RCA HP57N Earbuds: A Budget-Friendly Introductory Pair

Published on June 20, 2023, 9:52 p.m.

RCA is a well-known American electronics brand that produces a variety of audio products including headphones and earbuds. The RCA HP57N Earbuds offer an affordable option for those looking to purchase their first pair of in-ear headphones.


The RCA HP57N earbuds have a lightweight and portable design with soft foam covers on the earbuds for comfort. They feature a 3.5mm gold-plated headphone jack for connectivity and aim to provide clear sound reproduction.


  • Soft foam earbud covers for comfort
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • 3.5mm gold-plated audio jack for connectivity
     RCA HP57N EarBuds


In terms of design, the RCA HP57N Earbuds have a simple and straightforward look. They are silver in color with the RCA logo printed on each earbud. The lightweight build makes them easy to carry around, and the included foam covers help provide a secure and comfortable fit.

Ease of Use

Using the RCA HP57N Earbuds is designed to be quick and convenient. The labeled L/R markers make orienting the earbuds intuitive. Swapping out the foam eartips to find the right size is easy. The standard inline remote features basic controls for playing/pausing music and answering calls. Overall, they are very easy to operate even for beginners.

Audio Quality

The RCA HP57N Earbuds deliver average sound quality for casual listening. Reviewers describe the audio reproduction as somewhat muddy and bass-heavy, lacking clarity and detail in the midrange frequencies. However, the gold-plated headphone jack provides clean connectivity. For the affordable price point, the sound is decent enough for podcasts, music, calls, etc. But audiophiles will be left wanting more accuracy and balance.


The inline remote contains an integrated microphone that enables hands-free calling and voice assistant access. Callers report that sound pickup is reasonably clear though background noise can seep in. Voice commands can be hit or miss based on mic positioning.

Noise Isolation

The included foam eartips help provide passive noise isolation when fully inserted in the ear canal. They limit ambient sound from the surroundings to keep audio focused when listening on the go. However, noise blocking is moderate and falls short of active noise cancelling earbuds.

Battery Life

The RCA HP57N Earbuds are wired earphones without batteries. They rely on the connected device for power and have no battery life limitations.


These earbuds connect via a 3.5mm headphone jack, so they are compatible with most smartphones, tablets, laptops, stereos and other devices with a standard aux input. No batteries or charging needed.


The inline remote features a single multifunction button for playback control and call management. Users can play/pause, skip forward/back, and answer/end calls with the inline controls. Volume is handled on the connected device.


The angled earbud nozzles and included foam eartips allow the RCA HP57N Earbuds to fit snugly and comfortably in the ear for extended wear. The lightweight build also prevents fatigue over long listening sessions.

Water Resistance

RCA does not specify any water resistance rating. The RCA HP57N EarBuds lack protections against sweat and water.

Origin and Launch

The origin and exact launch date of the RCA HP57N Earbuds are unknown. RCA products are generally affordably priced consumer electronics aimed at the mass market.

Usage Scenarios

The RCA HP57N Earbuds are well-suited for everyday audio needs like listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, making calls and more. Their portable form factor makes them ideal for activities on the go like commuting, exercising at the gym, walking the dog or traveling. The foam earbud covers help block external noise to immerse you in your audio. For those looking for an inexpensive pair of earbuds for casual listening, the RCA HP57N EarBuds fit the bill nicely.

User Feedback Analysis

Reviews of the RCA HP57N Earbuds on Amazon offer useful insight into the real-world performance and customer satisfaction with these budget earbuds. With an average 3.4 out of 5 stars, reactions are mixed.

On the positive side, numerous users praised the low price point that makes these an appealing option for kids or a backup pair. For inexperienced listeners, the sound quality is adequate enough for casual music and podcasts. Reviewers also liked the relatively comfortable fit afforded by the angled nozzle design and plush foam covers. One customer remarked “For the price, you can’t beat it. Good sound for listening to music or audio books.”

However, more discerning listeners reported disappointing audio reproduction, particularly in the midrange where vocals sound muddy and instrument separation is poor. An audiophile buyer lamented “Very bass heavy with no clarity. Just muffled noise.” Several others noted a hollow or “tinny” quality to certain frequencies. Some customers also ran into durability complaints over the long run, from the foam tips deteriorating to the wiring connection breaking internally.

Noise isolation was hit or miss depending on ability to get a tight seal with the ear tips. One user complained “I can hear everything going on around me when wearing these so they are useless in loud places.” However, a few reviewers said the foam covers adequately blocked external noise on public transit.

When it comes to call quality, the built-in microphone received mixed reactions. One owner said “Caller could hear me fine, no problems”, while another reported “People said my voice kept cutting in and out.” So results seem dependent on mic positioning and environmental conditions.

In summary, buyers looking for premium sound, build quality and noise isolation should skip the RCA HP57N Earbuds. But for shoppers prioritizing ultra-low cost over audio performance, these budget earbuds deliver decent utility that satisfies in a pinch. As one customer concluded, “You get what you pay for.” For under $10, expectations need to be tempered, but the RCA HP57N EarBuds can still serve a purpose for frugal listeners.

Pros and Cons

- Inexpensive price tag
- Lightweight and portable
- Foam covers for comfort and noise isolation
- Good value for a starter pair

- Audio quality is just average
- Sound is muddy and bass-heavy
- Foam covers may fall off over time
- Durability issues reported


Given their low price point, the RCA HP57N Earbuds deliver reasonable sound quality and listening experience that make them a fairly decent value. While better options exist, these budget-friendly earbuds provide a satisfactory audio solution for cost-conscious shoppers.


In summary, the RCA HP57N Earbuds are an affordable entry-level option but have only average sound. For minimal investment they offer convenient music listening on the go, though build quality and sonic fidelity are lacking compared to premium earbuds. Their low price tag and adequate performance make them worth considering for budget-conscious shoppers.


  • Driver Unit: Unknown
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: Unknown
  • Impedance: Unknown
  • Cord Length: Unknown

Box Contents

The RCA HP57N Earbuds come packaged with:
- Earbuds (left and right)
- 3.5mm connector
- Foam eartips (multiple sizes)
- Carrying pouch
- User manual


Using the RCA HP57N Earbuds is simple:
1. Select the foam eartip size that fits most comfortably in your ears.
2. Insert the earbuds into your ears with the L/R markers matching the left/right ears.
3. Connect the 3.5mm plug to your smartphone, stereo or other audio source.
4. Adjust volume and audio controls on the connected device to play/pause, skip tracks and adjust volume.
5. Enjoy your music!

RCA HP57N EarBuds