SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone - A Remarkable Audiophile Experience

Published on June 12, 2023, 11:13 a.m.

For over 75 years, Sennheiser has been shaping the future of audio with its commitment to innovation and excellence. The German brand is known for producing some of the best headphones and audio equipment on the market across various price points. The Sennheiser HD 559 open-back headphones aim to bring audiophile-quality sound to a more mainstream audience.


The Sennheiser HD 559 open-back headphones features Sennheiser’s proprietary 38mm, 50 ohm drivers that deliver impressive sound reproduction. The open-back design creates an open and spacious soundstage, providing a more natural and immersive listening experience. The lightweight yet durable build features luxuriously soft velour earpads that are comfortable for long listening sessions. At around $100, the Sennheiser HD 559 open-back headphones punches well above its weight class.

 Sennheiser HD 559 Open Back Headphone

Key Features

  • Open back, around-ear design for a spacious soundstage
  • Powered by proprietary Sennheiser 38 millimeter, 50 ohm transducers
  • Soft, replaceable ear pads for enhanced comfort
  • Robust 3-meter detachable cable and 6.3 millimeter jack

Design and Build

The SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone has a simple plastic design that feels durable but not the most premium. The open-back ear cups are quite large, encompassing the whole ear, but remain comfortable for long listening sessions thanks to the soft velour padding. The padded headband also helps reduce pressure and strain. Overall, the SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone is designed for comfort and function over fashion. It’s not the most portable pair but works great as a at-home listening headphone.

 Sennheiser HD 559 Open Back Headphone

Sound Quality

The sound quality is where the SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone really shines. The open-back design provides a wide and immersive soundstage with strong stereo separation. The sound signature is neutral and natural, with articulate mids, crisp highs, and decent bass extension. While the bass has good depth, it lacks the punch and slam of closed-back models. The open design means that there is no noise isolation, so the SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone is best suited for quiet home listening.

 Sennheiser HD 559 Open Back Headphone

Use Cases and Applications

The SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone is designed primarily for home use given its open-back design and lack of noise isolation. It works well for:

  • Listening to music - The SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone provides an immersive listening experience for all genres of music. Its neutral and natural sound reproduces audio as intended.

  • Gaming - The wide soundstage and strong stereo separation make the SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone a great headphone for gaming. You can hear subtle sounds that would be missed with other headphones. However, the open design means outside noise will come through and your audio will disturb others.

  • Audio editing - For amateur or semi-professional audio editing, the SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone provides detailed and accurate sound that will allow you to monitor your audio properly. Again, the open design may pick up excess noise.

User Feedback

The Sennheiser HD 559 headphones have received largely positive reviews from customers praising their comfort and sound quality. Here is an analysis of common feedback:

Many users mention the exceptional comfort provided by the lightweight build and plush velour earpads that don’t cause fatigue during long listening sessions. The earcups completely surround the ears without clamping too tightly. Those with glasses also appreciate the comfortable fit that doesn’t put too much pressure on the frames.

The spacious and natural sound is frequently highlighted in reviews. The open-back design provides an immersive soundstage that makes music feel alive and vibrant. Users describe the overall sound as warm and well-balanced with nice bass extension considering the open design.

Some audiophiles do point out that the mids and highs lack a touch of detail and clarity compared to higher-end headphones. The treble is a bit subdued while the mids could have more presence and separation. However, considering the affordable price point, most find the sound very impressive.

A common complaint is the long, heavy cable that can be cumbersome when using the headphones stationary at a desk. Some opt to replace the stock cable with a shorter, more flexible one. The headphones also lack a 3.5mm plug, so an adapter needs to be purchased separately.

While a few users report needing an amp to really make the SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone shine, they still provide great sound directly from phones or computers. Overall, audiophiles and casual listeners alike praise the SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone for their natural, high-fidelity sound and plush comfort - an incredible value purchase.


  • Excellent value for the price
  • Impressive sound quality with a wide soundstage
  • Comfortable to wear for long listening sessions
  • Solid build quality and durable design
  • Ideal for gaming and music enthusiasts


  • Lacks volume control on the headset
  • Requires a separate adapter for the 3.5mm jack
  • Limited color options


With performance that rivals headphones costing 2-3 times as much, the Sennheiser HD 559 Open Back Headphone provides outstanding value. Audiophile-quality sound and premium comfort at just around $100 make these a budget-friendly entry point into hi-fi listening.

 Sennheiser HD 559 Open Back Headphone


The SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone offers a remarkable audiophile experience with its natural tonal balance, spacious soundstage, and exceptional wearing comfort. It is an excellent choice for those looking to step into the world of high-quality sound reproduction. With its durable design and proprietary transducer technology, the SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone delivers immersive audio for gaming and music enthusiasts. Although it lacks a volume control on the headset and requires a separate adapter for the 3.5mm jack, these minor drawbacks are overshadowed by its overall performance and value for the price.


  • Design: Open-back, over-ear
  • Driver: 38mm dynamic drivers
  • Frequency response: 14-26,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 112 dB SPL/V
  • Cable: 3m detachable cable with 6.3mm connector
  • Weight: 260g

What’s in the box

  • Sennheiser HD 559 headphones
  • Detachable 3m audio cable with 6.3mm connector
  • Quick start guide
  • Safety guide

How to use

  1. Connect the audio cable to the left ear cup of the HD 559 and your audio source.
  2. Put the HD 559 on your head with the ear pads resting over your ears. Adjust the headband so that the earpads seal around your ears but still remain comfortable.
  3. Make sure your audio source is 6.3mm or that you have a 6.3mm to 3.5mm adapter to connect to your device.
  4. Start playing audio from your source and adjust the volume to your desired level.
  5. To remove, gently lift one earpad up and slide the headphone off your ear. Do not pull on the cable to remove as this could damage the internal wiring.

  6. When not in use, unplug the audio cable and store the headphones in a dry place away from direct heat or sunlight. Avoid compressing or twisting the headband.

Does this help summarize the key additional details about the Sennheiser HD 559? Let me know if you have any other questions.

SENNHEISER HD 559 Open Back Headphone