Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones: A Safe and Portable Bluetooth Headset for Children

Published on Dec. 12, 2023, 2:31 p.m.

In today’s technology-driven world, headphones have become an indispensable accessory in our daily lives. However, choosing a suitable pair of headphones for kids requires careful consideration by parents. The Riwbox FB-7S wireless Bluetooth headphones are designed specifically for children and have several noteworthy features that make them a recommendable option.


The Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones boast a cute frog design in lively colors that kids are sure to love. They can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth or with the included 3.5mm audio cable for wired use. Volume limiting, soft protein earpads, and a built-in microphone add to the appeal of these headphones engineered for youngsters.

 Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones

Key Features

  • Cute and fun frog design with LED lights
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for cordless use
  • Wired mode with 3.5mm audio cable included
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling
  • Volume limiting for hearing protection (75dB/85dB/95dB)
  • Protein earpads for comfort and soft fit
  • Foldable and adjustable headband
  • TF card slot to play downloaded music
  • Perfect for kids to use at home, school, travel

Noteworthy Features

With a fun-loving frog design and vibrant colors, the Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones add a touch of playfulness to any kid’s day. LED lights embedded in the frog’s eyes blink along to the music for an added dose of delight. Volume limiting gives parents reassurance that their child’s hearing is protected. Bluetooth capability allows wireless freedom while the wired option provides backup. At their budget-friendly price, these headphones pack features that appeal to kids and parents alike.
 Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones

Clever Design

The pivoting ear cups and adjustable headband allow the Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones to fit growing kids while staying put comfortably on their heads. Little details like soft protein ear pads, an integrated microphone, and volume control buttons make the headphones surprisingly thoughtfully designed. The foldable body enables the headphones to be slipped into bags for on-the-go use.

Effortless Usability

Kids can quickly get the hang of using these wireless headphones thanks to the simple button controls and straight-forward operation. Volume limiting can be set to 75dB, 85dB or 95dB by flipping a switch, giving kids audio at safe levels. Bluetooth pairing only takes a moment, then kids are free to move around while remaining connected. The audio cable allows use with any device that has a 3.5mm jack.

Audio Performance

With 40mm driver units, the Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones deliver solid sound quality for kids’ listening. Noise isolation blocks out ambient sounds so kids can focus on their audio. The soft protein earpads provide a nice seal to enhance the audio experience. While not audiophile-grade, the lively sound is pleasing for kids to enjoy music, movies and more.
 Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones

Communication Capabilities

The built-in microphone enables crisp call quality for chatting with friends or answering video calls. Volume is tuned to optimal levels for the other party to hear the child’s voice clearly. The mic reduces background noise for improved call clarity.

Power Efficiency

The rechargeable lithium battery offers up to 12 hours of continuous playtime per charge. Auto power-off helps conserve battery when not in use. The included micro USB cable makes it simple to juice up the headphones again when needed.


Bluetooth 5.0 allows reliable wireless connection to smartphones, tablets, computers and more. Pairing is a breeze and the headphones remember previous pairings. The 3.5mm aux cable enables wired use with a wide range of devices like iPods, Nintendo Switch, in-flight entertainment systems.
 Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones


Using the Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones is made easy for kids thanks to tactile buttons for power, volume, music playback, LED lights and microphones. The buttons are intuitive to understand and allow kids to control their listening experience with minimal effort.

Build Quality

The Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones feature thick, durable plastic headband and ear cups that can withstand regular use. While some customers report longevity issues, the headphones have the basics covered for withstanding typical wear and tear. The construction feels solid enough for the price point.

Wearing Comfort

Reviewers say the soft protein ear pads hug ears without pinching, allowing for hours of strain-free wear. The self-adjusting headband distributes weight evenly to avoid pressure points. Lightweight at just 380 grams, kids tend to forget they are even wearing the headphones.

 Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones

Usage Scenarios

The Riwbox FB-7S kids headphones are great for children to use in various settings:

  • At home for remote learning, listening to music, watching videos
  • During travel like plane rides, road trips, commuting
  • For online classes to help focus on the teacher
  • Enjoying entertainment content like shows, movies, games
  • On-the-go listening with smartphones, tablets and mp3 players

User Feedback

With over 600 global ratings on Amazon, the Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones enjoy a 4.2 out of 5 star overall rating, indicating generally satisfied customers. Here’s a deeper look at what users highlight in their reviews:

Satisfied Kids

The playful frog aesthetic and LED lights are a big hit with kids, the target users of these headphones. Children get a kick out of the lively colors and flashing lights synchronized to the music. For parents seeking kid-friendly headphones, the fun design is a major selling point.

Hearing Safety Appreciated

Many parents specifically seek out volume limiting headphones to protect their children’s hearing health. The 75dB/85dB/95dB options on the Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones give parents control over max volume levels. Reviewers feel reassured knowing their kids’ ears won’t be damaged.

Decent Audio Quality

While not audiophile-level, the sound quality satisfies most customers for casual use. Kids are able to comfortably enjoy their music, movies, games and online lessons without audio distortion or discomfort. For the price, reviewers find the audio capabilities decent.

Comfort Meets Expectations

Users confirm the soft protein earpads and self-adjusting headband provide a comfortable fit that’s not too tight. The headphones don’t pinch small ears and feel relatively lightweight compared to adult models. Breathability helps prevent ears from getting too warm.

Some Durability Concerns

A portion of critical reviews cite problems with durability over time, like headbands cracking or buttons malfunctioning. While not rampant, the issues indicate questionable long-term sturdiness for some units. However, customer service was prompt in addressing problems.

Strong Value Proposition

For the children’s headphone price range, reviewers find the Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones meet their needs. The combination of kid-focused traits like volume limiting, microphone, Bluetooth and wired functionality make these headphones a budget-friendly choice.

Satisfaction Among Users

Overall, customers seem pleased with the FB-7S model especially considering the affordable price tag. With proper care and typical use, the headphones should hold up fine for kids. For parents seeking kid-friendly wireless headphones without breaking the bank, the Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones emerges as a solid option.


  • Kid-friendly design is fun and appealing
  • Volume limiting prevents excessive loudness
  • Protein earpads are soft and comfortable
  • Bluetooth pairing is easy and stable
  • Wired option works as a backup
  • Affordable price point for the features
  • Foldable for travel and storage
  • Good sound quality relative to the price


  • Questionable long term durability per some reviews
  • Bluetooth can disconnect occasionally
  • Too many buttons may confuse younger kids
  • Lack of carrying case or storage pouch


For around $30, the Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones deliver great bang for your buck. The combination of useful features tailored for kids, like volume limiting, foldable design, Bluetooth, built-in mic, and fun aesthetics make these headphones a budget-friendly choice.


With kid-centric traits like volume limiting, soft earpads, Bluetooth capability, and fun colors, the Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones are an excellent choice for children. The balance of safety, functionality and affordability make these headphones suitable for kids to enjoy music, media and online activities.

Box Contains

  • Riwbox FB-7S Kids Wireless Headphones
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User manual

How to Use

  • Power on: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds
  • Bluetooth pairing: Activate Bluetooth on source device. Press and hold MFB button until the LED flashes. Select ‘Riwbox FB-7S’ from the device list to connect.
  • Volume control: Press + or - buttons to increase or decrease volume
  • Wired use: Connect 3.5mm audio cable to headphone and device
  • Charge: Connect micro USB charging cable to port on headphones. Charging time is 1-2 hours.