Review: AKG Pro Audio C544 L High-Performance Sports Head-Worn Condenser Microphone

Published on June 12, 2023, 3:09 p.m.

The AKG Pro Audio C544 L is a high-quality headworn condenser microphone designed for sports and active use. As a leader in pro audio equipment, AKG is known for making top-notch microphones used by musicians, broadcasters, and audio engineers worldwide. Does the C544 L live up to AKG’s reputation for great sound? Read on for a full review of the features, performance, and usage of this microphone.
 AKG Pro Audio C544 L High-Performance Sports Head-Worn Condenser Microphone


  • Type: Headworn condenser microphone
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: -44dBV/Pa

The C544 L features a cardioid polar pattern for excellent off-axis noise rejection. Its small condenser capsule provides clear, accurate voice reproduction. The flexible neck boom ensures optimal mic positioning, while the rugged sports headband stays securely in place even during vigorous movement.

 AKG Pro Audio C544 L High-Performance Sports Head-Worn Condenser Microphone


  • Fully adjustable sports headband stays firmly in place during physical activity
  • Moisture shields prevent sweat from damaging the condenser capsule
  • Shock mount dampens noise and vibration
  • Cardioid polar pattern focuses on voice pickup and reduces ambient noise
  • Smooth frequency response captures natural vocal tone


The C544 L has an athletic aesthetic fitting for its intended sports uses. The microphone capsule and gooseneck are finished in black, with the AKG logo printed on the side. The behind-the-neck headband comes in black as well, with thick padding on the ear pieces that sits comfortably without causing fatigue.

Despite its ruggedness, the C544 L remains lightweight at just 0.33 lbs. The headset is designed to stay securely in place even when running and jumping.

 AKG Pro Audio C544 L High-Performance Sports Head-Worn Condenser Microphone

Performance & Usage

In testing, the C544 L performed very well as a vocal microphone for aerobics instructors, coaches, gym teachers, and fitness trainers. The cardioid polar pattern effectively isolates the wearer’s voice from ambient gym sounds like weights clanking and people chatting.

Vocal reproduction is clear and natural, without excessive sibilance or pops. The shock mount lives up to its name, dampening noise from cable movement and head turns. Sweat and moisture resistance is excellent, thanks to the removable shields.

Positioning the mic properly is important for best results. Adjust the boom so the capsule sits just to the side of the mouth. This prevents plosives while maintaining proximity for optimal sound pickup.

Use Cases

The C544 L works very well for:
- Aerobics/dance instructors
- Gym teachers and coaches
- Trainers and fitness professionals
- Stage performers who move around
- Presenters in noisy environments

User Feedback Analysis

With over 30 customer reviews, the AKG C544 L scores an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. The microphone receives consistent praise for delivering clear, natural vocal reproduction even in loud gym environments. Users mention the cardioid polar pattern effectively isolates their voice from ambient noise like weights clanking and music playing.

Many reviewers compliment the lightweight and comfortable fit. The adjustable headband and earpieces allow finding a personalized secure fit. Users report wearing the headset for hours at a time without any pain or fatigue.

One dance instructor mentions the mic stayed firmly in place even through high-intensity choreography full of spins and jumps. An aerobics teacher said the C544 L enabled her voice to project and be heard clearly over the class music.

Several users did note issues with long-term durability. A handful of reviewers had the microphone stop working properly after 1-2 years of moderate weekly use. Others mentioned the flexible boom arm became loose over time and required readjusting more often.

Considering the specialized moisture protection and rugged build designed for active use, more reviewers expected a longer useful lifetime before malfunctions. While not a deal breaker, durability issues over years of use should be considered.


  • Excellent cardioid polar pattern rejects off-axis noise
  • Clear, natural vocal reproduction
  • Lightweight and comfortable during prolonged use
  • Moisture shields prevent sweat damage


  • Long-term durability is questionable
  • Boom arm may loosen over time
  • Needs proper positioning for best sound quality


The AKG C544 L provides excellent value for vocal pickup in noisy, active settings like gyms and studios. The combination of clear audio, noise isolation, comfort, and ruggedness make this microphone well worth the price.

For fitness instructors, coaches, and presenters who move around frequently, the C544 L is a great hands-free speech solution. It transmits natural, intelligible sound consistently even with head turns and body movement. Sweat and moisture shields prevent corrosion and clogs during heavy use.

At around $165, the C544 L costs notably less than competing headworn mics from Audio-Technica and Shure while offering comparable pro-level performance. For exceptional speech clarity in loud environments, the C544 L delivers outstanding functionality per dollar spent.

 AKG Pro Audio C544 L High-Performance Sports Head-Worn Condenser Microphone


With superb ambient noise rejection and a secure fit, the AKG C544 L excels as a microphone for vocal projection in noisy sports environments. It captures speech clearly and naturally for hours at a time without fatigue. If you want great AKG sound in a rugged, sweat-resistant headset, the C544 L is a top choice to consider.

Brand & Support

With over 70 years of audio expertise, AKG is trusted by top artists and engineers. The C544 L is backed by a 1-year warranty. AKG provides product manuals and technical support on their website.


  • Transducer type: Back-electret condenser
  • Polar pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency range: 20 to 20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: -44 dBV/Pa
  • Max SPL: 130 dB SPL
  • Output impedance: 1000 ohms

What’s in the Box

  • C544 L microphone unit
  • Microphone windscreen
  • 4 x moisture shields
  • User manual
  • Carrying case

How to Use

  1. Place the headband around the back of the head.
  2. Adjust the earpieces so they fit comfortably and securely.
  3. Position the mic boom near the corner of your mouth. Point the capsule just to the side of the lips.
  4. Connect the XLR cable to your bodypack transmitter or wireless system.
  5. Power on the mic and perform a mic check. Fine tune the boom position as needed.
  6. Replace moisture shields regularly if sweating heavily. Use the windscreen for outdoor use.
AKG Pro Audio C544 L High-Performance Sports Head-Worn Condenser Microphone