BASN MTpro: A Powerful Planar Magnetic Driver In-Ear Monitor

Published on April 27, 2023, 6:14 p.m.

Audiophiles and musicians unite! BASN’s new MTPro planar magnetic in-ear monitors are here to bring some serious sonic joy into your life. Let’s get groovin’ with a deep dive on these stylishly designed IEMs.


Slip on the BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors and you’ll be swimming in sound with their powerful 14.5mm planar magnetic drivers. Each earbud contains a double-sided magnetic array allowing the driver diaphragm to flutter with speed and grace, pumping out rich audio in stunning detail.

 BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors

Key Features

  • 14.5mm planar magnetic drivers for powerful and detailed sound
  • CNC machined aluminum alloy housing for durable and stylish design
  • MMCX connectors for detachable cable connections
  • Multiple included eartip sizes for optimized fit and noise isolation

 BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors

Design - Smooth as Metal

These IEMs are forged from durable aluminum alloy and polished using high-precision CNC machining for a slick metallic finish. With their unique color-blocked faceplates, the BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors look as good as they sound.

Functional Bliss

The BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors deliver a neutral yet lively sound signature perfect for extended listening sessions. Expect thumping lows, smooth mids, and sparkling highs. The earbuds boast an ergonomic fit for supreme noise isolation and comfort.

Decked Out with Distinction

BASN hooks you up with loads of handy accessories like detachable cables, a 1/4” adapter, cleaning tools, and an abundance of eartips to find your perfect seal. With lush extras like these, the BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors stand out from the crowd.

Ease of Use

With multiple included eartip sizes and detachable cables, the BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors allow for easy customization and convenience. The cables connect securely via MMCX connectors while offering flexibility during use.

Build Quality

Constructed from durable aluminum alloy and reinforced by CNC machining, the BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors boast a sturdy metal build designed to last. The detachable cables appear prone to connectivity issues according to some user reviews.

Sound Quality

Outfitted with 14.5mm planar magnetic drivers, the BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors deliver impactful bass, smooth mids, and lively treble for an engaging listening experience with superb imaging and a wide soundstage.


The BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors come with a detachable cable featuring an in-line microphone and remote for call and audio controls. Feedback on microphone performance is unknown.

Noise Isolation

Thanks to the optimized ergonomic design and inclusion of various eartip sizes, the BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors provide effective passive noise isolation to immerse the listener.


The BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors connect via detachable MMCX connectors and a 3.5mm plug. Two cables are included, one with a microphone/remote and one for pure audio listening.


An in-line remote on the microphone cable allows for call and music controls like volume adjustment. No onboard controls are present on the earbuds themselves.

 BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors

Ideal Usage Scenarios

The BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors cater to audiophiles and musicians craving pristine audio reproduction. On-stage musicians can revel in the stellar sound isolation for in-ear monitoring. In the studio, audio engineers will appreciate hearing every sonic nuance when mixing and mastering. For commuters and leisure listeners, the BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors provide ecstatic escape into musical worlds.

User Feedback Analysis

Reviews praise the BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors for their expansive soundstage, textured bass response, smooth mids, and lively treble. Many users describe an immersive listening experience with stellar audio positioning for gaming and movies. The ergonomic design receives consistent comfort accolades. Critics note the recessed mids reduce vocal clarity during chaotic tracks. Some report connectivity issues with the included cables.


  • Spacious soundstage
  • Powerful yet precise bass
  • Smooth and non-fatiguing treble
  • Superior noise isolation
  • High-quality metal construction


  • Recessed mids reduce vocal clarity in busy tracks
  • Connectivity concerns with included cables


With planar magnetic drivers, premium metal design, and abundant accessories, the BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors punch above their weight class delivering stellar sound and style for the money.


Audiophiles and music aficionados seeking stellar sound - look no further. The BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors planar magnetic in-ear monitors deliver sleek style and sensational sonics for one euphoric listening experience. Let the music move you!

 BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors


  • Driver: 14.5mm planar magnetic
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB
  • Frequency Response: unknown
  • Connector: MMCX, 3.5mm
  • Materials: aluminum alloy
  • Included accessories: OCC audio cable, microphone cable, eartips, case

Box Contents

The MTPro package includes:
- 1 pair of earbuds
- Detachable OCC audio cable
- Detachable microphone cable
- 12 pairs of eartips
- 1/4” adapter, cable clip, and cleaning tool
- Protective carrying case


  1. Select desired eartips and attach to earbuds for optimal fit and isolation
  2. Connect OCC audio cable or microphone cable to earbuds via MMCX connectors
  3. Insert earbuds and adjust until comfortably seated
  4. Connect cable to audio source and enjoy pristine planar magnetic sound!
BASN MTPro in Ear Monitors