Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets: The Budget-Friendly Headset That Gets the Job Done

Published on Dec. 11, 2023, 2:48 p.m.

Looking for an inexpensive headset for office calls or online classes? The Maeline OBC02 stereo wired headsets provide a budget-friendly option.


The Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets is an on-ear wired headset with an integrated microphone. Aimed at office, call center, and budget-conscious users, it offers a no-frills design focused on the essentials.

Key Features

  • Boom microphone for hands-free communication
  • Rotatable microphone for optimal positioning
  • On-ear lightweight design
  • Adjustable headband for customized fit
  • Padded ear cushions for noise isolation
  • Wired 3.5mm connectivity

 Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets

Design - Understated Looks

With an all-black color scheme, the Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets features a subtle and professional aesthetic. The on-ear wearing style and padded headband aim for comfort during extended use.

Effortless Usability

Using the Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets is hassle-free. Just plug in the 3.5mm jack and adjust the fit as needed. The universally compatible wired connection works seamlessly with most devices.

Audio Performance - Optimized for Voice

While music playback is just average, the headphone drivers deliver clear audio for voice calls and meetings. The closed-back design helps isolate ambient noise.

Microphone Quality - Good for Most Uses

The flexible boom mic captures speech nicely, making it well-suited for office calls, online classes, and voice chats. Just don’t expect exceptional recording quality.
 Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets

Noise Isolation - Effective Reduction

The closed-back earcups and padded cushions prevent sound leakage and enhance passive noise reduction. This improves call and audio clarity.

Wired Connectivity - Plug and Play

With a universally compatible 3.5mm jack, the Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets can easily connect to smartphones, laptops, tablets, and gaming devices. No need for pairing or batteries.

Controls and Handling - Straightforward

Inline controls on the headset cable allow for volume and microphone muting. The adjustable headband and rotatable mic provide customized positioning.

Build Quality - Decent Construction

While plastics are used throughout, the Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets doesn’t feel fragile. The headband flexes naturally while the ear cushions provide a soft touch.

Comfort - Lightweight With Adjustable Fit

Weighing just a few ounces, the Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets avoids pressure during extended wear. The headband can be tailored for optimal snugness.

 Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets

Use Cases

The Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets is ideal for:

  • Office work calls and virtual meetings
  • Call center and customer service agents
  • Online classes, webinars, and podcasts
  • PC or console gaming chat
  • Music listening on the go


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Integrated boom microphone
  • 270-degree rotatable mic
  • Lightweight and adjustable on-ear fit
  • Wired connectivity with universal 3.5mm jack


  • On-ear design may feel tight
  • No Bluetooth wireless option
  • Mediocre music audio performance
  • Microphone sound quality is just average

Value - Affordable Price Point

At this wallet-friendly price point, the Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets delivers practical functionality for work and study uses. The integrated mic eliminates the need for a separate headset.
 Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets


For those seeking an inexpensive wired headset, the no-frills Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets gets the job done. Its rotatable mic and adjustable fit provide a functional experience for office calls, online meetings, and voice chat.

 Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the intended use cases for the Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets?

The Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets are designed for a variety of applications, including personal and business use, call centers, conference rooms, online seminars, courses, virtual meetings, podcasts, support stations, and clerk’s desks. They are engineered to deliver call clarity, ensuring crystal-clear voice chat and communications.

How does the adjustable headband enhance user comfort?

The adjustable headband of the Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets ensures an optimal fit for different head sizes, whether small or large. This feature allows for quick adjustments, providing a perfect design to fit adults or children and ensuring comfort during prolonged use.

Can the Maeline OBC02 Headsets’ microphone be adjusted for optimal positioning?

Yes, the microphone of the Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets features a flexible shaft that allows users to adjust and rotate the microphone’s position 270 degrees. This flexibility ensures optimal microphone placement for clear voice transmission.

What makes the ear cushions of the Maeline OBC02 Headsets stand out?

The ear cushions of the Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets are padded with soft foam, which provides a comfortable fit while preventing sound leakage. This design reduces noise and enhances the fidelity of music, making them suitable for use in various environments.

How is the Maeline OBC02 compatible with different devices?

The Maeline OBC02 Stereo Wired Headsets utilize a single 3.5mm plug, making them compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, PCs, Android tablets, MP3 players, CD players, fitness equipment, and most gaming systems with an aux port.


  • To ensure the best fit, adjust the headband before starting your activity.
  • Rotate the microphone to your preferred position for optimal voice capture.
  • Use the headsets in environments where sound clarity is essential for enhanced productivity.


  1. On-ear headphones, like the Maeline OBC02, are designed to rest on the outer ears and are typically lighter and more comfortable for long-term wear compared to over-ear designs.
  2. A 3.5mm jack, also known as an auxiliary connection, is a widely used audio connector that supports stereo sound and is compatible with a vast array of audio devices.


  • Brand: Maeline
  • Color: Black
  • Form Factor: On Ear
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Wireless Communication Technology: Auxiliary
  • Material: Plastic
  • Special Feature: Lightweight, Microphone Feature
  • Control Type: Media Control
  • Cable Feature: Retractable
  • Headphones Jack: 3.5 mm Jack
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones, Laptops, PC, Tablets
  • Model Number: OBC02
  • Number of Items: 5
  • Age Range (Description): Adult

What’s in the Box

The Maeline OBC02 package includes:

  • 1 pair of stereo wired headsets with microphone
  • User documentation

How to Use

  1. Plug the 3.5mm jack into your compatible device like a computer, phone, or tablet.
  2. Place the headphones over your ears with the headband resting on top of your head.
  3. Adjust the headband and ear cushions until comfortably snug.
  4. Rotate the microphone boom to your desired position.
  5. Use device controls to adjust volume and mic settings as needed.