JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones: A Truly Wireless Auditory Experience

Published on June 9, 2023, 7:47 p.m.

Tired of jamming earbuds into your ears? The buzzworthy JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones may be the wireless auditory solution you’ve been looking for. Using bone conduction technology that transmits sound through cheek vibrations, the JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones delivers clear audio without blocking your ear canal. Let’s take a closer look at how these ingenious headphones could enhance your listening experience.
 JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones


The newly upgraded JekaDabe M1 bone conduction headphones utilize Bluetooth 5.0 to deliver premium sound directly to your cheekbones. By leaving your ears open, these clever cans allow you to listen to music or take calls while still hearing ambient noise - perfect for safe use during activities like running or biking. The IPX6 waterproof rating means you can even wear them in the rain.

Key Features

  • Bone conduction technology delivers audio through the cheekbones
  • Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for stable connection and low latency
  • Waterproof and lightweight design for sports and outdoor activities
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calling
  • Flexible and elastic titanium alloy construction for stability during exercise
  • IPX6 waterproof certification
  • Long battery life with 8 hours of continuous playback
  • Comes with sponge earplugs for optional noise isolation

Design and Comfort

The JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones feature an open-ear design with bone conduction pads that sit on your cheekbones to transmit audio through your facial bones. The pads are adjustable and the neckband is lightweight but sturdy. The open design means you can stay aware of your surroundings while listening to audio. However, some sound does leak out, and the fit may feel strange for new users. The JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones are IPX6-rated water resistant and sweatproof.

Sound Quality

The JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones won’t blow you away with sound quality, but for the price, they produce clear midrange and high frequencies. Bass is lacking due to the bone conduction technology. The sound resembles listening to average computer speakers. Volume levels are also on the lower end. The JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones are best for audiobooks, podcasts, and music where sound quality isn’t the top priority.


Equipped with a built-in microphone, the JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones enables clear phone calls. Noise-cancelling tech ensures your voice sounds focused, even in windy conditions. Vocals sound detailed and easy to understand on the other end.

Noise Isolation:

With an open ear design, the JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones does not provide noise isolation or cancellation. However, this allows situational awareness, making them ideal for sports and activities. Earplugs are included for optional passive noise reduction.

Connectivity and Functionality

The JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones offer basic functionality for fitness use. They connect over Bluetooth 5.0 for stable wireless connectivity up to 30 feet from your device. Call quality is decent thanks to the built-in mic. Controls on the neckband allow you to play/pause music, adjust volume, and answer calls. The USB-C port provides 2 hours of charge for up to 8 hours of playback.

Durability and Water Resistance

The JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones feature an IPX6 water resistant rating which means they can withstand heavy splashes of water but are not fully waterproof. They should be fine for activities like running in the rain but are not suitable for swimming. The build quality feels reasonably solid for the price, though some users report issues with durability over time. The 1-year warranty provides some protection.
 JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones

Battery Life

The JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones are rated for up to 8 hours of playback on a single charge at moderate volume levels. This should be enough for most workout sessions or outdoor excursions before needing to recharge. However, battery life may be a bit lower in real world use, and higher volume levels will also reduce playback time.

The JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones charge via an included USB-C cable. A quick 2-hour charge will provide a full charge from empty. The USB-C port is exposed, however, so you’ll want to ensure the headphones are fully dry before charging if used in wet conditions.

Some users report that battery life starts to decrease over time, after 6-12 months of regular use. Recharging more frequently may be required. The non-replaceable battery is a downside, as its eventual degradation could reduce the usable lifespan of the headphones.

The 8 hours of rated playback is on the higher end for affordable bone conduction headphones, however, many models at a higher price point now offer 12 hours or more per charge. So while decent, the battery life of the M1s may be a limitation for very long workout sessions or all-day use.

The auto-off feature helps save battery when the headphones are not in use. After 10 minutes with no active Bluetooth connection, the M1 headphones will automatically power off. Simply turn them back on when you’re ready to listen again.


Thanks to its open ear design, the JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones shines when used during physical activities like running, hiking, or biking. By allowing you to simultaneously listen to music and remain aware of ambient sounds, these headphones keep you safe while working out. The M1 also makes a great partner for casual everyday use like chores or commuting.

User Feedback Summary

With over 30 global reviews, the JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones draw mixed yet generally positive reception. Reviewers find both merits and flaws in this budget-friendly bone conduction offering.

Satisfied buyers praise the JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones’s innovative design and reasonable price point. Many are pleasantly surprised by the impressive sound emanating from their cheekbones, describing the audio as “crystal clear”, “rich” and “cutting edge.” The lightweight, secure fit also wins fans, with one user delighted by headphones that “stay put without squeezing my head.”

