Avantree PHA16 OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers : Affordable, Feature-packed Aids to Regain Your Hearing

Published on Dec. 22, 2023, 5:53 p.m.

Age-related hearing loss is unfortunately common, but assistive devices like the Avantree PHA16 hearing amplifiers can help seniors regain their hearing and stay engaged. With its noise reduction technology, multi-scenario audio modes, long battery life and comfortable fit, the PHA16 offers a feature-packed yet budget-friendly solution. Let’s take a closer look at why these amplifiers are a wise investment for mild to moderate hearing loss.


The Avantree PHA16 OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers combines the latest in hearing assistance technology into a discreet, behind-the-ear design. Its 4-microphone array filters out ambient noise so you can focus on speech, while the 16-channel sound processor amplifies voices for better comprehension. With a choice of 4 audio modes and 11 volume levels, it’s easy to customize for any situation.
 Avantree OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers

Key Features

  • Dual directional microphones on each earpiece filter background noise
  • 16-channel digital processor amplifies vocal frequencies for improved speech recognition
  • 4 audio modes - Normal, Restaurant, Music, Outdoor
  • Up to 60 hours battery life from case charging
  • Lightweight behind-the-ear fit with interchangeable eartips
  • Easy one-touch operation to switch modes and volume

 Avantree OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers

Sleek Discreet Design

With their lightweight contours and low-profile fit, the Avantree PHA16 OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers are crafted to be barely noticeable when worn. The smooth matte finish comes in a subtle skin tone hue designed to discreetly blend in behind the ear. The curved shape and adjustable eartips keep the body flush to the head for a natural, unobtrusive look.

Effortless Controls

Unlike many high-end hearing aids, the Avantree PHA16 OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers doesn’t require any smartphone pairing or complex settings. All features can be accessed via two simple push buttons on each device. Just tap to turn on and cycle through scenarios like Restaurant Mode or Music Mode depending on your environment. Buttons are ergonomically placed for easy adjustment of volume up/down as needed.
 Avantree OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers

Immersive Audio Performance

Often hearing aids tend to have a “tinny” sound quality, but the Avantree PHA16 OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers faithfully reproduces the full warmth and nuance of the human voice. Its extended 200Hz-5600Hz frequency response covers a wide range for natural-sounding amplification. Dual microphones isolate speech from ambient noise for clean audio free from distraction. Voices come through with sparkling clarity.

No More Disposable Batteries

The Avantree PHA16 OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers offers the convenience of USB rechargeability. A single 3-hour charge powers 15 hours of continuous use. The compact charging case provides an additional 3 full charges - an incredible 60 hours in total. No more hassling with tiny disposable batteries! The case even protects the earpieces when not in use.
 Avantree OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers

Whisper-Quiet Comfort

Many hearing aids suffer from uncomfortable feedback squealing, but Avantree engineered the Avantree PHA16 OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers for a precise, customized fit that locks in place without audio leakage or ear irritation. The lightweight 0.1oz body is barely noticeable when worn. Interchangeable eartips ensure a tailor-made seal in the ear canal for stability.

Water-Resistant Durability

The Avantree PHA16 OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers is designed for worry-free daily use with a water-resistant casing that protects the inner electronics from moisturedamage caused by rain or perspiration. Just avoid submerging them fully underwater. The smooth matte finish resists scratches over prolonged use.

 Avantree OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers


Avantree specializes in quality audio products and hearing assistance devices that make life’s important conversations more accessible and enjoyable.


The Avantree PHA16 OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers excel in a range of daily situations like grocery shopping, watching TV, family meals, doctor visits, and backyard chats, boosting voices while minimizing distracting ambient noise. Their lightweight profile offers comfortable long-term wearability.

User Reviews

With over 500 global ratings, the Avantree PHA16 OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers rates an impressive 4.2 out of 5 stars. The vast majority of verified purchasers are thrilled with their purchase and report noticeable improvements in their hearing abilities.

Many users comment on the “clear, natural sound quality”. The multi-channel processing reproduces voices with full-bodied audio fidelity, not the “tin can” effect of cheaper models. Vocals sound warm, crisp and lifelike.

Owners also praise the “effective noise reduction” enabled by the 4-microphone array. Noises like traffic, wind and background chatter fade away, so users can focus intently on the conversation at hand without straining.

Those with dexterity issues appreciate the “simple one-touch operation” via the physical buttons. There’s no complex pairing process. Just tap to turn on/off, cycle through modes, and toggle volume up and down. The tactile feedback makes controls accessible.

Many reviewers remark on the exceptional “value for money”. For a very reasonable price, the Avantree PHA16 OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers offers premium noise filtering and multi-environmental audio enhancements competitive with aids costing 4 times more.

Some users do note downsides like fit issues with the default eartips, or minor imbalances in left/right charging time. A few with severe hearing loss find the amplification inadequate. However, these are very much minority experiences.


  • Excellent vocal amplification and noise reduction
  • Intuitive push-button controls
  • Up to 60 hours battery life
  • Comfortable and discreet behind-the-ear design
  • Great quality for the price


  • Not waterproof
  • Eartips may need occasional replacement
  • Not sufficient for severe hearing loss


With premium noise filtering and adjustable amplification technology in a compact, easy-to-use package, the Avantree PHA16 OTC Hearing Aids Amplifiers over-deliver on features and performance for the affordable price.


With their smart noise-filtering technology, easy customization and long battery life, the Avantree PHA16 hearing amplifiers empower seniors with mild to moderate hearing difficulties to participate fully in conversations and everyday activities. Their blend of strong performance and affordable pricing makes them a practical option to improve quality of life.


  • Power: Rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life: Up to 15 hrs (earpieces), up to 60 hrs (with case charging)
  • Charging: USB charging cable
  • Drivers: Unknown
  • Frequency Response: 200Hz - 5600Hz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5%
  • Audio Modes: Normal, Restaurant, Music, Outdoor
  • Weight: 0.1 oz
  • Dimensions: 1.2 x 0.5 x 0.3 inches
  • Noise Reduction: 4 directional microphones
  • Volume Control: Button adjustable (11 levels)
  • Warranty: Unknown

In the Box

  • PHA16 hearing aids
  • USB charging cable
  • 6x interchangeable eartips
  • Cleaning tool
  • User manual

How to Use

  1. Choose eartips that fit comfortably and attach to hearing aids.
  2. Turn devices on by pressing and holding bottom button until beep.
  3. Cycle through audio modes with top button til needed scenario is activated.
  4. Adjust volume to suitable level via top buttons (up to 11 levels).
  5. Clean eartips regularly for optimal sound and hygiene.
  6. Fully charge hearing aids and case as needed.