EXFIT BCS-700 Retractable Earbuds: A Must-Have for Music and Calls

Published on June 7, 2023, 5:07 p.m.

Looking for a pair of no-fuss wireless earbuds? The EXFIT BCS-700 has you covered with its clever retractable design, impressive features, and great sound - all for an affordable price. Read on to see why these quickly became my daily drivers.


The EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone feature a lightweight neckband design with retractable earbuds that neatly tuck away when not in use. Despite the compact size, these pack a punch with impactful audio courtesy of the 8mm drivers. Battery life is an impressive 8 hours per charge, and useful bonuses like sweat resistance, auto call answering, and audio transparency mode make these a versatile pick for music listening and calls on the go.
 EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone

Key Features:

  • Retractable earbuds with neckband design
  • Flexible and lightweight construction
  • Sweat resistant for workouts
  • Powerful 8mm drivers
  • Auto call answering by pulling out earbud
  • Audio transparency mode lets in ambient sound


The bendable neckband is crafted from durable plastic with a smooth matte finish that resists scratches. Weighing just 1.6oz, the neckband is ultra lightweight for all-day wearing comfort. Earbuds securely nestle into the ears and block out external noise when desired. Retractable wires eliminate annoying cords flopping around. Everything stores neatly into the compact neckband.
 EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone

Killer Feature:

The auto call answer function is an absolute game changer. No more fumbling with buttons when a call comes in. Just pull out an earbud and the call is answered - it’s that easy. This smart innovation makes taking calls seamless.

Ease of Use:

Bluetooth pairing is a breeze with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Controls are intuitive with volume and play/pause buttons within easy reach on the neckband. Switching between the thoughtfully engineered EQ modes only takes a couple button presses. Overall, the EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone are designed for effortless operation right out of the box.
 EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone

Audio Quality:

Outfitted with 8mm drivers, these earbuds pack a sonic punch. The Normal mode has well-balanced sound across treble and bass. Bass boost adds thumping low-end power perfect for hip-hop and EDM. Treble boost highlights vocals and lead instruments. No matter your audio tastes, the EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone deliver awesome tuneage.

Battery & Connectivity:

You get up to 8 hours of playtime from a 2 hour charge via the included USB-C cable. The neckband uses Bluetooth 5.0 for smooth wireless connection with your devices. The range reaches up to 30 feet without dropouts or interference.

Materials & Comfort:

The durable plastic neckband is designed for a no-slip fit. It flexes to accommodate movement without pinching or chafing the skin. The earbuds have silky smooth silicone tips that nestle comfortably into the ear canals. You barely notice them during long listening sessions.

Sweat & Water Resistance:

With an IPX4 rating, the EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone can easily handle splashes, sweat, and rain. You don’t have to worry about damaging the electronics during intense workouts or runs in the rain. Just remember not to submerge them fully in water.

 EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone

Use Cases:

The EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone are ideal for people with active lifestyles. The sweat resistant design makes them perfect workout companions, whether you’re crushing it at the gym, jogging outside, or doing yoga. The earbuds stay secure and the neckband remains comfortably in place. The retractable earbud wires also eliminate cord tangling during exercise.

Beyond fitness, these wireless earbuds are great for taking calls on the go thanks to the clever auto call answering function. The audio transparency mode allows you to maintain awareness of your surroundings, making the EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone suitable for workplace use or wearing while commuting.

User Feedback Analysis:

With over 600 customer reviews on Amazon, the EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone have amassed plenty of user feedback. The majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with 75% of customers awarding 5 or 4 stars. Those who tested the EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone had great things to say about the comfort, sound quality, and useful features.


Many users raved about the lightweight neckband and earbuds, describing them as “so comfortable” and “easy to wear all day long”. Customers were pleasantly surprised at how the flexible neckband stays put during activity. The earbuds maintain a secure fit without any pinch or irritation. For long term comfort, the EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone are winners.

Sound Quality

Reviews praise the EXFIT earbuds for producing full, high quality audio. The 8mm drivers deliver impactful sound with thumping bass and crisp treble. Users note the volume gets loud enough for immersive listening. The EQ modes allow customization of the sound signature to each person’s preference. According to customers, the EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone punches above its weight class sonically.


The auto call answer function proved to be a crowd favorite feature. Users loved how simply pulling out an earbud answers incoming calls, allowing them to seamlessly take calls on the go. Customers also highlighted the usefulness of audio transparency mode which pipes in ambient sound. For maximum versatility, the EXFIT earbuds check all the boxes.

Battery Life

With up to 8 hours of playtime per charge, customers were impressed with the battery stamina. The quick 2 hour recharge time also earned positive remarks. Users appreciate being able to use the earbuds all day without worrying about the battery dying.


Given the IPX4 water and sweat resistance, it’s no surprise that the EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone hold up well during intense exercise according to reviews. Owners use them for running, workouts, and yoga without electrical issues. The neckband and earbuds are built to last through frequent use.


At under $30, customers felt like the EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone are an unbelievable value. For the features, comfort, and sound quality, most reviewers expected to pay much more. The consensus is that these budget-friendly earbuds punch well above their weight.


  • Lightweight and secure fit
  • Good battery life
  • Auto call answering function
  • Audio transparency mode
  • Sweat resistant
  • Powerful sound with EQ modes
  • Great value


  • Bluetooth can be spotty
  • Bass could be tighter


For under $30 you get retractable, sweat-resistant earbuds with great features like auto call answering and audio transparency mode. The 8 hour battery life is longer than many pricier models. Given the useful design and sound quality, the EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone are a steal at this price point.
 EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone

Summary - Feature-Packed Value

For those seeking retractable wireless earbuds, the EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone are easily one of the best in terms of design, features, sound quality and value. If you want the convenience of wire-free audio with useful bonuses like auto call answering and audio transparency - all without breaking the bank - don’t hesitate to grab this pair!


  • Battery Life: 8 hours
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Bluetooth Version: unknown
  • Wireless Range: unknown
  • IPX Water Resistance Rating: IPX4
  • Driver Size: 8mm

What’s in the Box:

  • EXFIT BCS-700 Earbuds
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Extra Eartips
  • User Manual

How to Use:

  1. Charge the earbuds fully before first use
  2. Activate Bluetooth on your device to pair
  3. Select EQ mode: press play button 2 times to cycle between Normal, Bass, and Treble
  4. Pull out an earbud to auto answer calls
  5. Double press play button to enable audio transparency mode
  6. Retract earbuds into neckband when not in use to avoid tangling
EXFIT BCS-700 Wireless Headphone