Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds – Decent Sound Quality at an Affordable Price

Published on June 26, 2023, 5:11 p.m.

The Koss KEB25iW Earbuds deliver surprisingly great sound for an affordable price. As a pioneer in headphones and earbuds since the 1960s, Koss is known for making quality audio equipment accessible. The Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds model lives up to that reputation.


The Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds is a wired in-ear earbud that provides excellent sound isolation and acoustic reproduction reminiscent of high-end headphones. It utilizes Koss’s classic in-ear design for a secure and comfortable fit.

Key Features

  • Wired connectivity
  • In-ear noise isolating design
  • Inline microphone for calls
  • Dynamic drivers for rich bass and crisp highs

 Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds


The Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds feature a minimalist design centering on simplicity and functionality. The all-white finish gives them a clean, understated look. The in-ear shape provides a secure fit for stability and noise isolation. The reinforced cable and strain reliefs add durability.

Ease of Use

With just a single button remote and standard 3.5mm plug, the Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds are very easy to operate. The inline controls let you easily pause music or answer calls without fumbling with your device. They connect seamlessly to any smartphone, laptop, or audio player with a headphone jack.

Build Quality

The Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds appear well-constructed for the price point. The reinforced cable and metal housings give confidence in their durability. Some users have reported cable noise and imbalance issues after prolonged use, but overall build quality is solid for budget earbuds.

Sound Quality

With dynamic drivers tuned for strong bass and detailed treble, the Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds deliver engrossing sound with expansive stereo imaging. The noise isolation enhances the listening experience. Vocals sound smooth and natural. The friendly sound signature works well across music genres.


The inline microphone provides clear audio for phone calls. Noise isolation helps minimize background noise so your voice comes through clearly to callers on the other end.

Noise Isolation

The in-ear designpassively blocks external noise. With a tight seal, the Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds effectively reduce ambient noise for undisturbed listening in noisy environments. Noise isolation enhances music detail and call clarity.

Battery Life

As wired earbuds without batteries, the Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds have unlimited playback time. You are only limited by the battery life of the connected device.


The Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds use a wired 3.5mm connector for broad compatibility with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and audio players with headphone jacks. No batteries or charging required.


A single button on the inline remote controls playback and call management. Press to play/pause music and answer/end calls. No volume control available.

Water Resistance

The Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds are not water resistant. Exposure to moisture can damage the drivers. Care should be taken to avoid getting them wet.

 Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds

Use Cases

The Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds are ideal for:

  • Listening to music on the go
  • Making calls with clear audio
  • Enhancing focus while studying or working
  • Providing immersive sound during workouts
  • Blocking out noise on flights or public transit

User Feedback Analysis

The Koss KEB25iW earbuds have received largely positive reviews, with most users praising their impressive sound quality given the affordable price point.

The expansive soundstage and dynamic bass seem to be highlights in the feedback. Many describe the Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds as producing full, robust low end with satisfying thump and rumble. The cleaner treble adds shimmer and detail to the lively sound signature. Some note thesparkling highs border on being overemphasized at times but give the overall sound a more dramatic flavor.

Midrange clarity and definition is rated as good, if slightly recessed due to the V-shaped tuning prioritizing bass and treble. Vocals are perceived as smooth and natural, if somewhat laid back in the mix compared to the more accentuated lows and highs.

Noise isolation and fit comfort draw more mixed opinions. When users achieve a tight seal, the snug in-ear fit provides effective noise blocking that enhances the listening experience. However, some find maintaining that tight seal uncomfortable during longer listening sessions, noting ear soreness over time. Trying multiple eartip sizes to get the right fit helps.

There are a few reports of channel imbalance, with the right earbud sounding noticeably louder than the left. A break-in period seems to resolve the issue for some users. Others lament finicky connectivity with the 3.5mm plug, requiring careful positioning to get clear sound, likely due to a loose connection.

Overall, if you value big, bold sound and bass presence in an affordable in-ear design, the enthusiasm of most reviewers indicates the Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds make a compelling choice. Just be prepared to experiment with fit and positioning to optimize comfort and connectivity. At their budget-friendly price, the minor comfort and connection quirks are forgivable trade-offs for the impressive audio the Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds deliver.

Pros and Cons

- Great sound quality for the price
- Effective noise isolation
- Secure and comfortable in-ear fit
- Built-in mic for calls

- Fit may be uncomfortable for some
- Uneven left/right balance reported
- Connectivity issues for some users


At around $30, the Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds provide tremendous value. Audiophiles will be impressed by sound rivaling earbuds costing twice as much. For shoppers wanting great audio without breaking the bank, the Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds should top their list.

 Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds


With excellent acoustic reproduction in a proven in-ear design, the affordable Koss KEB25iW earbuds are a smart choice for audio enthusiasts seeking high-end sound on a budget.


  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Frequency Response: Unknown
  • Impedance: Unknown
  • Sensitivity: Unknown
  • Mic: Yes
  • Remote: Single button

What’s in the Box

The KEB25iW earbuds include:

  • Earbuds with inline microphone and remote
  • Silicone and foam eartips (multiple sizes)
  • Carrying case

How to Use

  1. Choose the eartip size that fits most comfortably in your ears.
  2. Insert the earbuds and twist gently to get a snug fit.
  3. Connect the 3.5mm plug to your audio source.
  4. Use the inline remote button to play/pause music and answer calls.
  5. Adjust the fit as needed during use for optimal comfort and noise isolation.
Koss KEB25iW Wired Earbuds