Avantree Opera Wireless TV Headphones: Immerse Yourself in Crystal Clear Audio

Published on Dec. 22, 2023, 4:58 p.m.

Do you enjoy losing yourself in a movie or TV series but find yourself constantly adjusting volumes to avoid disturbing others? Look no further than the Avantree Opera Wireless TV Headphones for an audio experience that fully immerses you without distraction.


The Avantree Opera headphones are specifically designed for TV watching, with a host of features that enhance dialogue, provide long-range wireless connectivity, and reduce ambient noise.


  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless
  • Clear Dialogue mode
  • 35 hour battery life
  • Easy TV connectivity

 Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones

Features - Packed with Cutting-Edge Capabilities

The Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones boast an extensive suite of state-of-the-art features to provide the ultimate TV audio experience. Active Noise Cancellation employs dual microphone technology to eliminate ambient sound for undistracted immersion. The proprietary Clear Dialogue mode fine-tunes the audio for crystal clear speech and vocals. With Bluetooth 5.0, the headphones deliver wireless connectivity up to an incredible 164 feet for room-to-room wandering.

Design - An Ergonomic Masterpiece

Avantree’s ingenious design team modeled the Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones for optimal comfort and functionality. The durable yet lightweight build includes plush memory foam earcups that envelop your ears in luxurious softness. The padded headband is easily adjustable for a personalized secure fit. Angled drivers inside the earcups provide an ergonomic in-ear position that feels naturally comfortable even after marathon viewing sessions.
 Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones

Killer Feature - Two Killer Features, Actually

The Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones don’t just have one killer feature - they have two! First, the whopping 35 hours of battery life means you can watch TV from sunrise to sunset without recharging. Second, the easy plug-and-play TV connectivity skips the annoying Bluetooth pairing process. Just connect the transmitter dock to your TV’s audio output, and enjoy effortless wireless audio.
 Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones

Ease of Use - Seamless Simplicity

Using the Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones is wonderfully straightforward. The intuitive onboard controls make volume adjustment, EQ switching, and muting a breeze. The transmitter automatically pairs with the headphones when powered on for instant wireless TV audio. With universal compatibility for optical, RCA, and AUX inputs, the Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones work seamlessly with every TV.

Audio Quality - A Feast for the Ears

With 40mm drivers and 96 dB sensitivity, the Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones deliver astonishingly dynamic sound with deep powerful bass and sparkling treble. The audio profile is highly balanced to bring out the best in both music and dialogue. Dual microphones even capture your voice for crystal clear call quality. Treat your ears to a truly cinematic audio experience!

Noise Cancellation - Silence is Golden

The active noise cancellation on the Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones is exceptionally effective at blocking out external distractions. The dual microphone system removes ambient noises across a wide range of frequencies. From the drone of appliances to the din of traffic, unwanted sounds simply fade away into peaceful silence. Focus solely on your entertainment without interruption.
 Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones

Battery Life & Charging - Never Run Out of Juice

The integrated rechargeable battery provides an incredible 35 hours of power. The convenient transmitter dock charges the headphones when not in use, so they’re always topped up and ready to go. The Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones keep the entertainment flowing all day and night long!
 Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones

Connectivity - Wireless Wonder

Bluetooth 5.0 gives the Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones stable connectivity up to 164 feet from the transmitter. This extensive wireless range allows you to stroll anywhere in your home while maintaining uninterrupted TV audio. The transmitter dock also has optical, RCA and AUX ports for direct wired connections to your TV.

Quality & Comfort - Premium Feel

From the plush leatherette earpads to the durable matte plastic components, every part of the Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones is expertly crafted from quality materials. The adjustable steel headband provides a personalized fit. At just 245g, the headphones are lightweight enough for comfortable extended wear.

Use Cases:

The Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones are designed for an immersive TV viewing experience. Their active noise cancellation allows you to get lost in the on-screen action without ambient distractions. They are especially great for late night TV sessions when you don’t want to disturb others.

User Feedback Analysis:

The Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones have been garnering rave reviews from enthralled users. The vast majority of customers are downright ecstatic with the headphones’ impeccable performance and comfortable fit. Here are some of the reoccurring themes in the glowing user reviews:

Sound Quality - Users can’t stop raving about the superb audio quality. They describe the sound as perfectly balanced, crystal clear, and incredibly immersive. Many say the Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones deliver the most pristine and dynamic sound they’ve ever experienced from a set of TV headphones.

Comfort - Customers are amazed at how comfortable the plush memory foam earcups and padded headband are. The headphones don’t feel heavy or squeeze too tight. Users report wearing them for many hours without fatigue or irritation.

Ease of Use - Reviewers love how easy it is to get set up and connected right out of the box. The hassle-free wireless operation and intuitive controls make the headphones a complete breeze to use daily.

Value - For all their performance and premium materials, users remark that the headphones are very reasonably priced. Many say the Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones surpass more expensive models from bigger brands.

Noise Cancellation - Customers say the noise cancelling abilities are top-notch and really heighten their TV immersion. The headphones effectively mute ambient sounds around the house.

Overall, customers overwhelmingly recommend the Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones for their superb comfort, sound quality, and ease of use. According to users, these headphones are an indispensable upgrade for any home entertainment setup.


  • Superb noise cancellation
  • Easy plug-and-play TV connectivity
  • Clear and balanced audio
  • Very comfortable for long wear


  • Headband may be slightly oversized for some


For their impressive sound quality and extensive feature set, the Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones provide excellent value. They outperform competitors at a more budget-friendly price point.


For TV enthusiasts seeking ultimate audio immersion, the Avantree Opera Wireless TV Headphones are a must-have upgrade. Their lush soundscapes and extensive features provide a cinematic experience right from your living room.


  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth 5.0, Wireless, Optical, RCA, 3.5mm AUX
  • Battery Life: 35 hours
  • Sensitivity: 96 dB
  • Transmitter Range: up to 50m
  • Weight: 245g
  • Special Features: Low latency, Bypass support, 2 EQ settings, Volume boost

Box Contains:

  • Avantree Opera Wireless Headphones
  • Transmitter / Charging Dock
  • Power Cable
  • Optical Audio Cable
  • Wired Microphone

How to Use:

  1. Plug the Avantree transmitter into your TV’s RCA or optical output.
  2. Connect the transmitter to a power source.
  3. Turn on the headphones and transmitter - they will automatically pair.
  4. Adjust your TV’s audio output settings to PCM/Stereo
  5. Put on the headphones and enjoy immersive TV audio!