According to enthusiasts, the JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones shines bright during workouts, allowing music without compromising situational awareness. One cyclist reports feeling “more alert and aware” compared to traditional headphones. For athletic users, the ability to train safely while listening is a game changer.

Less enthusiastic customers cite a steep learning curve getting accustomed to bone conduction sound. Some initially find the experience “tinny” or “hollow” before adjusting. A few users report fit issues, requiring adjustment to get the earpads properly positioned.

The most common complaint focuses on volume. While adequate indoors, the maximum volume leaves something to be desired in noisy outdoor settings. One user quips, “Great headphones but needs a volume booster!”

Critical reviewers argue the audio quality doesn’t match premium brands like Shokz or AfterShokz. There are occasional connectivity dropouts. However, given the budget price, most agree JekaDabe delivers respectable value. As one reviewer summarizes, the JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones is “an affordable way to test bone conduction.”

In the competitive bone conduction headphones market, the JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones carves out a spot as an impressive budget option. For the price, reviewers say curious consumers get a solid introduction without a huge investment. While refinements could elevate it to the next level, overall the JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones satisfies users seeking an affordable ticket to sound of the future.


  • Bone conduction technology provides open ear audio
  • Bluetooth 5.0 enables seamless wireless connectivity
  • IPX6 waterproof rating withstands sweat and moisture
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life per charge
  • On-board controls for convenient access
  • Titanium alloy build feels sturdy and secure


  • Fit and comfort issues for some users
  • Max volume could be louder
  • Lacks deep bass response


With an affordable price tag under $40, the JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones deliver stellar value. For a fraction of the cost of premium models, you get surprisingly robust sound and cutting-edge tech. The JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones makes bone conduction listening attainable for the everyday consumer. If you’re seeking an innovative auditory experience on a budget, these headphones are very compelling.


The JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth offer a unique listening experience for users who prefer to remain aware of their surroundings while enjoying music. With wireless Bluetooth connectivity, a lightweight and waterproof design, and a long battery life, these headphones are suitable for sports and outdoor activities. However, the sound quality may not be as immersive as traditional headphones, and some users have reported fit and comfort issues. Overall, the JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones provide an alternative option for those looking to try bone conduction technology without breaking the bank.

 JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery: 230mAh lithium polymer
  • Playtime: Up to 8 hours at 80% volume
  • Charge Time: 1.5 hours
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX6
  • Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5.3 x 3.9 x 2 inches
  • Bluetooth Range: unknown
  • Frequency Response: unknown

What’s in the Box

  • JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones
  • User Manual
  • Sponge Earplugs
  • Type-C Charging Cable

Pairing and Connecting

To pair the M1 headphones with your Bluetooth device for the first time:

  1. Ensure the headphones are fully charged. The LED indicator light will turn solid blue when charging is complete.

  2. Hold the power/function button on the right earpiece for 3 seconds to turn on the headphones. The LED will flash blue and red.

  3. Enable Bluetooth on your device and select ‘JekaDabe M1’ from the list of available Bluetooth devices. If prompted for a code, enter ‘0000’.

  4. Once successfully paired, the LED on the headphones will turn solid blue and you will hear “Pairing successful” through the headphones.

  5. Your device will remember the pairing for future automatic connections. You only need to manually pair again if deleting and re-pairing the device.

The maximum Bluetooth range is 30 feet. For the best connection, keep your device in your pocket or secured elsewhere on your body while using the headphones.

Fit and Placement

The bone conduction pads should sit comfortably in front of your ears, with the pads making firm contact with your cheekbones. The neckband strap should fit snugly but still remain comfortable. Adjust the pads and neckband as needed to find the most stable and comfortable fit based on your head size.

It may feel strange at first as your brain adjusts to hearing sound transferred through your cheekbones. Give yourself time to adapt to the sensation. The sound may seem unusual but this is normal. If the fit remains uncomfortable after a few uses, bone conduction technology may not be the best option for you.


The control buttons are located on the right earpiece:

  • Power/Function: Press and hold to turn on/off. Tap to answer/end calls or pause/play music.

  • Volume + and - : Tap to increase or decrease volume levels.

  • Previous/Next Track: Double tap the Function button to skip to the next or previous audio track.

Note that there are no dedicated controls for voice assistants. You will need to activate voice commands on your connected device.


As the headphones have an exposed USB-C charging port, it’s a good idea to store them in a dry environment when not in use to prevent damage or corrosion. A carrying case or pouch is recommended for travel or transporting the headphones. Care should be taken to ensure no excessive pressure is applied to the bone conduction pads which could cause damage over time.

JekaDabe M1 Bone Conduction Headphones