ELECDER i45 Foldable Wired Headphones: A Budget-Friendly Option for Great Sound

Published on May 2, 2023, 7:45 p.m.

Looking for a pair of budget-friendly headphones that don’t compromise on sound? The ELECDER i45 may be just what you need. Offering an immersive listening experience, these wired on-ear headphones combine hi-fi stereo sound with plush comfort at an affordable price point.


The ELECDER i45 wired foldable headphones feature 40mm audio drivers for impactful bass and crisp mids. The lightweight plastic construction makes them easy to fold up and carry around, while the 1.5-meter tangle-free cord provides ample length. An in-line microphone and control button allows for convenient call and audio control.
 ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones

Key Features

  • Immersive stereo sound - Large 40mm drivers produce bold bass and crisp mids for immersive audio
  • Lightweight foldable design - Weighing just 9.9 oz, the durable plastic construction folds down for easy portability
  • Tangle-free cord - The 4.9-foot nylon-braided cable resists tangling for convenience
  • In-line controls - Integrated mic and button allow for call and music control
  • Universal compatibility - Works seamlessly with 3.5mm jack devices like smartphones and laptops

 ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones


The ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones sport a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. The durable plastic headband is thin and flexible with a sliding adjuster for fit. Rotating earcups allow the headphones to lay flat or fold inward. Bold color options like blue, pink and purple add modern style. The nylon-braided 1.5m audio cable resists tangles and has an inline remote and mic.

Ease of Use

With an intuitive foldable design and simple wired plug-and-play connectivity, the ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones are effortless to use. The adjustable headband, rotatable earcups and soft padding provide a customizable, comfortable fit. Just plug the 3.5mm audio jack into your device and start listening. The universal compatibility works seamlessly with smartphones, tablets, laptops, Switch and more.

Sound Quality

Equipped with large 40mm drivers, the ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones deliver immersive stereo sound with punchy bass and clear mids. While audiophile-level detail is lacking, the lively sound profile makes music, movies and games engaging. Noise isolation blocks out ambient sounds for distraction-free listening. The headphones are ideal for everyday media enjoyment.

Microphone Performance

The built-in microphone on the 1.5m audio cable enables clear hands-free calling and voice chat. Users mention the mic picks up voice audio reliably with minimal background noise for smooth communication during calls, online meetings and voice assistants.

Noise Isolation

With on-ear, closed back earcups that form a seal around the ears, the ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones passively muffle external noises. While not active noise cancelling, the headphones significantly reduce ambient sound from the surroundings to keep you focused on your audio.


The soft padded headband and earcups are comfortable for extended wear. The lightweight 9.9 ounce design avoids neck strain during long listening sessions. The foldable form factor also makes them easy to pack on-the-go without taking up much bag space.


Constructed from flexible plastic with a rugged braided cable, the ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones hold up well with regular use. The headphones are ideal for kids thanks to the durable, damage-resistant design. Most users report years of longevity with careful use.

 ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones

Usage Scenarios

The ELECDER i45 wired headphones are versatile for use at home, work, school, or on the go. Their lightweight portability makes them ideal for activities like:

  • Listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while commuting on the bus or train
  • Making video calls and online meetings from your home office or remote workplace
  • Enjoying movies and videos during air travel or long haul flights
  • Plugging into your smartphone to listen to tunes at the gym or while running outdoors
  • Using with your computer or tablet for long study sessions at the library or dorm
  • Letting kids safely watch videos or engage in remote learning activities

 ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones

User Feedback Analysis

With thousands of glowing 4 and 5 star reviews, ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones owners revel in the surprising audio prowess and premium comfort these budget-friendly headphones provide.

The vast majority of users are pleasantly astonished by the punchy, well-balanced sound emanating from the 40mm drivers. They report robust bass that adds thrilling depth to EDM and hip hop tracks without muddying up vocals and instrumentals. Acoustic numbers and podcasts come through with sparkling clarity too. For a headphone under $20, the lively sonic palette defies expectations.

When it comes to comfort, owners are equally effusive. The soft leatherette ear cushions embrace the ears in plush luxury while avoiding vice-like clamping pressure. The flexible headband eliminates cranium hotspots even after marathon listening sessions. Users adore how the feathery 9.9 ounce weight seems to disappear during all-day wear.

Regarding design, buyers compliment how the glossy plastic construction feels surprisingly durable. The tangle-resistant fabric cable glides smoothly without knots. For travel, the ultra-compact folding form slides into backpacks and purses with room to spare. Bold color options from midnight black to pastel pink inject stylish flair.

Beyond sound quality, owners frequently buy the ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones for their kids. The durable build withstands playground punishment while the volume limiting design protects young ears. For remote learning and online classes, the microphone ensures clear audio.

Critical feedback largely centers on two drawbacks: no volume control on the headset itself and occasional quality control issues. But issues are rare and ELECDER’s helpful customer service addresses concerns quickly when they do arise.

For shoppers prioritizing value, the ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones are simply unbeatable. Their expansive, natural sound betrays their tiny price tag. The lavish comfort pampers ears even during lengthy listening sessions. Thoughtful touches like the tangle-free cable and folding design make these headphones a joy to use on the daily. For those craving solid musicality on a tight budget, the ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones absolutely delivers.

Pros and Cons

- Great sound quality given the low price
- Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
- Foldable design is perfect for travel and commuting
- Tangle-resistant cable with mic and remote
- Works with any 3.5mm audio device

- Lacks volume control buttons
- Audio quality not as refined as more expensive models
- Some durability complaints but rare

Value for Money

With premium features like powerful 40mm drivers, foldable design, tangle-free cable and in-line controls, the ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones are an incredible value for under $20. Competitors in this price range typically sacrifice comfort, sound quality, or portability. However, these headphones deliver a versatile listening experience and surprising performance considering their wallet-friendly price point.
 ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones


For shoppers seeking quality audio on a budget, the ELECDER i45 wired folding headphones are a superb value. They deliver robust, vibrant sound in a lightweight and portable package. The comfortable design works for all-day wear, while the mic and controls add convenience. If you want great bang for your buck, these are a top choice to consider.

 ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones


  • Driver: 40mm
  • Weight: 9.9 oz
  • Folded size: 6 x 4.53 x 2.87 in
  • Cable length: 1.5m
  • Microphone: Built-in on inline controls
  • Compatibility: Devices with 3.5mm headphone jack

Box Contents

The ELECDER i45 headphone box includes:

  • 1x Headband
  • 2x Earcups with padding
  • 1x Detachable audio cable with microphone and controls
  • 1x Carry pouch
  • 1x User manual

How to Use

Using the i45 headphones is quick and easy:

  1. Unfold the headband and adjust slider for your head size
  2. Place the earcups over your ears with the L/R markings aligned properly
  3. Insert audio cable 3.5mm plug into headphone jack on device
  4. Manage music playback and calls using inline mic button
  5. Fold headphones inward and place in carry pouch when not in use
ELECDER i45 On-Ear Headphones