Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones: Safe, Fun Listening for Kids

Published on May 9, 2023, 8:40 p.m.

Kids love music, but young ears need protection. The Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones allow kids to jam out, learn online, and have fun - all while protecting their hearing.


The Tribit Starlet 01 headphones feature 40mm drivers in a padded, foldable over-ear design. The sound quality is studio-grade, with extended bass and crisp highs. The soft earcups reduce ambient noise while limiting volume to child-safe 85dBA. With fun colors and a built-in mic, kids can dive into their favorite tunes.


  • Child-safe 85dBA volume limit
  • High fidelity sound with 40mm drivers
  • Soft padded earcups reduce noise
  • Fun colors like pink, blue, and green
  • Built-in mic for voice calls
  • Foldable, durable design

 Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones

Appearance and Design

Available in blue, green, and pink, the Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones makes a style statement. Plush leatherette earcups block noise and feel great. The adjustable headband ensures a perfect fit. When playtime is over, the headphones fold up for portability. Despite heavy use, the durable build stands up to kid-level mayhem.

Features and Functions

The 85dBA volume limit protects young ears according to CDC sound exposure guidelines. The large earcups reduce 4-6kHz frequency noise, allowing kids to focus. Buttons on the earcup control volume, playback, and phone calls. The in-line mic makes online learning a breeze. With a standard 3.5mm jack, these wired headphones work with any device.
 Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones

Ease of Use

These Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones simply plug into any 3.5mm audio jack, making them easy for kids to use independently. The in-line remote on the audio cable allows for convenient control of volume, music playback, and phone calls. The intuitive buttons make it simple even for young kids to operate.

Build Quality

The Tribit Starlet 01 headphones are designed with high quality, kid-proof materials. The headband is made of durable plastic that can flex and twist repeatedly without breaking. The leatherette earcups feel soft and luxurious. The materials are RoHS certified to be free of toxic substances. While very lightweight, the sturdy build quality ensures the headphones last through all the rough handling kids can dish out.
 Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones

Sound Quality

With 40mm neodymium drivers, these headphones deliver surprisingly immersive audio with emphasis on the lows and highs. Many users mention the expansive soundstage and impressive clarity for a kids headphone. The quality rivals more expensive models.

Microphone Quality

The in-line microphone allows kids to participate in calls and online classes. While functional, the mic sound quality is just average. Some users note the microphone could pick up a bit more nuance and volume. But it works sufficiently for voice calls and class discussions.

Noise Isolation

The plush earcups help block out ambient noise, allowing kids to focus on the audio coming through the headphones. They reduce noise in the important 4-6kHz range where hearing is most sensitive.

Battery Life

As a wired headphone, battery life is not applicable. The Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones does not require batteries or charging.


The Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones uses a wired 3.5mm audio jack, allowing broad compatibility with smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming devices, and any device with a headphone port. The classic analog connection provides stable, interference-free audio.


The built-in remote on the audio cable allows kids to easily control volume, play/pause music, and answer/end calls with just a few buttons. The intuitive controls are conveniently located on the cable.

Water Resistance

The Tribit Starlet 01 headphones do not have any special water resistance rating. The materials and construction seem durable enough for regular use, but these should be kept away from water.

 Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones

Usage Scenarios

Kids will love using the Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones for:

  • Online learning - the mic and noise reduction help kids focus in class
  • Gaming - blast sounds effects and music without disturbing others
  • Traveling - use on planes, trains, and long car rides to pass the time
  • Music and media - enjoy music, videos, and more with great audio

The volume limit makes them safe for all-day wear. The fun colors let kids add some style anywhere.

User Feedback

With over 1,900 consumer ratings on Amazon, the Tribit Starlet 01 headphones have accumulated tons of user feedback. The average rating stands at a stellar 4.6 out of 5 stars. By analyzing what customers have to say, we can gain valuable insights into the real-world performance of these kid-friendly cans.

The vast majority of reviews glow with praise. Parents find the soft padded earcups hug their kids’ heads comfortably, without pinching or irritating even after hours of wear. The volume limiting feature grants peace of mind, allowing kids to plug in without risking hearing damage. Adults trying the headphones are also impressed by the expansive, hi-fi sound quality that brings out details in music they never noticed before.

Kids themselves adore the eye-catching color options and cool style. For many, the “just right” fit and ability to immerse themselves in music or games makes the Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones their new favorite accessory. Several mention the top-notch sound rivals more expensive headsets they’ve tried.

Regarding drawbacks, a few parents note the microphone quality could be crisper for voice calls and online classes. But most agree it’s perfectly usable for kids’ needs. Some lament the lack of Bluetooth wireless connectivity. However, others appreciate the universal wired design that plugs into practically any device.

Considering the bargain price, reviewers overwhelmingly feel Tribit hits it out of the park with the Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones. Both kids and parents rave these are a sensational value that stand up remarkably well against competitors’ more expensive offerings. For shoppers seeking big sound, plush comfort, and hearing safety on a real-world budget, the Tribit Starlet 01 headphones tick all the boxes.

Pros and Cons


  • Child-safe 85dBA volume limit
  • Rich, immersive sound quality
  • Padded earcups reduce ambient noise
  • Fun color options like pink, blue, and green
  • Built-in microphone for voice calls
  • Durable, foldable design


  • Microphone sound quality could be better
  • Wired connection limits mobility


With professional-grade sound and noise reduction in a child-safe package, the Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones provide exceptional value. Kids get premium features for less than half the price of competitor brands.


  • Child-safe 85dBA volume limit
  • Rich audio with tight bass
  • Noise reduction for fewer distractions
  • Built-in mic for voice calls
  • Durable, foldable design
  • Universal 3.5mm compatibility

The Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones offer a superb blend of audio quality, comfort, and hearing protection. Kids stay entertained while parents have peace of mind. For safe, durable, great-sounding headphones, the Tribit Starlet 01 is a smart choice.

 Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones

What’s in the Box

The Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones include:

  • 1 pair of Tribit Starlet 01 headphones
  • 1 audio cable with in-line microphone
  • 1 user manual

How to Use

Using the Tribit Starlet 01 headphones is simple:

  1. Select your preferred color - pink, blue, or green.
  2. Insert the 3.5mm plug into any compatible device like a phone, tablet, or laptop.
  3. Adjust the headband to comfortably fit your child’s head.
  4. Position the earcups over the ears for optimal noise reduction.
  5. Use the in-line remote to control volume, playback, and answer calls.
  6. Fold up the headphones when not in use for easy portability.


  • Brand: Tribit
  • Model: Starlet 01
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Pink
  • Driver: 40mm dynamic driver
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: unknown
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Weight: 4.9 oz
  • Cable: 3.5mm with in-line mic
Tribit Starlet 01 Kids Headphones