Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds: Flexible Listening Freedom

Published on Dec. 19, 2023, 9:19 a.m.

The Koss KEB90 Utility earbuds offer exceptional hi-fi sound in a sleek and lightweight in-ear design. With a detachable cord system, these earbuds provide flexibility to connect to a wide range of devices.


  • Sleek grey aluminum housing with transparent silicone eartips
  • Detachable cord system compatible with 3.5mm, USB-C and Lightning devices
  • Remarkable audio with deep bass, crisp highs and clear mids
  • Included DAC provides high-res 24bit/96kHz audio over USB-C
  • Variety of eartip sizes for noise isolation and comfort

 Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds


The durable aluminum housing has a sleek stealth grey finish accented by transparent blue and red silicone eartips. Details like exterior air inlets and etched logos give the earbuds a premium look and feel. The detachable cord system adds versatility, while flat anti-tangle cables enhance durability.

Incredible Selling Points

Music lovers will be spellbound by the Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds’s enchanting soundscape that transports you straight to the concert hall. Audiophiles will be seduced by the ethereal clarity of the pristine highs and heart-thumping bass. For tunes on the go, the noise-silencing superpowers let you retreat into a private oasis of musical bliss, undisturbed by the outside world.

Effortless Usability

Slipping into sonic paradise is blissfully easy with the Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds’s ergonomic in-ear design molded for all-day comfort. Finding that perfect personalized fit is a breeze with the included eartips in assorted shapes and sizes.

Heavenly Sound Quality

Within the Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds’s petite housings lie astonishing 16 Ohm drivers pumping out jaw-droppingly accurate audio spanning a heavenly 10–25,000Hz. Vocals drip with richness and clarity while basslines quake with booming depth. For a truly transcendent experience, activate the magical built-in DAC to unlock divine 96kHz high-res playback.

Crystal Clear Calls

An ingeniously concealed microphone makes calls crystal clear, so your conversations are as vivid as your music.

Peaceful Noise Isolation

Innovative noise-isolating design blocks out the cacophony of the outside world, leaving nothing but sweet harmonies flowing through your mind.
 Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds

Convenient Controls

Intuitive inline controls let you command your audio and phone with the slightest touch, keeping the music flowing without disruption.

Luxurious Materials

Sleek aluminum housing and tangle-resistant cables exude premium durability so these earbuds can accompany you anywhere without wear or tear.

Cloudlike Comfort

Ultimate listening comfort is achieved with the customize-able eartips that conform to the unique contours of your ears like a fluffy cloud.

 Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds


Koss has been creating high-fidelity audio equipment since 1958. With a focus on accuracy and performance, Koss delivers the excitement of a live music experience. The Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds Utility earbuds continue this tradition with stunning lifelike sound.

Use Cases

The Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds are ideal for music lovers and audiophiles. Their excellent noise isolation make them great for commuting and travel when you want to immerse yourself in music. The secure fit also suits fitness activities like running or workouts. Serious listeners will enjoy the high-resolution audio enabled by the USB-C DAC.

User Feedback

These earbuds have drawn rave reviews from ecstatic users captivated by the Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds’s enrapturing sound. Many have praised its ability to produce toe-tapping bass that makes listeners want to get up and groove. However, some did note the lower frequencies can sound slightly subdued when connected directly to a phone or laptop.

This bass bounty is effortlessly unleashed when using the paradisiacal USB-C cable which enables the heaven-sent integrated DAC to work its high-resolution magic. With this ethereal setup, the Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds’s soundstage opens up and blossoms into a luscious audiophile dreamscape.

Comfort-seekers say finding their perfect eartip fit unlocked marathon listening sessions free of fatigue. However, reviewers caution that the included foam and silicone eartips can feel like Goldilocks’ porridge - one too loose, one too tight, but with some trial and error, you’ll find that just right option to seal these babies in.

Once nestled into that ideal eartip oasis, the Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds’s divinely designed noise isolation abilities shine, cocooning listeners in their own private Idaho, with annoying ambient sounds rendered irrelevant.

While some noted the cables may tangle like Medusa’s snake-ridden locks, overall listeners are raving that the Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds deliver heavenly hi-fi sound with angelic comfort - a sonic blessing at this price point.


  • Detachable cords for flexible connectivity
  • Impressive sound with deep bass and crisp treble
  • Great noise isolation blocks ambient sounds
  • Hi-res playback available via USB-C DAC
  • Premium design and build quality


  • Bass light when plugged directly into phone
  • Eartips can be tricky to fit properly
  • Cable may tangle easily


With audiophile-level sound in a flexible modular design, the Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds deliver outstanding performance and features for the price. The ability to add high-resolution playback via the USB-C DAC cable adds further value.


With exceptional sound, versatile connectivity and a comfortable secure fit, the Koss KEB90 Utility earbuds provide an excellent listening experience. Audiophiles will appreciate the hi-fi acoustics, while everyday listeners can enjoy their music library to the fullest. The detachable cord system ensures compatibility with present and future devices. For outstanding audio in a lightweight pocket-friendly package, the Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds come highly recommended.

 Koss KEB90 Utility Earbuds


  • Frequency Response: 10-25,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Sound Pressure Level: 98 dB
  • Utility Cord: 4 ft/1.2m 3.5mm detachable cable
  • Eartips: S, M, L silicone tips & S, M foam tips included
  • Compatibility: Koss Utility Series
  • In the Box: Earbuds, 3.5mm cable, eartips, carry case

What’s Included

The KEB90 Utility earbuds include the earphones themselves, a 4 ft/1.2m 3.5mm detachable audio cable, small/medium/large silicone eartips, small/medium foam eartips, and a protective carry case.

How to Use

First, select the eartip size that fits most comfortably and seals in your ear canal. Insert the earbuds, connect the included 3.5mm cable, and plug it into your audio source. Position the inline microphone near your mouth for phone calls and voice commands. The USB-C cable can be purchased separately if you want to enable high-resolution playback by using the built-in DAC.