Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones - Safe Volume Limiting Headphones for Kids' Hearing Protection

Published on Dec. 11, 2023, 9:19 a.m.

With the Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus volume limiting headphones, kids can safely enjoy their favorite tunes without risking hearing damage. These innovative Bluetooth headphones restrict volumes to a max of 85 decibels to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. But limiting volume doesn’t mean compromising on sound - the Puro Balanced Response Curve technology ensures premium audio quality even at low volumes.


The Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones from Puro Sound Labs are specially designed for kids and teens. The volume limiting feature protects young ears by capping sound at 85dB, while the excellent sound reproduction allows kids to fully enjoy their music. With up to 22 hours of wireless playtime, cushioned vegan leather ear cups, and a lightweight adjustable frame, these headphones combine safety, comfort and performance.
 Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones

Key Features

  • Safe Volume Limiting at 85dB
  • Puro Balanced Response Curve technology delivers excellent sound quality
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity with 30ft range
  • 22 hours of playtime per charge
  • Foldable design for easy portability
  • Adjustable headband fits growing kids


Available in fun, vibrant colors like Blue, Pink, and Green, the Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones feature a slick on-ear design with plush vegan leather earcups that fully enclose the ears in luxurious softness. The lightweight plastic headband is flexible and adjustable to fit growing kids. The sleek foldable design enables easy portability.

Amazing Selling Points

The Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones stands out for its innovative hearing protection technology that lets kids safely enjoy audio while preventing noise-induced hearing loss. The built-in volume limiter is an indispensable feature parents adore. And the excellent sound reproduction ensures kids won’t miss a beat of their favorite tunes.
 Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones

Ease of Use

Connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth is a breeze by holding the pairing button to enter pairing mode. Volume buttons allow easy adjustment within the safe range. The headphones are ready to enjoy out of the box and instinctively simple to operate even for young kids.

Audio Quality

Puro’s own 40mm drivers and neodymium magnets deliver dynamic bass, crystal clear mids and sizzling highs thanks to the Puro Balanced Response Curve. Kids can crank up the volume without exceeding safe levels, immersing themselves fully in music and entertainment.


It has an integrated microphone for taking calls. Noise isolation allows the mic to pick up voice clearly.

Noise Isolation

The around-ear cushions fully enclose the ears to block out 87% of ambient noise. This allows kids to immerse in their audio content without distractions.

Battery Life

The Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones gets an incredible 22 hours of playtime per charge for all-day listening. The USB-C connector offers quick and convenient charging.


Bluetooth 4.0 provides a seamless wireless connection to any smartphone, tablet or audio device up to 30 feet away. A tangle-free audio cable is included for wired mode.


Intuitive onboard controls include volume up/down buttons, play/pause, Bluetooth pairing and a power switch. The controls are specially designed for little hands.

Build Quality

The adjustable headband and earcups are constructed from flexible, lightweight plastic for durability. Plush vegan leather earcups are gentle on skin. The overall build quality is very good.
 Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones


The soft padded earcups and headband provide exceptional comfort for kids during extended wear. The flexible fit adjusts for growing heads. At just 7 ounces, the headphones are lightweight enough for all-day comfort.

Water Resistance

The Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones do not have a water resistance rating and should be kept away from moisture.

Use Cases

The Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones are perfect for kids and teens to enjoy music, games, videos and online classes. The volume limiting feature makes them ideal for screen time at home, travel and noisy environments like planes or buses. Parents love them for protecting hearing during long listening sessions. Their fun colors and styles appeal to young sensibilities.

User Reviews

With over 500 customer reviews on Amazon, the Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones enjoy stellar ratings, averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars.

The vast majority of customers praise the volume limiting feature that allows kids to safely enjoy audio content without risking hearing damage. Parents love the peace of mind knowing their child can listen comfortably for extended periods without hurting their ears. Many reviews mention kids being thrilled with how “loud” they can go without exceeding safe decibel levels.

In terms of sound quality, customers are equally impressed. Many describe the audio reproduction as superb, even at lower volumes. The Puro Balanced Response Curve technology delivers vibrant bass, crisp treble and clear mids that make music really come alive. Kids hear every detail and nuance flawlessly. Several reviews mention the world-class sound rivaling more expensive headphones.

Comfort is another highly rated feature. Customers say the plush vegan leather earcups and adjustable headband provide a cozy fit that makes the headphones enjoyable to wear for hours on end. The lightweight build prevents any feeling of fatigue.

Many parents love the long 22 hour battery life which allows all-day listening between charges. The Bluetooth connectivity is smooth and reliable for most customers, providing a seamless wireless experience.

