Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds – Premium Sound and Comfortable Fit

Published on May 5, 2023, 11:50 a.m.

Finding a good pair of wireless earbuds that deliver great sound quality without breaking the bank can be difficult. The Ordtop i13 wireless earbuds aim to provide an excellent audio experience at an affordable price point. In this review, we’ll take a close look at the design, features, sound quality, battery life, and overall value of the Ordtop i13 to see if they live up to the promise.


The Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds are Bluetooth 5.3 wireless earbuds with an in-ear design. They come with a compact charging case that provides up to 32 hours of extra battery life. Key features include:

  • Bluetooth 5.3 for fast pairing and stable connectivity
  • 13mm graphene drivers for powerful bass and clear treble
  • Noise cancelling microphones for clear calls
  • On-earbud touch controls for playback and call management
  • IP7 waterproof rating

Bluetooth 5.3: A Leap Forward

Bluetooth 5.3 technology in the Ordtop i13 earbuds isn’t just a number—it signifies enhanced connection stability, increased range, and more efficient power usage compared to its predecessors. This section will explore how these technical advancements translate to a superior audio experience.

Design and Comfort

The Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds are designed to fit the contours of the human ear with a curved structure that is similar to the shape of the ear canal. This design makes them comfortable to wear and prevents them from falling out when running or doing exercises. The earbuds are ultralight and pocket-sized charging case that does not take up much space, making them easy to carry around. The Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds use IP7 nano-coating technology that can protect internal components from liquids and ensure a longer life.

Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds

The Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds come with three different sizes of ear caps (S/M/L) to ensure a comfortable fit for all users. They are ergonomically designed to reduce discomfort and pressure on the ear canal. The touch control sensors on the earbuds allow you to control playback, adjust volume, answer/hang up calls, and access other functions at the touch of a button.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality of Ordtop i13

The Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds are equipped with 13mm graphene speakers and triple-layer composite diaphragms that provide a powerful bass, stunning treble, and clear mids. The built-in mic in each noise cancelling earbud utilizes call noise cancellation to ensure clear and realistic sound. The inward-facing microphone listens inside the ear canal to pick up internal sounds and produce anti-noise again to twice cancel the left noise. This technology allows you to enjoy high-quality calls anytime.

Graphene Speakers: The Future of Audio

The use of 13mm graphene speakers in the Ordtop i13 earbuds is a game-changer. Graphene’s strength and lightness allow for precise vibration, resulting in clearer, more detailed sound. This section will detail the science behind graphene and its impact on audio fidelity.


Ordtop i13 Bluetooth 5.3

The Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds come equipped with a host of advanced features like Bluetooth 5.3, dual-channel transmission, real-time dual LED displays, and 40 hours of playback. The LED display shows the power level for charging case and wireless earphones. When charging for the case, the LED light will start to flash from 1 to 100. The earbuds are compatible with HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles. They offer faster transmission speed, stronger connection stability, and longer range of Bluetooth.

battery of Ordtop i13

Battery Life

This Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds adopts a built-in lithium polymer battery that can provide up to 8 hours of continuous music playback or call time on a single full charge. When the earbuds are stored in the compact charging case, they can be recharged up to 3-4 times, providing a total of 32 hours of battery life. The charging case itself can be recharged via the included USB-C cable. The earbuds will automatically turn on and connect to each other once removed from the charging case. Bluetooth 5.3 technology provides a stable wireless connection up to 15 meters away from your device. A quick 15-minute charge can provide up to 2 hours of playback time. The LED indicators on the charging case accurately display the battery level of the case and earbuds in real time so you’ll never be caught with a dead battery. Overall, the long battery life and fast recharging make these wireless earbuds ideal for all-day use.

Understanding the IP7 Rating

The IP7 waterproof rating of the Ordtop i13 earbuds ensures they are protected against immersion in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. This section will explain the testing behind this rating and what it means for users who lead active lifestyles or encounter various weather conditions.

User Reviews Analysis:

Digging deeper into customer reviews reveals more insights into the real-world performance of the Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds.

The most frequently highlighted positive review aspects were sound quality and battery life. Many users were blown away by the big, punchy bass from the graphene drivers. They noted clear and detailed treble and midranges as well - impressive for the low price. Reviewers consistently scored battery life as excellent, with some getting 2-3 weeks of use before needing to recharge.

Comfort and fit also received positive marks from most users. They found the earbuds lightweight and the eartips provided a secure in-ear seal during workouts and running. Noise isolation was rated as good, if not quite active noise cancellation level. Still, it blocked out enough ambient sound for focus.

Regarding negatives, the most common complaint was around the touch controls. While handy, the tap sensors were a bit imprecise according to some reviews. Light taps didn’t always register so users had to tap firmly. A software update improving the touch accuracy would help.

Connectivity was another area receiving mixed feedback. Some users faced occasional Bluetooth drops or had trouble repairing. Potential interference and range issues. Not affecting all users though.

To summarize, customers overwhelmingly rated the Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds as a fantastic value purchase. The combination of great sound quality, stellar battery life, sweat resistance, and intuitive controls proved hard to beat at this very affordable price point. Most felt the pros far outweighed any cons they experienced. The few negatives like touch controls and connectivity issues appeared isolated rather than widespread.

