the subway to the office, grinding away at your desk, or just lounging at home. The sound isolation helps block out external distractions too. Take these headphones anywhere you want an escape into good tunes.

 RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones

User Feedback Analysis

The RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones have been warmly embraced by budget-conscious audiophiles looking for an affordable ticket to musical bliss. These diminutive dynamos have won over users with their barrage of sonic joy and plush aural comfort, according to rave reviews.

The vast majority of delighted users have lavished praise on the RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones’s siren song of crystalline highs, velvety mids, and thundering bass. Owners relish the vigorous sonic performance that adds spine-tingling vibrancy to all genres, from the growling bass lines of hip hop to the soaring vocals of opera. As one euphoric user gushed, “These pack a punch with powerful bass that makes you feel like you’re at a club!”

When it comes to comfort, users have found the pillowy ear cups and flexible padded headband provide a sanctuary for their ears during extended listening sessions. The feathery weight rests gently on the head without pinch or pressure. An enamored reviewer raved, “It’s like having little clouds hugging my ears - so snug without squeezing!”

However, a few users have grumbled about lackluster call quality from the inline microphone, which can sound low and muffled. There were also isolated reports of breakdowns after a few months of use, though the majority found the build sturdy. Still, given the bargain-bin price tag, most agree these drawbacks are easily overlooked.

For shoppers operating on a shoestring budget, the RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones hit all the right notes, serving up booming bass, silky mids, and sparkling highs with cozy comfort. These wallet-friendly music companions provide outrageous value that belies their paltry price. As one delighted user summed it up, “An unbelievable bargain for this heavenly sound!”

Pros and Cons

- Great sound quality for the price
- Lightweight and comfortable fit
- Convenient in-line controls
- Foldable, portable design
- Attractive color options
- Good value for money

- On-ear style lacks noise isolation
- Mediocre microphone quality
- Questionable long-term durability


At their sub-$20 price point, the RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones deliver impressive performance and features. The audio quality stands out in particular, outshining more expensive competitors. Combined with the comfortable fit and cleverly compact folding design, these headphones represent an absolute steal. For shoppers on a tight budget, the RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones should top your list for affordable music enjoyment on the go.


If you need a simple, budget-friendly pair of wired headphones that won’t break the bank, the RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones absolutely delivers. The sound quality exceeds expectations, beating out competitors at this price range. Just don’t expect audiophile performance or lavish features. For casual listening on the go, the RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones gets the job done admirably. Considering the sub-$20 price tag, these headphones are very easy to recommend.


  • Driver Unit: 40mm
  • Frequency Response: unknown
  • Impedance: unknown
  • Sensitivity: unknown
  • Headphone Type: On-ear, closed-back
  • Connection: Wired, 3.5mm
  • Cord Length: 1.5 meters
  • Microphone: In-line omnidirectional
  • Controls: Volume, playback, call control
  • Weight: 7.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 7.09 x 3.15 x 7.87 inches
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Warranty: Unknown

What’s in the Box

The RORSOU R10 On-Ear Headphones come packaged with the wired headphones, a user manual, and a 12-month warranty card.

How to Use

Using the R10 headphones is simple:

  1. Plug the 3.5mm connector into your headphone jack.

  2. Place the earcups over your ears.

  3. Adjust the headband to get a secure yet comfortable fit.

  4. Use the in-line controls to play/pause music and adjust volume.

  5. Fold earcups inward when not in use for compact storage.

Enjoy stellar sound on a shoestring budget with the RORSOU R10!