FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones: A Budget-Friendly Option for Young Listeners

Published on Dec. 18, 2023, 11:44 a.m.

Finding the right headphones for kids can be tricky. You want something affordable and durable, but also with good sound quality and hearing protection. In this review, we’ll see if the FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones check all the right boxes.


The FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones are wired, on-ear headphones designed for children. Key features include foldable design, built-in volume limiter, and headphone jack sharing. They have a 4.1 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

 FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones

Features - Volume Limiting and Sharing

  • Hi-fi stereo sound provides good audio quality for kids to enjoy music and video content.

  • The sharing function allows two headphones to connect to one source for sharing music. Nice for keeping kids entertained together on long journeys.

  • Volume limiting can be set to either 85 or 94 dB to protect young ears. The limiter ensures safe volume levels for prolonged listening.

Design - Foldable and Portable

Sporting a slender profile, these headphones blend practicality with playfulness. The plush, padded earcups come in vibrant shades like punchy pink or ocean blue to delight kids. The headband slims down for travel, folding up smaller than a paperback book. Thoughtful touches like soft-stitched cushions show attention to comfort.
 FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones

Killer Feature

The volume limiting switch makes these headphones stand out. With just a flick, parents can limit sound to child-safe levels of 85 or 94 decibels. Now kids can enjoy listening while still protecting their hearing health.

Ease of Use

Straight out of the box, these headphones keep things fuss-free for kids. Simply plug into a smartphone or tablet and start listening. The over-ear fit adjusts easily for small heads. Switching between 85 and 94 dB volumes is a cinch. Sharing music is hassle-free too - just connect a second pair of headphones into the sharing jack.

Sound Quality

The 40mm drivers deliver hi-fi stereo sound that’s impressive for budget kids’ headphones. While audiophile-level quality isn’t expected, the lively audio provides good clarity for kids to hear vocals, instruments, and details in their content.


The FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones do not appear to include an integrated microphone. One would need to be added separately for voice calls.

Noise Isolation

As an on-ear model, the headphones rest on (not over) the ears so passive noise isolation is limited. Audio leakage is also higher given the design.

Battery and Charging

As a wired model, these FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones do not contain batteries or require charging. They simply need to be plugged into an audio source to function.


The headphones connect via a 3.5mm audio cable. No wireless connectivity options are provided. The cord length is ample for kids use.
 FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones


A simple in-line control houses the volume limiting switch between 85/94 dB. No other controls are noted.

Build Quality

The FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones have a plastic build that’s expected for the low price. While lightweight, some reviews pointed to durability concerns, particularly around the headphone jack.


The plush, padded earcups provide a comfy fit for smaller heads. The headband looks slim and unobtrusive. Breathable cushions prevent overheating during longer use.

Water Resistance

The FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones are not marketed as water or sweat resistant. Care should be taken around moisture.

 FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones

Use Cases

The FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones are great for:

  • Online classes
  • Watching videos on tablets
  • Listening to music
  • Traveling
  • Sharing audio with a sibling/friend

User Feedback Analysis

Overall, buyers seem pleased with the FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones considering the wallet-friendly price point. The volume limiting feature earns consistent praise for providing hearing protection peace of mind. Parents love the ability to easily cap the volume at safe decibel levels for their kids.

The sharing jack has also been a hit with users who bought the headphones for siblings or friends to listen together. Kids have enjoyed being able to plug in two pairs of headphones to their tablet to watch videos or listen to music with a friend. It promotes fun bonding time through shared audio.

Regarding sound quality, users report the audio is perfectly fine for kids’ listening needs. While audiophile-level clarity isn’t present, the lively sound satisfies for videos, games, online lessons and music. For less than $10, buyers feel the decent audio is more than acceptable.

In terms of comfort, the plush earcups get kudos for being gentle on young ears during extended wear. The padded headband doesn’t pinch or irritate either. The headphones accommodate small heads well with their adjustable fit too.

The most common complaint has been around durability, especially concerning the audio jack. A number of reviewers mentioned the jack loosening or breaking off following drops or pressure. Others reported a loss of audio signal in one ear cup after minimal use. While the plastic build keeps costs low, it seems to impact product life span.

On the whole, if buyers are conscious of the potential for durability issues, they seem largely thrilled with the headphones for the price paid. For parents unwilling to splurge on pricier brands, the FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones set delivers core functionality and kid-friendly features that hit the mark.

Pros and Cons

- Budget-friendly price
- Volume limiting for hearing protection
- Foldable, portable design
- Headphone sharing jack

- Durability issues, especially with audio jack
- Audio quality isn’t audiophile-level

Value - Budget Price but Some Durability Concerns

At around $7, these FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones are very affordable. The low price makes them ideal if you’re worried about your kid breaking or losing their headphones. However, some reviews mentioned durability issues, particularly with the audio jack connection point.

Conclusion - Worth Considering with Care

For the price, the FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones are a solid budget option for kids. The fun colors, volume limiting, and sharing function are handy features. Just take care with the headphone jack point and cables. Overall, these headphones deserve consideration, especially if you want an inexpensive pair for travel and everyday use.

 FINGERTIME Foldable Kids Headphones


  • Form factor: On-ear
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Connector: 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Impedance: Unknown
  • Frequency response: Unknown
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Volume limiter: 85/94 dB

What’s Included

  • FINGERTIME headphones
  • User manual

How to Use

  1. Unfold headphones and adjust size for child’s head.
  2. Plug 3.5mm headphone jack into audio source.
  3. Set volume limiter switch to 85dB or 94dB as desired.
  4. Place headphones over child’s ears for comfortable fit.
  5. Share audio with friend by plugging additional headphone into sharing jack.