Pros and Cons:

- Great sound with punchy bass and crisp treble
- Very affordable pricing
- Long battery life
- Sweat/water resistant rating
- Intuitive touch controls

- Touch sensors could use more precision
- Noise cancellation is decent but not premium
- Some connectivity drop issues reported


At under $25, the Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds provide tremendous value. You get far better sound, battery life, and features than typical budget wireless earbuds. They compete well with models costing 2-3x as much. Excellent value for shoppers on a tight budget.


Overall, the Ordtop i13 earbuds deliver excellent sound quality and features at a very wallet-friendly price. They punch well above typical budget wireless earbuds in areas like sound, battery life, and controls.

If you want great wireless audio without spending a lot, the Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds are easily one of the top choices out there. They make an excellent workout companion or daily driver pair for music and calls on the go.

Ordtop i13 Specifications

Feature Details
Driver size 13mm graphene speakers
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.3
Battery life Up to 40 hours
IP rating IP7 waterproof
Charging time About 2 hours
Charging case battery 450mAh
Model i13
Voltage rating 3.7V
Energy capacity 400mAh
Battery capacity 2 x 3.7V/40mAh
Earphone charge time Around 1.5 hours
Music playing time About 6-8 hours
Bluetooth profiles HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
Operating frequency 2.40 GHz-2.48 GHz
RF sensitivity -92dBm
Working temperature range -10°C to +50°C
Maximum transmission range ≤15 meters

What’s Included:

The Ordtop i13 wireless earbuds include:
- Charging case
- 2 earbuds (left and right)
- 3 sizes of ear tips (small, medium, large)
- Short USB-C charging cable
- User manual

Ordtop i13 Earbuds User Manual

Powering ON

There are two methods to power on your Ordtop i13 earbuds:

Method 1: Remove the earbuds from the charging case. The left and right earbuds will power on, and their blue LED lights will flash.

Method 2: When the earbuds are OFF, press and hold the touch buttons on both earbuds for 3-5 seconds. The LED light will flash once, and you’ll hear a “power on” sound prompt.

Powering OFF

There are two methods to power off your Ordtop i13 earbuds:

Method 1: Place the earbuds back into the charging case, and they will power off automatically.

Method 2: Press and hold the touch buttons on both earbuds for 3-5 seconds until the blue LED light flashes and you hear a “power off” sound prompt.

Note: If the earbuds are disconnected from the device, they will power off automatically after 5 minutes.

Stereo Mode

  1. Take the earbuds out of the charging case to power them on. After a few seconds, the left and right earbuds will automatically connect to each other. The LED light will flash quickly during this process. If the connection is successful, the LED light will flash slowly.
  2. Open the Bluetooth settings on your device and search for “i13.” Select “i13” to pair. The LED lights on the earbuds will turn off when connected.

Note: If the earbuds have been connected to the device previously and the device’s Bluetooth function is on, the earbuds will automatically reconnect to the last device.

Reset Mode

In the power-on state, quickly click the left or right earbud touch button five times. The earbuds will turn off (the blue light is off), and the pairing information between the earbuds and the mobile phone will be cleared after restarting.

Play Music

  • Touch the button once to Pause/Play.
  • Press and hold the touch button for 1 second and release it (left earbud for the previous song, right earbud for the next song).
  • Touch the button twice to adjust the volume (left earbud for decreasing, right earbud for increasing).

Voice Assistant

Touch the button three times to activate the Siri voice assistant.


  1. When a call comes in, short press one of the touch buttons to answer the call, or long press it to reject the call.
  2. During a phone call, short press the earphone button to end the call, and the earphone will resume its previous working state.
  3. During a call, the volume can be controlled via the mobile phone. In stereo mode, both ears have voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds battery last on a single charge?

The provided material indicates the Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds can last for an impressive 8 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. The included charging case extends the playtime by an additional 32 hours. This offers a substantial amount of listening time before needing to recharge the case.

2. Can I use just one Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds earbud at a time?

Yes! The Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds are designed to function independently in mono mode. This is convenient for users who prefer to keep one ear free for environmental awareness or for sharing music with a friend.

3. How effective is the Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds noise cancellation?

While the Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds possess noise-reducing capabilities, they do not feature true active noise cancellation technology. Their snug fit creates a passive seal, blocking a good degree of ambient noise. The built-in microphone provides clear call quality by filtering out some background interference.

4. Are the Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds waterproof?

Yes, the Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds boast an IP7 waterproof rating. This means they are resistant to sweat, rain, and water splashes, making them a suitable choice for workouts and outdoor activities.

5. How do I pair the Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds with my smartphone?

The Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.3 for seamless pairing. Simply remove them from the charging case, and they’ll power on and pair automatically. Search for “i13” on your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings and select it to connect.


  • Ensure a snug fit: Experiment with the provided ear tips to find the size that offers the best seal for optimal sound quality and passive noise reduction.
  • Learn the touch controls: Familiarize yourself with the touch functions to control playback, volume, and answer/end calls.
  • Keep the charging case topped up: Regularly charge the case to ensure your Ordtop i13 Wireless Earbuds are always ready for use.