Motorola 2-S Wired Earbuds: A Budget-Friendly Blast of Clear Sound

Published on June 19, 2023, 11:11 a.m.

Tired of your wireless earbuds running out of juice when you just want to rock out? Looking for an affordable pair of ‘buds that won’t break the bank but still sound sweeter than Grandma’s famous apple pie? Then plug yourself into the Motorola 2-S Wired Earbuds - these bad boys will have you boppin’ down memory lane as you enjoy their surprisingly bangin’ sound.


The Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds keep it simple but effective with their no-frills wired design. Offered in classic black or crisp white colors, they connect via a standard 3.5mm plug and work with any device that accepts that jack. A tangle-resistant Y-cord leads up to the rubber-tipped in-ear buds that provide noise isolation and comfort for hours of wear. An in-line microphone and control button let you easily take calls or control your tunes on the go.

 Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds

Features - Simple Yet Powerful

While the Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds don’t have all the bells and whistles of some fancier models, they pack some solid features into their compact size:

  • Wired 3.5mm plug connects to any device with that port
  • Y-cord design resists tangling
  • Lightweight silicone-tipped buds block outside noise
  • Built-in microphone and control button for calls and music
  • 10mm drivers deliver surprising sound quality

So if you don’t need things like wireless connectivity, sweat resistance, or room-shaking bass, these streamlined buds have everything you need for outstanding audio on the go.

Design - Old School Cool

Let’s face it, wireless earbuds are cool and all, but constantly worrying about battery life is a real buzzkill. The Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds say “see ya!” to those worries with their old school wired style. The Y-cord is designed to resist tangles and allow free movement. The buds themselves are uber lightweight at just 1.13 ounces, with soft silicone tips that conform to your ear’s shape. This combination of featherlight fit and noise isolation makes these ‘buds comfy enough to wear all day long.

 Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds

Sound Quality - Punching Above Their Weight

The Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds utilize 10mm drivers to deliver well-balanced sound that’s crisp, clear, and fairly powerful for the price point. Many buyers praise the dynamic bass and lively treble reproduction that make music really pop. Voices come through naturally on phone calls thanks to the built-in mic. While the noise isolation isn’t on par with some premium options, it’s definitely solid for blocking out ambient sounds. Overall, the audio quality here exceeds expectations for such an affordable pair of wired earbuds.


The in-line microphone allows for hands-free calling. Callers report average voice quality - not amazing but usable.

Noise Isolation

The in-ear fit provides decent passive noise reduction to block out ambient sounds. More advanced active noise cancelling tech would further minimize external distractions.

Battery Life

Being wired earbuds, the Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds do not require batteries or charging. This makes them convenient to use anytime, anywhere.


The 3.5mm plug offers universal wired compatibility with smartphones, laptops, tablets, and any device with a headphone jack. No pairing or charging needed.


The single button inline remote allows for easy control of music (play, pause, skip tracks) and call management. Volume is adjusted on the connected device.


The lightweight build and silicone ear tips rest comfortably in the ears for long listening sessions. The angled nozzle design adds stability.

Water Resistance

Motorola does not specify any water resistance rating. The Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds are likely only splash proof and should be kept away from water.

Use Cases

The Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds are great for:

  • Listening to music on the go
  • Taking hands-free calls
  • Enjoying podcasts or audiobooks
  • Working out with motivational tunes
  • Playing mobile games with immersive sound
  • Traveling without worrying about charging

User Feedback Analysis

Reviews of the Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds show they strike a chord with budget-minded audiophiles. Let’s explore the key themes in-depth:

A Plug-and-Play Pleaser

For many customers, the simple wired connectivity is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly wireless world. The ability to just plug and play makes these ‘buds “super convenient” per one user. No more worrying about Bluetooth pairing or battery life.

Comfort That Goes and Goes

Multiple wearers praise the “featherlight” and “snug” in-ear fit that allows all-day listening without fatigue. The angled design adds stability while the silicone tips “conform perfectly” to ears of all sizes. Even side sleepers report no discomfort.

Surprisingly Good Sound

Nearly all are impressed by the powerful audio belied by the budget price. Many describe the bass as “thumping” or “pumping” with nice clarity across mids and highs. The 10mm drivers pack a pleasing sonic punch - a “bona fide wowza” for the price raves one reviewer.

Call Quality Could Be Crisper

While adequate for conversations, some users noticed the built-in microphone doesn’t deliver the clearest call quality. But for casual chatting, it gets the job done “well enough” per reviews.

Durability Worries

The biggest complaint focuses on durability, with some customers experiencing shredded cords or malfunctioning buttons after a few months of use. The thin cables likely won’t hold up to rough conditions over time.

Overall, pleasing performance outweighs minor flaws for most purchasers. As one sums up: “Darn good ‘buds that won’t break the bank!”


  • Great value and price
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy wired connectivity
  • Inline mic and controls
  • Powerful audio drivers


  • Cable may be prone to damage
  • Noise isolation could be better
  • Mic quality isn’t superb

Value - Music To Your Wallet’s Ears

Considering their sub-$20 price point, the Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds provide tremendous value. Their no-frills design omits some features found in pricier competitors, but delivers where it counts with strong comfort, build quality, and audio performance. For shoppers wanting simple, wired earbuds that sound amazing without blowing their budget, the Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds is a top choice.

So why wait? Plug into the Motorola 2-S Wired Earbuds and treat your ears to high quality sound on the cheap!


  • Connectivity: Wired 3.5mm
  • Driver Size: 10mm
  • Frequency Response: Unknown
  • Impedance: Unknown
  • Sensitivity: Unknown
  • Cord Length: Unknown
  • Weight: 1.13 oz

What’s in the Box

  • Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds
  • Silicone eartips (sizes may vary)
  • User manual

How to Use

  1. Insert earbuds into ears and adjust until comfortably seated
  2. Plug 3.5mm jack into audio source device
  3. Use inline mic button to control music and calls:
  4. Single press to play/pause music
  5. Double press to skip forward
  6. Triple press to go back
  7. Press and hold to activate voice assistant
  8. Adjust volume on connected device to desired level
  9. To store, wrap cord neatly around buds to prevent tangling
Motorola 2S Wired Earbuds