Review: Generic H-11 RGB ESB High Precision 44mm Driver RGB Headphones

Published on July 30, 2023, 9:49 p.m.

With so many headphone options on the market, it can be tough to find an affordable pair that looks cool and sounds great. The Generic H-11 RGB ESB headphones aim to fit that bill with their customizable RGB lighting, 44mm drivers, and noise-canceling microphone. In this review, we’ll take a look at the design, features, sound quality, and value of these budget-friendly headphones to see if they deliver on their promises.


The Generic H-11 RGB ESB headphones have an eye-catching design featuring RGB lighting around the ear cups and headband. The lighting can be customized to display different colors and effects. They have large 44mm neodymium drivers for powerful sound and soft, padded earcups for comfort. Key features include a noise-canceling microphone, retractable headband, volume control, and USB charging. They connect via a 3.5mm audio jack and include a USB charging cable.

 Generic H-11 RGB ESB High Precision Headphones

Key Features

  • Vivid RGB lighting with customizable color options
  • Powerful 44mm drivers deliver enhanced bass and sound clarity
  • Noise-cancelling microphone reduces ambient noise for clear voice pickup
  • Retractable headband and soft earcups provide comfortable fit
  • Volume control and USB charging for convenience

Design and Comfort

These Generic H-11 RGB ESB headphones have a bold, gamer-inspired look thanks to the customizable RGB lighting. The lighting rings around the ear cups and headband can display solid colors or cycle through rainbow effects. The lighting helps them stand out compared to more subtle headphones.

The retractable headband is a nice feature that allows you to adjust the fit. The earcups are generously padded with a soft, faux leather material that feels comfortable on the ears. The headband also has decent padding. At 0.66 lbs, they have a lightweight feel that makes them comfortable for long gaming or listening sessions. Overall, the design prioritizes style and comfort.

Sound Quality

With large 44mm drivers, the Generic H-11 RGB ESB headphones deliver surprisingly powerful audio for the price. The sound profile emphasizes the lows and highs rather than the mids. This makes them well-suited for booming action games and electronic music.

They can reach high volume levels without too much distortion. The soundstage feels wide, with good left/right stereo separation. However, the bass can sound somewhat boomy at max volume. The highs and mids are decently clear, but lack some detail compared to more expensive headphones. Overall, the sound quality is quite pleasing for casual gaming and music listening.

Microphone Quality

The noise canceling microphone generally provides clear voice pick up for in-game chat and calls. It does a decent job isolating the user’s voice from ambient noise. However, the microphone audio can sometimes sound a bit muffled and hollow. The mic seems optimized for close-range use rather than farther away. It gets the job done for basic communication needs.


In addition to the lighting effects, retractable headband, and microphone, the Generic H-11 RGB ESB headphones offer a few other handy features. The volume dial on the earcup makes it easy to adjust the audio level on the fly. They also include a USB charging cable so you can juice them up without removing the batteries. Expected battery life is around 15 hours. One minor downside is that they do not include a carrying case or pouch.

Ideal Uses

  • PC/console gaming
  • Listening to electronic dance music and hip hop
  • Voice and video calls
  • Watching action movies and TV shows


  • Affordable pricing under $40
  • Striking customizable RGB visual effects
  • Immersive audio with 44mm drivers
  • Comfortable padded earcups and headband
  • Convenient controls and USB charging


  • Microphone audio can sound hollow
  • Lightweight plastic build lacks premium feel
  • Bass emphasis may overpower mids for some
  • No protective carrying case included


For the sale price of $36, these RGB gaming headphones provide strong value. They deliver solid sound, customizable style, and decent comfort at a budget-friendly price point. While more expensive headphones may offer finer build quality and audio refinement, the Generic H-11 RGB ESB headphones give you plenty of bang for your buck. They make a great choice for cost-conscious gamers and music listeners seeking flashy, versatile headphones.


With their bold RGB lighting effects, 44mm drivers, and noise-canceling microphone, the Generic H-11 RGB ESB headphones offer an immersive audiovisual experience at an affordable price. They prioritize style and powerful sound with a bass-forward profile suited for action games and EDM. Although the audio quality isn’t perfect, it’s impressive for the low price point. For budget-minded buyers wanting cool customizable headphones that sound great, the Generic H-11 RGB ESB headphones deliver plenty of value.


  • Driver Size: 44mm
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 115dB
  • Earpad Material: Faux leather
  • Weight: 0.66 lbs
  • Battery Life: Approximately 15 hours

What’s Included

  • Generic H-11 RGB ESB headphones
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual

How to Use

  1. Connect the 3.5mm plug to your PC, gaming console, or mobile device.
  2. Power on the headphones and customize the RGB lighting effects using the controls.
  3. Adjust the volume and retractable headband for optimal comfort.
  4. Charge via USB when battery is low.
  5. Use the noise-cancelling microphone for voice chat by orienting it close to your mouth.
  6. Enjoy immersive audio and bold RGB style with the Generic H-11 headphones!
Generic H-11 RGB ESB High Precision Headphones