POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds - Immersive Sound and Smart Touch Control

Published on May 17, 2023, 10:38 a.m.

Looking for wireless earbuds to soundtrack your active lifestyle? The POMUIC S15 Earbuds deliver robust features like noise cancellation, waterproofing, and all-day battery life to keep you immersed in tunes wherever life takes you.


With Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, active noise cancellation, IPX7 waterproofing, and up to 25 hours of battery life, the POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds are ready for any adventure. Their ergonomic design and capacitive touch controls make them easy and comfortable to wear. Let’s dive into the details of these feature-packed wireless earbuds.
 POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds

Key Features

  • Bluetooth 5.3 provides stable wireless connection
  • Active noise cancellation blocks ambient sounds
  • IPX7 waterproof rating makes earbuds sweat and rain resistant
  • Touch controls for music, calls, volume etc.
  • Up to 25 hours total battery life with charging case
  • USB-C fast charging gives 1 hour playtime in 10 mins
  • Ergonomic and lightweight in-ear design for comfort

Features and Design

Clad in glossy white plastic, the POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds boast a slender and lightweight build optimized for comfort. Their ergonomic shape nestles securely into the contours of your ear, while weighing just 4 grams each to all but vanish during wear. Capacitive touchpoints along the surface lend seamless control over playback, calls and volume.

Ease of Use

Connecting to your device is a breeze with swift Bluetooth 5.3 pairing. The earbuds turn on automatically when removed from the charging case, and conveniently connect to your phone right away. No fiddling with buttons required. The responsive touch controls offer effortless command over your tunes.
 POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds

Sound Quality

Outfitted with 13mm dynamic drivers, the POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds deliver bold and balanced sound with pulsating bass. Music comes through in vivid detail, while built-in noise cancelling mutes distracting ambient noise. You’ll feel fully immersed in your audio.

Microphones and Noise Cancellation

Thanks to dual microphones in each bud, Environmental Noise Cancellation actively suppresses surrounding sounds for clearer call audio. Both sides of the conversation will come through loud and clear.

Battery and Charging

The POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds can rock out for up to 7 hours on a single charge, and the pocket-sized charging case provides an extra 18 hours of power for 25 hours of total playtime. Whenever you need a quick boost, 10 minutes of USB-C rapid charging gives you a whole hour of listening time.

Connectivity and Controls

Bluetooth 5.3 enables quick and stable pairing with your devices. Intuitive touch controls built into each earbud allow you to seamlessly play or pause tracks, adjust volume, take calls, activate your phone’s voice assistant and more.

Build Quality

Encased in smooth plastic, the durable earbuds can withstand splashes and submersion thanks to their IPX7 waterproof rating. Their sweat-proof design ensures they’ll stay standing through even your most intense workouts.


The lightweight POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds have been ergonomically contoured to sit snugly and comfortably in your ears. You can wear them for hours without fatigue. Multiple sizes of eartips are included for a personalized fit.

 POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds

Use Cases

The POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds are ideal for active lifestyles and on-the-go use. Their sports-friendly design makes them great for workouts like running, cycling and hiking. The waterproofing also allows you to use them while swimming or in the rain. Noise cancellation helps block distractions, so they are useful in busy environments like the gym or while commuting. Their long battery life and quick charging make them suitable for travel and long days out. Overall, the POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds are versatile for exercise, travel, and everyday use.

User Feedback Analysis

Overall, customer reviews indicate the POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds provide excellent value and performance, especially considering their budget-friendly price point.

The majority of users praise the sound quality, noting deep, punchy bass and clear mids and highs. Many describe the audio as immersive and motivating during workouts. Noise cancellation effectiveness receives positive feedback too, with users reporting ambient sounds are significantly reduced.

Comfort and fit seems to depend on individual ear anatomy. Some find the angled design secures the earbuds firmly in place during activity and exercise. However, those with smaller ears complain of fit issues and say the earbuds tend to slip out easily. Using different sized eartips can help achieve a more tailored fit.

Battery life impresses reviewers, with most agreeing it meets or exceeds the advertised 5-7 hours per charge. The fast charging case is convenient for topping up during the day. Connectivity is rated as good, with only a few isolated reports of occasional dropouts.

The IPX7 water and sweat resistance performs as expected during intense workouts and in wet weather, according to customers. The touch controls are regarded as responsive and intuitive by many.

Phone call quality earns more mixed feedback. Some find call audio clear, while others feel their voice sounds muffled on the other end. This seems to depend on environmental factors.

A common complaint is the fit being less secure than Apple AirPods. However, considering the significant price difference, most agree the POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds provide impressive quality for the low cost. They are praised as a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive brands.

Overall, customers find the earbuds comfortable, good-sounding and durable enough for sports and active lifestyles. For those seeking robust features without breaking the bank, the POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds model earns an enthusiastic thumbs up.


  • Great sound with punchy bass
  • Effective active noise cancellation
  • IPX7 waterproof and sweat-resistant
  • Capacitive touch controls are convenient
  • Up to 25 hours battery life per charge
  • USB-C fast charging supports quick top-ups


  • Fit may not be ideal for smaller ears
  • Call quality is adequate but not exceptional
  • Rare Bluetooth connection issues per some reviews


With robust audio performance, noise cancellation, waterproofing, and long battery life, the POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds pack impressive features for the affordable price point. The combination of sound quality, functionality and durability provides excellent value for money.

 POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds


For wireless earbuds that can keep pace with your life, the POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds are a compelling choice. With robust sound, waterproofing, and battery life, they allow you to escape into your own world anywhere, anytime.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Driver: 13mm dynamic driver
  • Noise control: Active noise cancellation
  • Water resistance: IPX7 waterproof
  • Battery life: Up to 7 hrs (earbuds), up to 25 hrs (with charging case)
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Weight: 4g each earbud
  • Microphones: Dual microphones per earbud
  • Touch controls: Capacitive touchpad on each earbud
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Ear tips: Unknown
  • Frequency response: Unknown
  • Impedance: Unknown
  • Wireless range: Unknown

What’s in the Box

The POMUIC S15 Wireless Earbuds include:

  • 2x Earbuds (left and right)
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1x USB-C Charging Case
  • 1x User Manual
  • 3x Extra pairs of ear tips (sizes may vary)

How to Use

To use the POMUIC S15 earbuds:

  1. Charge the earbuds in the case for 1-2 hours before first use.
  2. Open the charging case lid. The earbuds will power on automatically.
  3. On your phone, go to Bluetooth settings to pair the earbuds.
  4. Insert the earbuds into your ears with the right and left marked sides. Twist gently to get a secure fit.
  5. Use the touch controls on each earbud to control music playback, volume, calls, etc.
  6. Place back in charging case when not in use to power off and recharge.

Refer to the user manual for full instructions and troubleshooting tips.