Eranova Bluetooth Earbuds: Comfortable Fit and Punchy Sound

Published on June 10, 2023, 6:54 p.m.

With Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, the Eranova Wireless Earphones deliver cable-free listening and seamless device pairing. The latest Bluetooth protocol ensures rock-solid connection stability for skip-free music streaming.

Advanced 13mm dynamic drivers pump out booming bass, radiant mids, and sparkling highs. Each driver is powered by a dedicated amplifier to reproduce your music with full-bodied fidelity and an expansive soundstage.

The 4-microphone system utilizes noise cancelling technology to home in on your voice and filter out ambient sound for richer voice call quality. This quad mic array ensures your calls come through loud and clear.
 Eranova Wireless Earphones


Adhering to an aesthetic of understated elegance, the Eranova Wireless Earphones flaunt a polished black finish bedecked with glinting chrome accents. Their smooth pebble-like shape fits snugly within the contours of your ears. A selection of silicone eartips in multiple sizes help achieve a personalized secure fit.

Ease of Use

Bluetooth 5.1 enables quick and seamless pairing. Just open the lid of the charging case and the earbuds will power on and connect to your device in seconds. Intuitive touch controls built into each earbud allow convenient command of music, calls, and voice assistants.
 Eranova Wireless Earphones

Audio Quality

Outfitted with high-performance 13mm neodymium drivers, the Eranova Wireless Earphones pump out booming bass, vivid mids, and crisp treble for an energetic listening experience. The drivers excel at reproducing punchy beats and handling complex tracks without distortion.
 Eranova Wireless Earphones

Microphone Quality

Featuring 4 built-in microphones and noise cancelling technology, the Eranova Wireless Earphones isolate your voice from ambient noise for crystal clear call clarity. Advanced ENC filters out wind, traffic, and crowd noise so calls come through loud and pure.
 Eranova Wireless Earphones

Battery & Charging

The Eranova Wireless Earphones provide 6 hours playback per charge, with the sleek charging case providing an extra 4 charges for 30 hours total. The case’s USB-C port enables swift 2 hour recharging. LEDs on the case indicate charging status at a glance.


The Eranova Wireless Earphones leverage the latest Bluetooth 5.1 for hyper-efficient power consumption and unbreakable connection strength up to 10 meters away from your device. Swift pairing gets you listening in seconds.


Each earbud houses touch controls to handle playback, calls, volume and voice assistants. Customize controls via our companion app. Touch sensors give a satisfying tactile feedback.

Build Quality

The Eranova Wireless Earphones boast an IPX6 waterproof shell rendered in smudge-proof matte plastic. Chrome accents and subtly etched logos project understated style. The rounded edges provide an ergonomic shape for all-day comfort.


Ultra-lightweight at just 4g per bud, the Eranovas are designed for fatigue-free all-day wear. Angled nozzles and gel-tip inserts conform naturally to your ear canal’s form. You’ll barely notice them during extended listening sessions.

 Eranova Wireless Earphones

Use Cases

The Eranova Bluetooth Earbuds are perfect for:

  • Working out - With their IPX6 rating, sweatproof design, and secure fit, these earbuds are ideal for vigorous workouts, running, cycling, or hitting the gym.

  • Commuting - The excellent noise isolation helps block out the roar of bus and train engines, while the long battery life lasts your whole commute.

  • Working from home - On long conference calls, the 4-mic system ensures your voice comes through clearly.

  • Outdoor activities - The waterproof rating means you don’t have to worry if caught in the rain on a hike or bike ride.

User Feedback Analysis

With over 100 customer reviews averaged to a 3.8/5 star rating, Eranova Wireless Earphones receive mostly positive feedback, especially regarding their audio fidelity and noise cancellation. However, there are some consistent complaints around connectivity issues.

The predominant praise focuses on the dynamic sound quality, with many users impressed by the thumping bass and crisp treble produced by the 13mm drivers. For such an affordable pair, the lively musicality and stereo imaging match earbuds double the price.

Noise cancellation is another lauded feature, with customers reporting clear undistorted call quality even against loud backdrop noise like subway engines. The 4-mic array effectively locks in on voice while filtering out ambient noise.

In terms of design, customers find the earbuds lightweight and comfortable enough for all-day use. The angled nozzles and interchangeable eartips provide a customizable secure fit. Those with active lifestyles are pleased with the IPX6 water and sweat resistance.

The most common complaint centers around connectivity problems, specifically with the right earbud intermittently powering down or failing to charge fully. This indicates perhaps a quality control issue on some units. A few users also report subpar battery life compared to the advertised 6 hours.

While noise isolation is decent, some customers would prefer more passive noise cancelling for air travel use. The lack of app support or EQ adjustment is another minor gripe.

Overall, feedback is resoundingly positive for the value, with excellent audio and call quality being the key selling points. The connectivity concerns on some units do drag down the rating. But for the very wallet-friendly price, most agree Eranova punches far above its weight.


  • Great audio quality and bass response
  • Effective 4-mic noise cancellation
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Convenient touch controls
  • IPX6 waterproof and sweatproof
  • Good battery life up to 30 hours total
  • USB-C fast charging


  • Connectivity issues with right earbud
  • Noise isolation could be better
  • Lack of app support and EQ adjustment


For the very wallet-friendly price, you get a surprisingly premium set of features with the Eranova Wireless Earphones. The sound quality stands up well against earbuds double the cost. You enjoy deep punchy bass, crystal clear mids and highs, noise cancellation for immersive listening, waterproofing for active lifestyles, and long battery life. If you’re looking for great value without breaking the bank, these earbuds deliver impressive performance.


With excellent audio performance, great noise isolation, smart touch controls, and long battery life, the Eranova Bluetooth Earbuds punch well above their weight class. The ultra light and waterproof design also makes them ideal for active use. If you can look past some potential connectivity issues, these earbuds represent an outstanding value.


  • Brand: Eranova
  • Color: Black
  • Form Factor: In Ear
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Wireless Communication Technology: Bluetooth
  • Water Resistance Level: IPX6
  • Specific Uses For Product: Sports and Exercise
  • Control Type: Touch
  • Battery Life: 30 hours (6 hours from earbuds, 24 hours from charging case)
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hours for the case
  • Weight: 0.12 Oz (4g) per earbud
  • Additional Features: Microphone, Lightweight, Water-resistant, USB connectivity, Noise-Canceling

What’s In the Box

The Eranova Bluetooth Earbuds come packaged in a compact charging case. The box includes:

  • Eranova wireless earbuds (left and right)
  • Charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 3 sizes (S/M/L) of silicone ear tips
  • User manual