Review: ZIUTY A1 Wireless Earbuds – Immersive Sound with Long Battery Life

Published on May 7, 2023, 6:47 p.m.

Finding a good pair of wireless earbuds that deliver quality sound at an affordable price can be a challenge. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the ZIUTY A1 Wireless Earbuds to see if they live up to expectations for features, sound, comfort and value.


The ZIUTY A1 are Bluetooth 5.3 earbuds featuring an LED digital display charging case. Key features include:

  • 50 hours total playtime (5 hours per charge)
  • IPX5 waterproof rating
  • Touch controls for playback, volume, calls
  • Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity
  • Charging case with LED battery indicator
  • Noise isolation fit with multiple eartip sizes

They have a sleek, minimalist design and come in black, pink or white color options.
 ZIUTY A1 Wireless Earbuds


The earbuds have a smooth, rounded shape that sits flush in the ear. The all-black colorway gives them a minimalist, stylish look. The matte plastic construction feels decent but prone to scratches over time. The charging case is compact with an LED display that shows the battery level. Overall, the design is fairly basic yet functional.

Comfort and Fit

Three sizes of silicone eartips are included for a secure fit. The earbuds are lightweight and comfortable enough for prolonged wear. Getting a tight seal is important for good sound isolation and bass response. Those with very small ears may find the smallest tips still too large.

 ZIUTY A1 Wireless Earbuds


Each earbud has a touch-sensitive surface that handles playback, call, and volume controls. The touch controls are responsive though accidental presses can occur. It takes some practice to get the gestures down. Thankfully, the touch sensitivity can be customized in the app.

 ZIUTY A1 Wireless Earbuds

Sound Quality

With 6mm dynamic drivers, the A1 earbuds produce very good sound quality overall. The sound has crisp highs and punchy bass that makes music lively without being overpowering. Mids are decent though not as pronounced. The soundstage feels fairly wide for in-ear buds. They get sufficiently loud to hear over gym noise. The noise isolation from the snug fit helps reduce ambient noise. Call quality is also clear.

Microphone Quality

The built-in mics transmit voices clearly during calls. Some background noise does seep in but not enough to distort conversations. Mic quality is about average for wireless earbuds.

Features and Connectivity

The Bluetooth 5.3 provides a very stable wireless connection within the stated 15m range. Pairing to devices is quick and simple. The touch controls are responsive for toggling play/pause, volume, calls and voice assistants. The IPX5 waterproof rating allows them to withstand sweat and light rain.

The charging case provides around 4 full charges. The LED display shows clear battery level indicators when opened. It charges the earbuds in about 1.5 hours.

Battery Life

The ZIUTY A1 earbuds can deliver around 5 hours of playback per charge. The charging case provides an additional 4 full charges for approximately 50 hours of total battery life. The case provides 1 hour of charging time.


With an IPX5 rating, the A1 earbuds can withstand sweat, rain and water splashes. They are suitable for workouts and active use.

Use Cases

The ZIUTY A1 earbuds are ideal for everyday use, sports, gym, running, and travel. Their long battery life makes them practical for all-day wear.

 ZIUTY A1 Wireless Earbuds

User Feedback Analysis

With over 13,000 global ratings, the ZIUTY A1 earbuds have an overall 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Here is a breakdown of the key feedback:

  • 77% of customers gave a 5-star rating, citing excellent value for money, long battery life, and great sound quality. Many praised the earbuds as comparable to more premium brands.

  • 10% awarded 4 stars, mentioning room for improvement in fit, build quality, and microphone performance. But overall, they were satisfied with the functionality.

  • 5% of ratings were 3 stars, mostly from users who experienced connectivity issues or found the bass lacking. This indicates minor quality control issues.

  • Negative reviews accounted for 7% of ratings. The main complaints were poor fit, uncomfortable long-term wear, and subpar call quality. A few got defective units.

Overall, most users agree these wireless earbuds perform incredibly well for the affordable price. The positives seem to vastly outweigh the negatives for budget-conscious buyers.


  • Impressive battery life
  • Great value and low price
  • Punchy, well-balanced sound
  • IPX5 sweat and water resistance


  • Mediocre noise isolation
  • Touch controls can be overly sensitive


Priced at around $25, the ZIUTY A1 earbuds offer tremendous value compared to premium models costing over $100. You get great-sounding audio, reliable connectivity, IPX5 water resistance, and 50 hours of battery life. The touch controls and compact charging case also add convenience. While the plastic build shows compromises, the sound and features deliver where it counts. For shoppers on a strict budget, the A1 earbuds bring impressive quality for the cost.
 ZIUTY A1 Wireless Earbuds


For under $30, the ZIUTY A1 earbuds deliver where it counts most. The sound beats expectations with punchy bass and crisp treble. Battery life, water resistance, and connectivity are also reliable. While build quality and mic performance could be better, overall these affordable wireless earbuds provide great bang for your buck.

Rating: 4/5


  • Driver: 6mm dynamic driver
  • Frequency response range: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Wireless range: Up to 15m (50ft)
  • Battery capacity (earbuds): 40mAh per earbud
  • Battery capacity (case): 400mAh
  • Charging time: 1 hour (earbuds), 1.5 hours (case)
  • Playback time: Up to 5 hours (earbuds), 50 hours total (with case)
  • Waterproof rating: IPX5
  • Dimensions (earbuds): 21 x 18 x 15mm
  • Dimensions (case): 60 x 38 x 27mm
  • Weight: 5g (per earbud), 50g (case)
  • Eartip sizes included: S, M, L
  • Touch controls: Play/pause, volume +/-, track skip, call answer/end, voice assistant
  • Microphones: Single mic in each earbud
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android devices
  • Warranty: 1 year

What’s Included

The package contains:
- A1 Earbuds x 2
- Charging Case x 1
- Ear Tips x 3 sizes
- USB-C Charging Cable x 1
- User Manual x 1

How to Use

  1. Charge the case and earbuds before first use.
  2. Open the case and remove the earbuds.
  3. Place the earbuds in your ears with suitable eartips inserted.
  4. Activate Bluetooth on your device to pair the earbuds.
  5. Use the touch controls to operate music and calls.
  6. Return the earbuds to the charging case when not in use.