HIFIMAN SUNDARA Wireless HiFi Headphones: Exquisite Sound Quality and Feather-Light Comfort in Wireless HiFi Headphones

Published on Jan. 6, 2024, 12:15 p.m.

Immerse yourself in pristine audio bliss with the HIFIMAN SUNDARA wireless HiFi headphones. HIFIMAN is renowned for their premium planar magnetic headphones that revolutionize personal audio with groundbreaking driver technology. The new HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone lives up to its Sanskrit name meaning “beautiful” in the truest sense.


The HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone boasts a staggeringly wide frequency response range from 6Hz to 75kHz, giving audio enthusiasts access to the deepest lows and crystal-clear highs. The ingeniously designed diaphragm is 80% thinner than previous HIFIMAN models, unlocking finer nuances and transient response.
 HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone

Key Features

  • 80% thinner diaphragm than previous HIFIMAN models
  • Lightweight open-back design weighing only 342g
  • Aluminum headband with weight-distributing strap
  • Easy connectivity via standard 3.5mm connector
  • Open-back design prevents ear fatigue and heating
  • Generously padded earpads for long-term comfort

Design - An Exquisite Composition

Drawing inspiration from the clean contours of mid-century modern designs and the powerful curvature of acoustic Grammy speakers, the HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone emanates sophisticated elegance. The sleek space age aesthetic is clad in dark aluminium textures reminiscent of a stealth aircraft. Form and function blend seamlessly, crafted with the care and attention worthy of a luxurious grand piano.

Killer Features - Pitch Perfect

The HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone liberates your music’s true potential. Each transient hits your eardrum with precision thanks to the 80% thinner diaphragm that reacts with breathtaking speed. The open-back design creates an intimate soundstage with a sensed of space that has to be heard to be believed. At just 342g, the featherweight HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone envelops you in silky smooth audio bliss.

Ease of Use - Plug and Play

Connecting the HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone is fuss-free with the standard 3.5mm connector. Get high resolution audio straight out of smartphones and audio players without the need for clunky amplifiers or cables. The self-adjusting headband ensures a custom fit.

Sound Quality - A Masterpiece

Revel in the HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone’s expansive frequency range from the deepest rumbles to soaring crystal highs. The 40mm planar magnetic drivers pump out distortion-free audio. Each transient hits with pinpoint precision for remarkable clarity. Notes have room to breathe and decay naturally for a lifelike listening experience.

Noise Isolation & Microphone

The open-back design prevents unwanted heating and fatigue while allowing you to remain aware of your surroundings. There is no built-in microphone.

Storage & FM Radio

No onboard MP3 storage or memory card slot. No FM radio function.

Battery & Connectivity

The wired HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone do not contain a battery and provide continuous playback when connected via the detachable 3.5mm audio cable.

Build Quality - Premium Construction

Meticulous attention to detail elevates the HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone above its competition. The sleek metal and leather construction exudes luxury with a satisfying heft. The high-grade AL-OFC detachable cable prevents signal loss.
 HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone

Comfort - Serene Listening

Padded leatherette earcups cocoon your ears in pillow-soft comfort. The self-adjusting fabric headband perfects the fit without clamping. At a wispy 342g, the open-back HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone is a dream to wear for extended periods.


HIFIMAN is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end audiophile headphones and portable audio products. Renowned for their planar magnetic headphone models.

Use Cases

The HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone is ideal for personal listening at home or on the go. The open-back design provides an immersive listening experience. The lightweight and comfortable design makes the HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone great for prolonged listening sessions. Easy to drive from smartphones and audio players.

User Feedback Analysis

Audiophiles around the world are crooning praises for the HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone’s breathtaking audio fidelity. Most describe their initial listening experience as magical, with some even claiming it brought tears of joy. The almost unanimously positive reception is a testament to how HIFIMAN have achieved the impossible - reference-level audio performance at an unbelievable price.

The expansive soundstage projected by the HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone transports listeners into a live music hall. Instruments and vocals sound lifelike and intimate. Users remark at how the open-back design envelops them in a cocoon of vibrant sound. Cymbals shimmer with realistic decay while bass lines rumble authoritatively. Vocals drip with emotion and nuance. Many say the HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone makes them rediscover details in their favorite tracks they never knew existed.

When it comes to wearability, users gush about how the self-adjusting mechanism provides a gentle yet secure fit. The featherweight frame rests comfortably with barely any clamping force. Reviewers note they can wear the HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone for hours without fatigue. The generous padding prevents any hotspots from forming. Glasses-wearers in particular appreciate how their specs sit harmoniously with the plush leatherette cushions.
 HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone

Constructed from premium metals and finished impeccably, the HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone gives off a vibe of luxury way above its asking price. Users describe the packaging and unboxing experience as premium. The textured metals and leather bring heft without weighing the headphones down. Build quality inspires confidence in longevity for years of musical enjoyment.

While overwhelmingly positive, some users point out a few areas for improvement. The included cable could be upgraded to be more durable and tangle-resistant. Sonically, the headphones may require amplification to reach their full dynamic potential for some music genres. However, none of these minor critiques take away from the resoundingly positive reception of the HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone’s benchmark performance. At its accessible price point, reviewers call it an absolute bargain and the obvious choice for audiophiles on a budget.


  • Great sound quality and wide frequency range
  • Comfortable fit with updated earpads
  • Excellent value for the price
  • Premium feel and build quality


  • Cable quality could be improved
  • May require amplification to reach full potential

Value for Money

At just $299, the HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone offers tremendous value by delivering audio performance and comfort comparable to headphones costing twice as much. The ingeniously thin diaphragm unlocks previously unheard details at this price point.

 HIFIMAN HE-20 SUNDARA Hi-Fi Headphone


With exhilarating sonic performance encased in a deceptively lightweight frame, the HIFIMAN SUNDARA wireless HiFi headphones will thrill serious audiophiles while feeling comfortable for daily use. The accessible price sweetens the deal even further for headphones that look, feel and sound premium.


  • Frequency Response: 6Hz - 75kHz
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Sensitivity: 92dB
  • Weight: 342g
  • Connector: 3.5mm headset connector

Box Contains

  • HIFIMAN SUNDARA headphones
  • 1.5m removable cable
  • 6.35mm adapter
  • Manuals