EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds - Premium Noise Cancelling Earbuds That Won't Break the Bank

Published on May 27, 2023, 2:51 p.m.

In the world of wireless earbuds, active noise cancellation (ANC) used to be a premium feature reserved for high-end models. But the new EarFun Air Pro 2 aims to bring effective noise cancelling to the masses at a wallet-friendly price.

Packing the latest tech like Bluetooth 5.2 and large 10mm dynamic drivers, these newcomers from EarFun are ready to shake up the mid-range ANC earbuds market. Let’s take a closer look in this review.
 EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds


The EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds sticks to a simple and understated design in classic black. The earbuds have an IPX5 water resistant rating, making them suitable for workouts.

Touch controls on each earbud allow you to control music and calls without reaching for your phone. They also feature wear detection sensors that auto-pause audio when you remove an earbud.

Inside each earbud is a large 10mm titanium-coated dynamic driver that delivers immersive sound with punchy bass and excellent clarity. Bluetooth 5.2 provides a stable wireless connection with extended range.


  • Effective hybrid noise cancellation
  • Immersive sound with deep bass
  • Up to 34 hours battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity
  • Customizable EQ
  • IPX5 water resistance

 EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds


The EarFun Air Pro 2 earbuds feature an understated design with a matte black finish. The oval-shaped earbuds are compact and lightweight for all-day wearing comfort. Subtle EarFun branding is etched on each earbud stem. The matching charging case has a textured finish for easy grip.
 EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds

Ease of Use:

Setup is quick and simple with instant Bluetooth pairing. The responsive touch controls offer convenient command of music, calls, volume and voice assistants. The EarFun app makes it easy to customize settings like EQ presets and touch controls.

Build Quality:

The EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds have an IPX5 water and sweat resistance rating, making them suitable for workouts and outdoor use. The sturdy plastic construction feels durable, though the hinge design may be vulnerable if dropped. Overall, they should withstand regular daily use.
 EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds

Sound Quality:

The large 10mm titanium drivers deliver well-balanced sound with crisp treble, clear mids and deep, punchy bass. Acoustic music shines with excellent instrument separation. Lower frequencies have great presence without distorting at high volumes.
 EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds

Microphone Quality:

Noise reduction during calls is very effective, ensuring your voice sounds clear to recipients. The 3-mic system minimizes ambient noise even in busy environments. Voices sound natural without artifacts or robotic effects.

Noise Cancellation:

ANC performance blocks out constant low rumbles extremely well. Higher pitched sounds like voices are reduced but still faintly audible. Wind noise when outdoors is also minimized effectively. Overall very impressive for the price.
 EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds

Battery Life:

The EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds can operate for up to 7 hours per charge, with an extra 27 hours from the charging case. That’s sufficient for all-day use between charges. The fast charging function also helps top up quickly before heading out.
 EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds


Bluetooth 5.2 provides a stable, reliable wireless connection. Range is excellent, covering entire homes without dropouts. Multipoint pairing allows simultaneous connections to two devices. No major connectivity issues are reported under normal use.


The touch controls are responsive and intuitive to use. Customization via the app also allows you to tweak the controls to your preferences. The wear sensors auto-pause when you remove an earbud.


The oval earbud shape fits securely in most ears, but some users report issues achieving a tight seal resulting in an unstable fit. Finding the right eartip size is key for both comfort and optimal sound.
 EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds

Water Resistance:

The IPX5 rating makes the EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds suitable for exercise and outdoor use. They can easily handle sweat, light rain and splashes. But avoid submerging them fully in water.

 EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds

Use Cases:

The EarFun Air Pro 2 earbuds are a great choice for people who want to enjoy their music and calls without distractions. The excellent noise cancelling performance helps tune out the world, whether you’re commuting on the subway or flying across the country.

Frequent travelers will appreciate the ability to immerse themselves in music or movies throughout long journeys. The long battery life also means you can keep listening between charging stops.

For workouts, the EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds allow you to focus on your training, not the loud gym. The IPX5 water resistance ensures sweat won’t faze them at all. You can even customize the sound with boosted bass to energize your sessions.

User Feedback:

With thousands of ratings across retail sites, the EarFun Air Pro 2 earbuds have built up a significant user base. Analyzing this wealth of buyer feedback provides great insight into the real-world performance and quirks of these wireless ANC earbuds.

The overwhelmingly positive reviews praise the EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds’s balanced sound signature with impactful bass that makes music really come alive. Many users mention hearing details in songs they never noticed before. According to reviewers, the immersive audio performance beats earbuds double the price.

Noise cancelling earns widespread acclaim for its remarkable effectiveness in blocking out ambient noise like car engines, AC units and airplane drones. This allows listeners to enjoy their tunes without distractions even in loud environments. For the budget price point, the ANC quality is deemed top-notch.

Battery life exceeds expectations for many users, easily powering the earbuds through longhaul flights or full workdays without recharging. The quick charging function also wins praise for topping up battery in just 10 minutes. The wireless and USB-C charging options offer flexibility on the go.

In terms of comfort and fit, reviews are more mixed. Some users have no issues getting a secure seal and comfortably wearing the EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds for hours. But others report struggling to achieve a tight in-ear fit, resulting in looseness during activity and decreased noise isolation. Finding the right sized eartips is critical.

Connection stability and wireless range earn positive marks, with few issues noted as long as the paired device is within range. The Bluetooth 5.2 works great for wandering around the house untethered. But dropouts can occur if leaving the source device in another room.

For call quality, reviewers confirm the 3-mic system works very well to reduce background noise so voices sound clearer on both ends of calls. Even loud environments are no match for the noise reduction algorithms.

In summary, real-world testing by hundreds of buyers validates the EarFun Air Pro 2 earbuds deliver impressive performance given their affordable price tag. Overall, users agree these feature-packed earbuds are an unbeatable value purchase.


  • Effective active noise cancellation
  • Balanced, immersive sound quality
  • Long battery life with quick charging
  • Customizable sound via app
  • Reliable wireless connectivity
  • Sweat and water resistant rating


  • Eartip fit may be insecure for some
  • Noise cancelling less effective on voices
  • Occasional connection drops reported


With premium features like adjustable ANC, customizable sound, and long battery life, the EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds punches well above its mid-range price point. These earbuds outperform many models costing twice as much, making them an excellent value purchase.


With their combination of strong ANC performance and audiophile-worthy sound, the EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds are easy to recommend. They deliver features typically seen on premium models at a mid-range price point. Minor comfort issues aside, these represent one of the best value noise-cancelling earbuds you can buy.


  • Drivers: 10mm titanium dynamic drivers
  • Noise Cancelling: Hybrid ANC, up to 40dB reduction
  • Codecs: SBC, AAC
  • Bluetooth: v5.2
  • Battery Life: up to 7 hours (earbuds), 34 hours (with case)
  • Water Resistance: IPX5
  • Eartips: 4 sizes (S/M/L/XL)
  • Charging: USB-C, wireless charging

What’s in the Box:

  • EarFun Air Pro 2 earbuds
  • Charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 4 pairs silicone eartips (S/M/L/XL)
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty card

How to Use:

  1. Charge the earbuds and case fully before first use
  2. Insert earbuds and select eartips that fit your ears securely
  3. Activate Bluetooth on your device to pair the earbuds
  4. Use touch controls to play/pause music, answer calls, etc.
  5. Download EarFun app to customize EQ, controls, etc.
  6. Engage noise cancellation and ambient modes as needed
  7. Check charging case LEDs for battery level status
  8. Clean earbuds and case regularly to maintain performance
EarFun Air Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds