LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds: A Punchy and Playful Listening Experience

Published on May 27, 2023, 3:21 p.m.

Tired of flimsy earbuds that tangle up faster than headphones at a heavy metal concert? Want that sparkling audio clarity without blowing your budget? Look no further than the LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds. This peppy pair of earphones brings surprisingly balanced sound in a fun and rugged build. Time to pump up the volume on your audio game.
 LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds


The LUDOS Ultra earbuds rock a sturdy metal construction coated in a variety of lively colors. A 4.2 foot tangle-resistant cable connects to your device via a 3.5mm jack and features an in-line remote for controlling volume and phone calls. Four sets of ear tips (memory foam and silicone) provide a customizable fit. And built-in magnets allow the earbuds to clip together when not in use for easy carrying.


  • Punchy Audio Performance: Reviewers praise the LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds for their clear mids and highs, with some thumping bass tuned in. The sound quality stands out for this price point.

  • Durable Metal Housing: The aluminum alloy earbud housing and reinforced cable are built to withstand heavy use. These earbuds are ready for action.

  • Tangle-Resistant Cable: A rubberized cable keeps kinks and knots at bay. The in-line remote features sturdy buttons for seamless volume and call control.

  • Customizable Fit: With four sizes and styles of ear tips included, you can achieve the perfect fit for all-day comfort and enhanced sound isolation.

  • Convenient Magnet System: When not in use, the earbuds attach magnetically to each other for easy storage and transport. No more frantically untangling before each listen.

 LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds


Sporting metal housings and accented with lively colors like red, blue and purple, the LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds make a bold style statement. The earbuds feature an ergonomic shape that nestles comfortably into the ear, while their lightweight build maximizes wearing ease.

Tough rubberized cables resist tangling during transport and storage. Angled 3.5mm plugs connect securely to devices. The in-line remote sports a matching metallic finish and provides intuitive control of volume, calls, and more. Overall, the thoughtful design balances eye-catching aesthetics with durability and usability.
 LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds

Ease of Use

Reviewers praise how easy the LUDOS Ultra earbuds are to operate right out of the box. Their plug-and-play 3.5mm connectivity requires no pairing or setup. The angled connector slots easily into laptops, phones, tablets, and more.

Once in ears, the ergonomic shape and included ear tip sizes allow users to achieve a comfortable and noise-isolating fit after some simple adjustment. The clearly marked in-line remote makes controlling volume and phone calls intuitive. And the built-in magnets automatically align the earbuds together for no-fuss storage when not in use.

Build Quality

From the metal housings to reinforced cables, the LUDOS Ultra earbuds feature robust construction that resists wear and tear. Users report the earbuds surviving falls, stuffing in pockets and bags, workouts, and months of daily use with no problem. Although lightweight for wearing comfort, key components are made from durable materials built to last.

 LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds

Audio Performance

In terms of sound, the LUDOS Ultra earbuds offer clear mids and highs with a subtle boost to the lower frequencies according to reviews. Many users praise the balanced audio reproduction that provides pleasing clarity across genres like pop, rock, hip hop, and more. While hard-hitting bass heads may want more oomph, the slightly accentuated low end provides a nice sense of warmth.

Microphone Quality

The in-line microphone effectively picks up the user’s voice for phone calls across various environments, according to reviews. Callers report minimal background noise interference even in noisier settings. Voice reproduction sounds reasonably clear and natural.

Noise Isolation

With the right fit using the included ear tips, the LUDOS Ultra earbuds provide effective noise reduction. The ergonomic shape and noise-isolating ear tips block out external sounds like traffic when seated deeply in the ear canal. This allows users to immerse in their audio content without cranking up volumes to drown out ambient noise.

Battery Life

As wired earbuds without batteries, the LUDOS Ultra earbuds offer unlimited listening time. Users never have to worry about recharging batteries to keep their audio going. The only limit is the connected device’s own battery life.