In terms of critical feedback, some customers report that the clamping force feels tight at first but loosens up over time. There are a few isolated complaints about connectivity dropping occasionally, but this does not appear to be a widespread issue.

Overall, customers overwhelmingly recommend the Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones for their ability to protect children’s hearing without compromising sound quality. The volume limiting, excellent audio, premium comfort and long battery life make these headphones a top choice for kids.


  • Safe volume limiting protects hearing
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Long 22 hour battery life
  • Fun colors that kids love
  • Foldable and lightweight for portability
  • Good wireless connectivity
  • Wired option available
  • Adjustable and comfortable fit


  • Initial clamping force may feel tight
  • Occasional Bluetooth connectivity issues


With their unique volume limiting technology, premium sound quality, long battery life and comfortable fit, the Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones provide excellent value. The ability to protect kids’ hearing while allowing them to freely enjoy audio makes them well worth their $65 price tag.


The Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones are an excellent choice for kids and teens. With their safe volume limiting feature, great sound quality, long battery life and cool style, these headphones let kids freely enjoy music without damaging their hearing.

 Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus Volume Limiting Headphones

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus unique in protecting children’s hearing?

The Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus headphones are designed with a volume limit of 85 decibels, which is a safe threshold to prevent noise-induced hearing loss in children. This feature ensures that kids can enjoy their music, movies, or games without the risk of damaging their hearing over time. Moreover, the headphones incorporate Puro Balanced Response Curve technology, delivering high-quality sound while isolating 87% of ambient noise, ensuring an immersive listening experience without the need for high volume.

How does the wireless feature of JuniorJam Plus enhance user experience?

The Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus headphones offer wireless Bluetooth v4.0 technology, providing a seamless and cable-free listening experience. With a range of up to 30 feet, children have the freedom to move around without being tethered to their device. Additionally, the headphones feature USB-C charging for efficient power restoration and boast a substantial 22-hour battery life, reducing the need for frequent recharges and enhancing convenience for continuous use.

Can the JuniorJam Plus headphones grow with my child?

Yes, the Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus headphones are designed with an adjustable headband and feature plush vegan leather ear cups and headband for comfortable wear. This adjustability ensures that the headphones can accommodate the growth of your child, providing a sustainable and comfortable fit for years to come. The headphones’ lightweight and durable design further contributes to their adaptability and comfort for users of various ages.

What are the connectivity options available with JuniorJam Plus?

The Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus headphones offer versatile connectivity options, primarily through wireless Bluetooth technology, allowing for easy pairing with a wide range of digital devices. Additionally, the inclusion of a daisy-chain cable enables the connection of two headphones to a single device, facilitating shared listening experiences without the need for multiple audio sources.

How does the Puro Sound Labs JuniorJam Plus facilitate travel and storage?

The JuniorJam Plus headphones are designed with a bi-fold form factor, allowing them to fold flat for compactness. This feature, combined with their lightweight construction, makes the headphones ideal for travel and easy storage, providing a practical solution for on-the-go entertainment and portability.


  • Utilize the volume-limiting feature to ensure your child’s hearing is protected during prolonged use.
  • Take advantage of the wireless connectivity to allow your child freedom of movement while using the headphones.
  • Remember to charge the headphones using the USB-C charger to maintain the 22-hour battery life for uninterrupted usage.
  • Use the daisy-chain cable to connect two sets of headphones for shared listening experiences.


  1. Volume Limiting for Safety: The 85-decibel limit is based on health experts’ recommendations to prevent hearing damage, particularly in young listeners.
  2. Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth v4.0 offers efficient and stable wireless connectivity, enhancing the user experience by eliminating the need for wires.


  • Brand: Puro Sound Labs
  • Model Name: JuniorJams
  • Color: Blue (also available in black, green, pink, purple, and teal)
  • Form Factor: Bi-fold
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless (Bluetooth v4.0)
  • Battery Life: 22 hours
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Age Range (Description): 3-99
  • Included Components: Blu-ray
  • Material: Leather, Plastic, Metal
  • Special Feature: Lightweight, Noise Isolation, Volume-Control, Foldable, Microphone Feature

What’s in the Box

  • Puro JuniorJam Plus headphones
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 3.5mm auxiliary cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Sticker sheet

How to Use

  1. Charge the headphones fully before first use
  2. Turn on the power switch on the headphones
  3. Enable Bluetooth pairing mode by holding down the Bluetooth button
  4. Pair with your audio source device
  5. Use the volume control buttons to adjust the volume
  6. Enjoy your music within the safe 85dB volume limit
  7. Fold headphones inward to power off and store when not in use