gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones - gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones

Published on Dec. 18, 2023, 1:47 p.m.

Finding the right headphones for your kids can be challenging. You want something comfortable, safe for their hearing, and built to withstand the rigors of childhood. The gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones aims to check all those boxes and more.


The gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones come in a variety of fun colors and have a foldable design for portability. The adjustable headband ensures a customized fit for children from age 3 up to teens. Soft ear pads provide a comfy listening experience during long trips or daily use.

 gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones

Key Features:

  • 85/94dB volume limiter for hearing safety
  • Adjustable headband for customized fit
  • Inline microphone for online learning
  • Foldable design for portability
  • Audio sharing port for two listeners

Intuitive Design:

gorsun crafted the gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones for ergonomic comfort. The adjustable headband delivers a custom fit. Plush ear pads envelop young ears in softness. When not in use, the headphones fold up into a compact bundle.

An Effortless Listening Experience:

The gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones makes enjoyment effortless for kids. Slipping them on and picking a volume limit takes seconds. The one-button remote handles playback controls. An immersive audio experience keeps boredom at bay.
 gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones

Remarkable Sound Quality:

Within the volume limits, the gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones impresses with excellent audio reproduction. The 32 ohm impedance and 20Hz-20kHz range create clean treble, rich mids, and full bass. Kids will be wowed by the crisply rendered sound.
 gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones

Built-in Microphone:

The high-quality inline microphone enables verbal communication and online learning. Kids can participate in classes, ask questions, and bond through conversation.

Noise Isolation:

The closed-back, over-ear design passively blocks external noise. Your child can focus on their audio without distractions. Ambient noises like siblings or TV are reduced.

Wired Connectivity:

The 1.2-meter nylon-braided audio cable plugs into any 3.5mm jack. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, game systems and more all accommodate the gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones. No batteries or charging needed!
 gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones

Durable yet Comfortable:

The ABS plastic withstands bumps and drops. The nylon cable resists yanks and tangles. The soft protein leather earpads fend off irritation. Your child gains long-lasting comfort.


Gorsun is a company dedicated to making safe, comfortable headphones for children. They aim to understand the unique needs of young listeners.

Use Cases:

The gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones shines for kids in many scenarios - online classes, airplane trips, tablet gaming, sharing music with friends, and more. The volume limiting makes them ideal for daily use without damaging hearing.

User Feedback Analysis:

Reviews reveal how the gorsun A66 headphones excel in real-world use and where they could improve. Satisfied buyers praise the plush comfort and bang-for-buck value. Many parents are relieved to find volume-limited headphones that fit younger kids. For travel and daily use, the gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones hits the mark.

However, some flaws emerged over long-term ownership. A minority of reviewers encountered build quality issues, like splitting at the headband or microphone malfunctions. While gorsun constructed the gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones from durable materials, extreme mistreatment by kids pushes the limits. Sound quality also receives mixed reactions, with some feeling the audio reproduction lacks richness. But for the low price, most find the sound more than adequate for kids.

By and large, purchasers of the fun-colored gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones are pleased with their investment. For many families, these headphones deliver a winning blend of safety, comfort, and affordability. Some quality control concerns do exist, especially with rough child users. Yet the gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones remains a smart choice to engage young listeners while protecting their hearing.

Pros and Cons:

Pros: Good noise isolation, volume limiter, comfortable fit, inline mic, audio sharing, foldable, good value

Cons: Mixed reviews on sound quality and long-term durability


For around $14, the gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones provide a winning blend of comfort, hearing protection, and functionality. The price point makes these very wallet-friendly compared to higher-end kids headphones.

Verdict - Kid-Friendly Listening

With volume limiting for hearing safety, comfy fit, inline mic, and fun colors, the gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones checks off all the boxes for kid-friendly headphones. The folding design and durable build ensure these will go the distance. For affordable, quality children’s headphones, the gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones is a top choice.

 gorsun Premium A66 Kids Headphones


  • Form factor: Over ear
  • Connectivity: Wired, 3.5mm jack
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 85dB
  • Ear pad material: Unknown
  • Weight: 200 grams

What’s in the Box:

  • gorsun A66 Kids Headphones
  • User manual

How to Use:

  1. Adjust headband for optimal fit
  2. Plug 3.5mm jack into audio device
  3. Place headphones over child’s ears
  4. Set volume limiter to 85dB or 94dB
  5. Use inline remote to control audio playback