lecover MD016 Wireless Earbuds - A Feature-Packed Bluetooth Earbud for Active Lifestyles

Published on May 26, 2023, 2:54 p.m.

Looking for a pair of versatile Bluetooth earbuds packed with features? Enter the lecover MD016. These bad boys check all the boxes, from stable Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity to sweatproof IPX7 waterproofing to an astounding 40 hours of battery life. Keep reading to see why the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds should be your go-to earbuds for workouts, commutes, and everything in between.


The lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds boast features rarely seen at this price point. Highlights include:

  • Bluetooth 5.3 for fast, stable connectivity
  • 4-mic noise cancelling for crystal clear calls
  • IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof design
  • Smart touch controls for easy music and call management
  • 40 hours total playtime (6-7 hours per charge + charging case)
  • USB-C fast charging

With specs like these, the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds punch way above their weight class.

Features - Packed with the Latest Tech

Bluetooth 5.3 and Noise Cancelling Mics

With Bluetooth 5.3, the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds deliver rock solid connectivity and lower power consumption. Four built-in ENC mics actively reduce ambient noise for crisp call clarity. No more “can you repeat that?” moments!

IPX7 Waterproofing

Thanks to nano-coating, the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds can withstand heavy sweat, rain, and even accidental submersion in water. Feel free to push your workouts to the max without worrying about water damage.

Smart Touch Controls

Onboard touch sensors allow you to control music, calls, volume, and voice assistants without touching your phone. Change tracks and take calls on the fly with just a few taps.

Design - Contoured for Comfort

Crafted for active lifestyles, the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds boast an ergonomic contoured design that naturally fits the shape of the ear. The angled half in-ear style rests securely without aching or falling out, even during intense workouts. At just 3 grams per bud, you’ll barely notice them while worn.

Ease of Use - Seamlessly Simple

Connecting and controlling the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds couldn’t be simpler. They turn on and pair automatically right out of the case, then reconnect to your device with just a tap. Smart touch sensors allow you to manage music, calls, volume and voice assistants without touching your phone. Even tech novices will find them intuitive.

Sound Quality - Bold Bass-Driven Sound

Dual composite drivers in each bud deliver immersive stereo sound with punchy bass and crisp mids and highs. The lively bass-forward signature makes the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds ideal for pop, hip-hop, EDM and workout playlists. They may lack refinement for classical or jazz, but their energetic sound shines with high-tempo genres.

Microphone - Crystal Clear Calls

Thanks to 4 built-in ENC microphones, your voice comes through loud and clear on calls even in noisy environments. The MEMS mics work together to filter out ambient noise for natural noise-free conversations. Friends will think you’re in a quiet room.

Noise Cancellation - Focus on What Matters

Those same 4 mics actively block external noise, allowing you to immerse in your music or calls. No need to blast the volume to drown out chatter around you. The lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds give you peace and quiet wherever you go.

Battery Life - Go the Distance

With up to 6-7 hours per charge and 40 extra hours from the pocket-sized charging case, you can easily get through a full week between charges. The 500mAh buds and 2200mAh case keep you powered up for the long haul.

Charging - Always at the Ready

The USB-C port provides speedy charging, taking just 60-90 minutes to fully recharge the earbuds and case. And with such tremendous battery reserves, you’ll rarely be caught off guard by a low battery.

Connectivity - Next Level Bluetooth

Bluetooth 5.3 means wider range, faster pairing, increased bandwidth and rock-solid stability. Enjoy skip-free streaming and clear calls up to 15 meters from your device. Latency is also reduced, so audio perfectly syncs with video.

Controls - Smartly Intuitive

Instead of complicated button combos, the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds use intelligently designed touch sensors. Tap once to play/pause, double tap to skip tracks, swipe to adjust volume - controlling your tunes is as easy as using your phone screen.

Build Quality - Sweat and Water Resistant

Thanks to a durable IPX7 rating, the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds can endure getting drenched in a rainstorm or soaked with sweat. The waterproof nano-coating gives you confidence to wear them wherever your activities take you.

Comfort - Lightweight and Secure

Weighing just 3 grams apiece, the angled earbuds feel weightless and comfortable for hours on end. The half in-ear style seals in sound while avoiding ear fatigue. Once situated, they stay put through even the most intense training sessions.

Use Cases:

The lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds are ideal for active lifestyles. Their sports-ready design makes them perfect for workouts like running, yoga, hiking, cycling, and hitting the gym. The IPX7 waterproof rating means you can break a sweat without worries. With 40 hours of battery life, you can power through long runs and workdays without charging. The lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds also work great for everyday use like commuting, video calls, and listening to music or podcasts.

User Feedback Analysis:

Reviews for the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds are overwhelmingly positive, with users praising their impressive performance and thoughtful design. These Bluetooth earbuds seem to have struck a chord with buyers looking for robust features at a reasonable price.

The lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds receive consistently high marks for their sound quality and lengthy battery life. Many describe the audio as surprisingly balanced, with emphasized bass and plenty of volume - ideal for lively playlists to power through workouts. The massive 40 hours of total playtime earns widespread acclaim, allowing you to go days without charging.

Comfort and fit are two more lauded highlights. Users love the lightweight contoured design that stays secure during even vigorous exercise. The angled half in-ear style provides isolation without fatiguing your ears. Those with small ears say the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds offer a personalized fit.

Noise cancellation quality also draws positive feedback. According to buyers, ambient sound is significantly reduced, allowing you to remain focused on music and calls without cranking the volume to extreme levels. Bluetooth connectivity proves stable and fast-pairing.

One minor gripe some have is a lack of app support for EQ adjustment. However, most feel the punchy sound profile appeals right out of the box. A few users report occasional connection drops, but this appears to be rare.

In summary, feedback indicates the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds deliver on their promised features, with noise cancelling, waterproofing and marathon battery life shining through as highlights. For the affordable price, these earbuds impress across the board for both casual listening and fitness.


  • Extremely long battery life
  • Great noise cancelling for calls
  • Sweatproof/waterproof rating
  • Very comfortable and secure fit
  • Easy to use touch controls
  • Great value for the price


  • Sound quality could use a bit more bass
  • Occasional reports of technical issues


For the price, you’d be hard pressed to find earbuds that match the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds’s impressive features and performance. Their excellent noise cancelling, IPX7 rating, marathon battery life, and Bluetooth 5.3 make them a steal at this price point. The lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds deliver premium features without the premium price tag.

Verdict - All the Right Features for the Price

With advanced Bluetooth technology, active noise cancelling, an IPX7 rating, and marathon battery life, the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds tick all the boxes. If you’re seeking feature-packed earbuds that can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle, look no further than the lecover MD016 true wireless earbuds.


  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Battery life: Up to 6-7 hours (earbuds), 40 hours total (with charging case)
  • Noise cancellation: 4 ENC microphones
  • Waterproof rating: IPX7
  • Charging port: USB-C
  • Onboard controls: Smart touch controls
  • Weight: 3g per earbud
  • Other features: Fast pairing, wireless charging case

What’s in the Box:

  • 2 x lecover MD016 earbuds (left and right)
  • 1 x Charging case
  • 1 x USB-C charging cable

How to Use:

  • Open the charging case and remove the earbuds to automatically pair them
  • Tap and hold either earbud to power on/off
  • Tap either earbud once to play/pause music
  • Double tap to skip forward or go back a track
  • Swipe up/down on the earbuds to control the volume
  • Answer calls with a single tap or reject by long pressing
  • Place the earbuds back in the charging case to turn them off and recharge
lecover MD016 Wireless Earbuds