The LUDOS Ultra earbuds connect via a wired 3.5mm audio jack, allowing broad compatibility with smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, headphone jacks, and any device with a 3.5mm port. The 4.2 foot cable length allows ample mobility while listening.


Located on the Y-splitter cable, the built-in remote provides convenient control over volume, calls, and playback. Users can adjust volume up or down, answer or end calls, play/pause music, skip tracks, and control other media functions depending on the device connected. The controls are designed for easy tactile operation.

Water Resistance

The LUDOS Ultra earbuds feature sweat resistance according to the manufacturer, making them suitable for workouts. However, they do not have an official IP water resistance rating and should not be submerged. Light rain or sweat exposure is fine, but avoid soaking the earbuds in water.

 LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds

Use Cases

The LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds are ready to rock whether you’re breaking a sweat or just chillin’. Take these peppy earbuds for a spin on your daily run or at the gym to energize your workout with punchy beats. The lightweight feel and sweat-proof design ensure comfort mile after mile.

For commute and travel, slip these earbuds into your pocket or bag for easy listening on the go. The tangle-resistant cable saves you from endless untangling before tuning into your favorite playlist or podcast. And the in-line controls make it easy to adjust volume, skip tracks, and take calls without missing a beat.

When it’s time to relax at home, let the balanced sound of the LUDOS Ultra Earbuds enhance everything from gaming sessions to binge-watching your favorite shows. The customizable ear tips allow you to find the perfect noise-isolating fit for immersive sound.

Wherever your adventures take you, these energetic earbuds are ready to rock.

User Feedback Analysis

According to over 17,000 Amazon reviews, users consistently praise the LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds’s audio quality and design. Many express surprise at the balanced and clear sound produced, considering the budget-friendly price point.

The metal earbud housing earns accolades for its durability, with users reporting they withstand heavy daily use. Reviewers also appreciate conveniences like the tangle-resistant cable and built-in magnets that snap the earbuds together when not in use.

Some reviewers do note that the ear tips can take a bit of adjusting to find the ideal noise-isolating fit. And a few mention wanting slightly more powerful bass. But overall, feedback indicates these earbuds deliver impressive quality and performance for the cost.


  • Balanced, clear audio
  • Durable metal housing
  • Tangle-free cable
  • Magnetic system for easy storage
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Good noise isolation when fitted properly


  • Eartips may require adjustment to achieve ideal fit
  • Bass could be stronger for some users
  • In-line controls feel a bit plasticky


With performance that belies their inexpensive price tag, the LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds offer tremendous value. Reviewers consistently rate these earbuds as punching above their weight given the under $20 USD cost. Between the surprising audio quality, resilient build, and convenient features like tangle resistance and magnetic attachment, these earbuds deliver an amazing listening experience without breaking the bank.

The Verdict

With their playful design and impressive audio chops, the LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds prove you don’t need to spend big for quality sound. Durable construction and a tangle-free cable add to the listening enjoyment. For those seeking great audio in a peppy package, these earbuds deliver joyful listening time after time.


  • Driver unit: unknown
  • Frequency response range: unknown
  • Impedance: unknown
  • Sensitivity: unknown
  • Rated power: unknown
  • Cable length: 4.2 ft
  • Connector: 3.5mm jack

Box Contains

  • LUDOS Ultra earbuds
  • 4 pairs of ear tips (memory foam and silicone)
  • Metal carrying case
  • Fabric storage pouch


Using the LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds is quick and easy:

  1. Select the ear tips that fit most comfortably in your ears. Mix and match sizes for the perfect fit.

  2. Insert the earbuds and adjust until they feel secure and nested comfortably in your ears. This creates a good seal for sound isolation.

  3. Connect the 3.5mm plug to your audio source like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

  4. Use the in-line remote to control volume and phone calls. Press buttons to adjust volume up or down, answer calls, and more.

  5. When finished listening, detach the earbuds and they will magnetically clip together for tangle-free storage.

LUDOS Ultra Wired Earbuds