KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds : A Futuristic Yet Impractical 2-in-1 Gadget

Published on June 2, 2023, 6:40 p.m.

The AI-W20Lite by KSOUND brings an innovative concept to the smartwatch world - built-in true wireless earbuds. This 2-in-1 gadget aims to provide both fitness tracking capabilities and audio entertainment in one futuristic-looking device. But does it manage to deliver solid performance to match its space-age aesthetic? Let’s break it down in this review.


The KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds packs a 2-inch color display, 380mAh battery, heart rate sensor and 11 sports modes into a compact wristwatch body with pop-up earbuds. It’s waterproof up to 1 meter and connects via Bluetooth. The concept is convenient - your tunes and fitness tracker in one wearable. But its execution leaves much to be desired.

 KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds

Key Features

  • 2-in-1 design with built-in earbuds
  • 11 sports modes
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Message notifications
  • Control music playback
  • IP67 waterproof


Encased in a sleek cylindrical shell, the KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds exudes space-age aesthetics. The watch face pops open to reveal two earbuds tucked within the body. This novel accommodation comes at the cost of bulky proportions on the wrist. Weighing in at 60g, it wears quite heavily compared to standard fitness bands.
 KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds

Ease of Use

Operation is fairly straightforward - flip open the case to access the earbuds when needed. The touchscreen interface allows for intuitive navigation. But syncing the watch to the Wearbuds app can be a frustrating process marred by technical issues. The setup lacks seamless user-friendliness.

Sound Quality

The graphene-enhanced drivers aim to deliver high-fidelity audio. Reviewers describe the sound as decent quality with solid bass and clarity. Noise isolation could be better, but overall the output matches average wireless earbuds. Just don’t expect an audiophile-level listening experience.
 KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds

Microphone Quality

Feedback regarding the microphone is limited. But for taking calls, the built-in mics appear to pick up voice decently in quiet environments. Their performance in noisy settings is likely lacking.

Battery & Charging

The 380mAh battery disappointingly only lasts for about 1 hour per charge based on reviews. This requires constantly recharging the watch which is inconvenient and defeats its purpose as an activity tracker. The 2 hour USB charging time is also longer than ideal.


Bluetooth 4.0 LE provides wireless control. But users report frequent connectivity drops and sync issues between the watch and its app. The connectivity lacks stability for a seamless experience.


The touchscreen display combined with side buttons make for intuitive watch navigation. Playback and volume controls work as expected. But the app connectivity problems hamper the overall control experience.

Build Quality

Constructed from plastic, the watch housing feels decent but not premium. Some reviews mention visible glue and gaps showing imperfect manufacturing. It’s not going to fall apart, but the build quality reflects its budget price point.


The cylindrical shape and lightweight silicone strap fit alright, but the overall chunky construct can dig into the wrist, making long-term wear uncomfortable. The ergonomics are not optimized for extended daily use.
 KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds

Water Resistance

With an IP67 rating, the watch claims to withstand submersion up to 1 meter deep. Users confirm it handles sweat and splashes with no problem. However, the long-term durability of the water sealing remains uncertain.

 KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds

Use Cases

The KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds can be useful for people who want to listen to music while working out without having to carry separate earbuds. The built-in earbuds make it convenient for running, cycling or hitting the gym while still able to track fitness data. However, the bulky design limits its versatility for all-day use. It’s best suited for active fitness contexts rather than continuous wear.

User Feedback Analysis

Overall customer satisfaction with the KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds skews negative, with most reviews averaging 2-3 stars.

On the positive end, buyers compliment the device for its aesthetically pleasing architecture and convenient integration of fitness tracker and headphones in one wearable gadget. The high-concept design stands out as the main appeal.

However, the clever styling fails to outweigh the product’s functional flaws for most users:

  • The biggest complaint focuses on the abysmal battery life of just 1 hour per charge. This requires constantly recharging the watch which massively limits its practical utility as an activity monitor.

  • Many owners report frustrating technical problems with the buggy app connectivity via Bluetooth. Syncing issues, laggy response times, and random dropping of the Bluetooth connection hamper the user experience.

  • A number of reviews criticize the overall bulky shape and heft, finding the size to be uncomfortable for all-day wear. The chunky watch face causes irritation and left indentations on some users’ wrists during extended use.

  • Some mention receiving defective units with issues charging or syncing one earbud, reflecting poor quality control. The construction does not seem durable enough for long-term ownership either.

  • Lastly, numerous buyers feel the price point does not match the performance delivered. For $80, customers expect far better battery life, stability, comfort and everyday usability compared to what the KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds provides.

In summary, while consumers find the concept clever, the majority are disappointed with its subpar execution plagued by technical problems, ergonomic issues and ineffective real-world operation. For most reviewers, style trumps substance with this gadget.

Pros and Cons

- Futuristic 2-in-1 design
- Good audio quality
- Packs many fitness tracking features

- Extremely bulky
- Battery only lasts around 1 hour
- Connectivity and app issues
- Overall poor execution

Value for Money

With a price tag of $79.99, the KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds is quite steep for a device with very limited battery life and lacklustre smartwatch functionality marred by technical issues. While the design may seem cool, the poor execution provides low value for money. There are much more capable fitness trackers available at this price point.


The KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds brings an innovative concept and standout aesthetics. But the poor battery life, connection issues and bulky design make it an impractical option. I’d only recommend this 2-in-1 smartwatch for users who highly value futuristic styling over real-world functionality and performance. For most buyers, there are better smartwatches available.

What’s in the Box

The KSOUND AI-W20Lite Smartwatch with True Wireless Earbuds package includes:

  • AI-W20Lite smartwatch
  • Built-in true wireless earbuds
  • Charging cable
  • Instruction manual


  • Display: 2” IPS color display
  • Resolution: 240*240 pixels
  • Processor: unknown
  • Memory: 128MB
  • Battery: 380mAh
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Standby Time: 20-25 days
  • Working Time: 7-15 days
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Sports Modes: 11 modes
  • Heart Rate Sensor: Yes
  • Sleep Tracking: Yes
  • Extra Features: Message notifications, music control, sedentary reminder

How to Use

  1. Charge the smartwatch fully before first use.
  2. Download the Wearbuds app on your smartphone and pair via Bluetooth.
  3. Pop open the earbuds when you want to use them.
  4. Fit the earbuds in ears and select your audio.
  5. The watch will automatically track steps, heart rate and sleep.
  6. The Wearbuds app syncs and displays your fitness data.
  7. For optimal battery life, only use earbuds when needed.