LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones: The Long-Lasting, Foldable Bluetooth Headphones for On-The-Go

Published on May 2, 2023, 8:58 p.m.

Tired of your headphones dying mid-flight? Ready to finally hear your music over the roar of the train? The LORELEI B-C6 is here to save the day. These foldable bluetooth headphones boast an incredible 50 hours of playtime on a single charge along with crisp audio quality. Keep reading to see why these are the perfect travel headphones.


The LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones impresses right out of the box with its sleek yet sturdy design. The foldable headband and swiveling protein leather ear cups make these super portable. Adjust the headband to find the perfect fit. Despite their lightweight feel, these cans deliver surprising bass thanks to the dual 40mm drivers. Built-in microphones ensure clear call quality. With Bluetooth 5.3, you’ll experience smooth streaming and minimal delay.

LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones

Key Features

  • 50 hours battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity
  • Dual 40mm drivers deliver powerful bass
  • Built-in microphone for clear calls
  • Foldable design for portability
  • Comfortable protein leather earcups

 LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones


The LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones has an over-ear design with oval-shaped protein leather earcups that completely enclose the ears. The headband is padded and adjustable to fit different head sizes. The back of the earcups can fold flat for more compact storage. The overall aesthetics are minimalist and neutral so they match most styles.

Ease of Use

With straightforward Bluetooth pairing and on-cup controls, the LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones are very intuitive to operate even for less tech-savvy users. The earcups easily swivel and fold up for travel. Volume, playback and call controls are located on the earcups within easy reach.

Build Quality

The LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones features a sturdy yet lightweight plastic construction. The leatherette earcups provide padding for comfort. While not indestructible, the build quality is reliable for regular use.

Sound Quality

Dual 40mm drivers deliver powerful bass and crisp mids and highs. The expansive soundstage provides an immersive listening experience. While not audiophile-grade, the audio is impressive for the price.

Microphone Quality

The built-in microphone enables clear phone calls and voice commands. Callers report the sound quality is very good in quiet environments but more ambient noise reduction would be beneficial.

Noise Isolation

The closed-back, over-ear design blocks out some environmental noise. This allows you to listen at lower volumes. They are not active noise cancelling headphones however.

 LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones

Battery Life

The 500mAh battery lasts an outstanding 50 hours per charge. This is significantly longer than comparable wireless headphones. Quick charging gives hours of use from just a 10 minute charge.


Bluetooth 5.3 provides a stable, latancy-free connection up to 10 meters. You can also use the included 3.5mm audio cable for wired listening.

 LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones


Buttons on the earcups control playback, call management, volume, power on/off and Bluetooth pairing. The tactile buttons are easy to locate by feel.

Water Resistance

The LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones have no official water resistance rating. They should be able to withstand light rain but should not be submerged.

 LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones

Use Cases

The LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones are the perfect companion for people on the go. Their marathon battery life makes them ideal for travel, whether commuting daily or taking long trips. Block out engine noise on flights or listen to music all day at the office without recharging. Their lightweight yet durable build can withstand being tossed in bags and suitcases. Frequent runners and gym-goers will appreciate the LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones too - the earcups stay put and the long battery ensures uninterrupted playlists. The punchy sound adds extra energy to workouts. At home, use them for gaming or TV watching late into the night. Wherever your day takes you, the B-C6 has your listening needs covered.

User Feedback Analysis

Users consistently praise the LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones for their incredible 50 hour battery life, which far surpasses comparable models. Many mention they can go days without needing to recharge them. The powerful bass reproduction receives positive feedback, especially from fans of hiphop and EDM music. Some note the volume doesn’t get as loud as they would like. A few users with larger heads find the fit to be slightly snug. However, most describe the protein leather earcups as very comfortable for long term wear. Overall, users agree these affordable headphones provide great value.

Pros and Cons

- Marathon 50 hour battery life
- Punchy bass sound
- Lightweight and foldable
- Built-in microphone for calls
- Affordable price point

- Volume could be louder
- Snug fit for large heads
- Not true noise cancelling


With specs and sound quality that rival more expensive brands, the LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones are an incredible value. You’d be hard pressed to find comparable wireless headphones with 50 hours battery life at this price point. If you want long-lasting Bluetooth headphones with solid sound and don’t need fancy extra features, the LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones gets you the most bang for your buck.

 LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones

Bottom Line

With marathon battery life, great sound quality, and travel-friendly design, the LORELEI B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones are the perfect wireless headphones for life on the go. The very reasonable price makes them easy to recommend. Never let your headphones die mid-playlist again!

What’s Included

The LORELEI B-C6 headphone package includes:
- B-C6 Wireless Over Ear Headphones
- 3.5mm audio cable
- USB Type C charging cable
- Black leather pouch
- User manual


  • Driver Units: Dual 40mm
  • Battery Life: 50 hours (unknown mAh)
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.3
  • Wireless Range: unknown
  • Frequency Response: unknown
  • Impedance: unknown
    -Sensitivity: unknown
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio jack
  • Weight: 11.1 oz
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Onboard Controls: unknown

How to Use

  1. Charge the headphones fully before first use. Plug the included USB-C cable into the port on the earcup.
  2. Turn on the headphones and pair them with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.
  3. Adjust the headband and earcups until comfortably positioned.
  4. Connect to your device and start listening! Adjust volume using in-line controls.
  5. Fold earcups inward and collapse headband when not in use for compact storage.
  6. For wired use, connect the 3.5mm audio cable instead of Bluetooth.

Enjoy phenomenal battery life and great sound quality with the LORELEI B-C6 wireless headphones!