HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds: Battery Champs with Punchy Sound

Published on June 10, 2023, 5:54 p.m.

If you’re looking for wireless earbuds that can go the distance without breaking the bank, the HYIEAR TW-X08-WH should be on your radar. With up to 45 hours of total battery life, they last way longer than competitors like AirPods. And despite the budget-friendly price tag, these earbuds still deliver immersive sound and reliable connectivity. Let’s take a closer look at why the HYIEAR TW-X08-WH buds are battery champs with punchy sound.


The HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds check all the key boxes: long battery life, good sound quality, Bluetooth 5.3, and water resistance. At under $30, they provide tremendous value without skimping on features. The in-ear design ensures a secure and comfortable fit, while easy touch controls make it simple to manage music and calls on the go. If you want long-lasting wireless earbuds that won’t break the bank, the HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds is a top contender.

Key Features

  • 45+ hours battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Noise isolation
  • IPX5 water resistant
  • Touch controls
  • Lightweight and secure fit

 HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds

Design - Secure Fit for Active Lifestyles

The in-ear design of the HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Three sizes of soft eartips let you customize the fit for your ears. Weighing just 0.09 ounces each, the lightweight buds won’t weigh you down. Numerous reviewers commented on Amazon that the earbuds stay firmly in place even during vigorous workouts and runs. So whether you’re pumping iron at the gym or just hustling around town, you don’t have to worry about these buds falling out.

 HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds

Sound Quality - Immersive Listening Experience

Despite the affordable price point, the HYIEAR TW-X08-WH wireless earbuds deliver lively, immersive sound with deep bass response. The noise isolating design helps block out ambient noise, allowing you to focus on your music or podcasts without cranking up the volume. Many reviewers on Amazon praised the surround sound experience, saying the audio quality exceeded their expectations. While serious audiophiles may want something more premium, the HYIEAR buds still provide an engaging listening experience for everyday use.

Convenient Controls - Manage Your Sound with Ease

Thanks to the intuitive touch controls on each earbud, you can easily manage calls and audio playback right from the buds. Tap once to play/pause, double tap to skip tracks, and triple tap to adjust the volume. You can also hold down the touch panel to activate voice assistants like Siri. The convenient controls make it quick and easy to handle the basics without ever taking out your phone.

Reliable Connectivity - Latest Bluetooth 5.3

The HYIEAR TW-X08-WH wireless earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.3 technology for quick pairing and stable transmission. Once paired to your device, the earbuds connect automatically whenever you take them out of the charging case. Bluetooth 5.3 provides extended range and fewer dropouts compared to older versions of Bluetooth. Reviewers say the connectivity is quick and reliable, without frustrating lag or sync issues.
 HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds

Battery Life - Outlasts the Competition

With up to 45 hours of total playtime, the HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds simply outshine the competition when it comes to battery life. You get around 7.5 hours per charge, and the charging case provides an additional 5-6 full charges. An LED display on the case shows the exact battery percentage, so you always know how much juice is left. Whether you’re listening all day at work or tuning out on a long flight, you can rely on these battery champs to go the distance.


The in-ear design and three sizes of eartips allow you to customize the fit for your ears. Once positioned correctly, most users find the HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds very comfortable for extended wear. The angled housing helps them stay securely in place during activity and exercise. Those with very small or very large ear canals may have some fit issues though.

Water Resistant - IPX5 Rating

An IPX5 water resistance rating means the HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds can withstand splashes, sweat, and rain. You don’t have to worry about getting caught in a downpour or sweating it out at the gym. Just don’t wear them swimming, as the IPX5 rating does not cover submersion. Overall, the water resistance provides peace of mind that moisture won’t fry these buds.

 HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds

Use Cases

The HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds are great for:

  • Working from home - The noise isolation keeps you focused while taking calls and listening to music.

  • Working out - The lightweight buds stay secure during intense workouts. The IPX5 rating means you don’t have to worry about sweat damaging them.

  • Commuting - With up to 45 hours of playtime, you can tune out the world on your daily commute all week long without recharging.

  • Traveling - The compact charging case is easy to toss in your bag. The long battery life means you can leave the charger behind.

User Feedback Analysis

With over 5,000 customer reviews on Amazon and a 4.3 out of 5 star overall rating, the HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds have built up quite a following of enthusiastic users. Digging into the detailed reviews reveals plenty of praise along with some constructive criticism.

The most frequently highlighted pros focus on the marathon battery life, impressive sound quality, and comfortable fit. Reviewers are blown away by getting nearly 50 hours total playtime from a budget pair of wireless earbuds. They emphasize how liberating it is not to worry about constantly recharging. The immersive sound quality with lively treble and deep throbbing bass also takes many buyers by surprise. They don’t expect such an engaging listening experience at this price point. When it comes to fit, customers love how the angled bud design and customizable eartips create a tailored, stay-put fit. Even during intense exercise the buds remain firmly nestled in the ear canal.

In terms of downsides, the most common complaints relate to finicky charging cases, random Bluetooth dropouts, and subpar call quality. Some users report issues with the charging case not fully recharging the earbuds. Cleaning the charging contacts seems to resolve it, but it’s an annoyance. A handful of reviewers also run into intermittent Bluetooth connectivity problems, though the vast majority experience reliable connections. When it comes to call quality, the small microphones struggle in noisy environments, causing users’ voices to sound muffled on the other end. But taken together, most customers agree these minor grievances don’t outweigh the overall value.

For under $30 bucks, reviewers say you simply can’t expect perfection. But the fact that these affordable earbuds deliver elite battery life, punchy audio, and sport-ready comfort still makes them a win in their books. If you temper expectations about build quality and mic performance, the consensus is these earbuds deliver the essentials you need for hours of uncompromising listening. For the price, most users are more than satisfied with the experience the HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds provides.


  • Outstanding 45+ hour battery life
  • Great sound quality for the price
  • Reliable Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity
  • IPX5 water and sweat resistance
  • Lightweight and secure fit
  • Easy touch controls
  • Affordable price under $30


  • Volume could be louder
  • Some reports of charging case issues
  • Connectivity may drop randomly


For under $30, the HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds offer tremendous value. You get long battery life, good sound quality, Bluetooth 5.3, water resistance, and touch controls - basically everything you need in wireless earbuds - all for an affordable price. Compared to premium brands that cost $100+, these budget-friendly earbuds deliver great bang for your buck.


For under $30, the HYIEAR TW-X08-WH wireless earbuds deliver outstanding battery life, great sound, reliable connectivity, and water resistance. If you want affordable wireless earbuds that can keep up with your active lifestyle, look no further. The HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds will keep you powered up with immersive audio for days on end.

 HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds


  • Battery Life: Up to 45 hours (7.5 hours per charge, charging case provides 5-6 additional full charges)
  • Bluetooth: 5.3
  • Drivers: unknown
  • Noise Control: Noise Isolation
  • Water Resistance: IPX5
  • Charging Time: 1 hour
  • Weight: 0.09 ounces each earbud

What’s in the Box

  • Wireless earbuds (left and right)
  • Charging case
  • 3 sizes of ear tips (small, medium, large)
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual

How to Use

  1. Fully charge the earbuds and case before first use.
  2. Select the ear tip size that fits most comfortably in your ears.
  3. Take the earbuds out of the case - they will power on and connect to your paired device.
  4. Place in ears with the earbud tips inserted into the ear canal. Adjust until securely and comfortably in place.
  5. Use touch controls to play/pause music, answer calls, adjust volume, etc.
  6. Return earbuds to the charging case when not in use to power off and recharge.
HYIEAR TW-X08-WH Wireless Earbuds