Philips SHE8500 In-Ear Headphones: A Budget-Friendly Introductory Option

Published on June 8, 2023, 3:05 p.m.

For those looking to dip their toes into higher quality audio without breaking the bank, the Philips SHE8500 presents a compelling option. While not the most advanced or luxurious model on the market, these lightweight earbuds provide surprisingly decent sound and noise isolation given their affordable price point.


The Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones feature a no-frills design optimized for portability and everyday use. With an in-ear form factor and wired connectivity, they aim to deliver solid sound quality without extra bells and whistles. Philips promises quality components like neodymium drivers and noise isolation in a slim, lightweight package.

 Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones

Key Features

  • Passive noise isolation using a secure in-ear fit to block ambient sound
  • Asymmetrical cable design with longer right side to route behind the neck
  • Ergonomic angled shape for a comfortable fit in a wide range of ear shapes
  • Neodymium drivers for strong bass and sensitivity in a compact format
  • Available in fashionable matte black color

 Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones


The Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones have a simple low-profile black design well-suited for discreet wear. The glossy black plastic housing gives them an understated, minimalist look.

More importantly, the angled shape and swiveling ear tips are ergonomically designed for comfort. Finding a secure in-ear fit is crucial for both sound quality and comfort, and the Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones aim to accommodate a wide range of ear shapes and sizes.

Features and Functionality

A key selling point of the Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones is its passive noise isolation technology. By securely sealing in the ear canal, ambient noise is physically blocked out. This allows you to hear music clearly at lower volumes, avoiding ear damage from loud playback. Noise isolation also enhances bass response.

The earbuds also utilize neodymium magnets in their drivers. Neodymium enables stronger magnetic fields, increasing sensitivity and bass production for better overall sound within a compact package.

 Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones

Sound Performance

The Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones deliver balanced sound quality that belies their affordable price. Mids and highs come through clearly, with respectable detail in guitars, vocals and percussion. Bass has a noticeable boost lending a punchy, lively character. While serious audiophiles may want more refinement, the lively sound makes these great earbuds for pop, rock and hip-hop.


Comfort is a strong suit for the Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones. The angled housings and three sizes of included ear tips allow you to achieve a secure fit for long-term wear. Once positioned correctly, the lightweight earbuds practically disappear during use. The thin asymmetric cable also resists tangling and minimizes microphonics from cable noise.

Cable Build Quality

The cable is one area where the Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones does cut some corners. While functional, the rubberized cable feels stiff and prone to kinking over time. It also lacks any reinforcement, so tugging the cable risks damage. With care, the cable performs fine, but upgrades may be needed for rougher mobile use.

 Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones

Use Cases

With their portable design and vibrant sound, the Philips SHE8500 in-ear headphones are ideal for everyday listening on the go. The noise isolation allows you to immerse in rich music detail even in noisy environments like the commute to work or school. Their energetic sound makes them especially suitable for modern genres like pop, hip-hop, EDM and rock that thrive on deep pulsing bass. The comfortable fit also makes them great for prolonged listening sessions at home or at the office when you want to zone in without disturbances.

User Feedback Analysis

These Philips earbuds have received largely positive feedback, with many users praising their surprising sound quality given the affordable sub-$20 price point. Reviewers note deep punchy bass, clear mids and smooth treble performance that brings out the energy in modern pop, rock and hip-hop music. Noise isolation is also highly rated for blocking out ambient sounds. Comfort and fit receive mixed reactions, with proper tip selection being key. Users warn cable quality is just average, with plastic prone to kinking over time and wear. Overall for casual everyday use, users find the Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones to offer solid performance and enjoyable sound at a budget-friendly price.


  • Impressive sound quality for the low price
  • Punchy and lively sound with emphasis on bass
  • Excellent noise isolation from snug in-ear fit
  • Lightweight and comfortable for prolonged wear
  • Asymmetrical cable keeps cord out of the way
  • Available in stylish black color


  • Cable may be prone to kinking and damage over time
  • Lacks inline microphone/remote for smartphone use
  • Fit and comfort dependent on getting optimal ear tip seal
  • Bass and treble not adjustable

Value for Money

At well under $20, the Philips SHE8500 earbuds deliver outsized value matched by few competitors. Their lively sound with enhanced bass paired with very good noise isolation is rare to find at such an affordable price point. While their cable and fit could be more refined, the Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones still punch far above their price class in core sound performance. For shoppers seeking enhanced music enjoyment on a tight budget, the Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones are hands-down one of the best values available.

 Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones


For shoppers seeking their first significant audio upgrade without a large investment, the Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones make an excellent choice. While serious audiophiles will want more refinement, these lightweight earbuds deliver surprisingly big, bold sound in a discreet package. Backed by the excellent noise isolation and comfort, the Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones absolutely warrant an audition.

What’s In the Box

  • Philips SHE8500 in-ear headphones
  • 3 sizes (S/M/L) of replaceable rubber earbud tips


  • Driver: Neodymium magnet
  • Driver size: Unknown
  • Frequency response: Unknown
  • Impedance: Unknown
  • Sensitivity: Unknown
  • Cable length: 1.2m / 3.94 ft
  • Connection: 3.5mm wired

How to Use

  1. Select the ear tip size (S/M/L) that fits most comfortably and securely in your ear canal. Proper fit is key for both sound isolation and audio quality.

  2. Insert the angled earbuds into your ears so that the eartips seal your ear canal. The right earbud cable can be positioned to hang behind your neck.

  3. Connect the 3.5mm plug to your smartphone, stereo, computer or other audio source. Use the device’s volume controls to adjust loudness as desired.

  4. To store, wind the cable around the earbuds to avoid tangling. Use care when winding and storing the cable to avoid kinking.

Philips SHE8500 in-Ear Headphones