EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds: 24 Hours Playtime with Active Noise Cancellation

Published on June 7, 2023, 5:10 p.m.

Tired of the constant chatter and noise around you? Looking for an escape into your own world of music? The EXFIT T100 ANC wireless earbuds are here to save the day. Offering the latest noise-cancelling technology and marathon battery life, these earbuds are your ticket to audio bliss.


The EXFIT T100 ANC earbuds pack some serious features into their compact size. Active noise cancellation uses external microphones to counter ambient sound, letting you focus on your music or calls. Bluetooth 5.2 provides a stable, long-range wireless connection to your devices. And the total playtime of 24 hours means you can keep listening all day and night long.

 EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds

Design - Compact and Comfortable

Despite having so much tech inside, the EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds maintain a low profile that fits comfortably and securely in your ears. Their ergonomic design and included eartips in multiple sizes ensure a customisable fit. The sleek charging case slips easily into a pocket or bag.
 EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds

Features - Cutting-Edge Functions

Noise Cancellation - Your Own Private World

With Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, the EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds create a peaceful bubble, reducing distracting noises around you by up to 35dB. The Ambient Mode lets some sound in when you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Gaming - Low Latency for Immersive Play

The low latency Game Mode cuts delay down to 50-60ms for smooth, synchronised audio when gaming or watching videos. No more bothersome lag between sound and visuals.

Custom Controls - Tune Your Listening

The EXFIT Manager app grants customisation options like adjusting noise cancellation strength, switching between EQ presets, updating firmware, and more.

Audio Quality - Rich, Balanced Sound

Outfitted with 8mm DCT drivers, the EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds deliver Hi-Fi stereo sound with punchy bass, crisp treble, and a balanced profile. Your music will sound rich and clear, the way the artist intended.

 EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds

Ease of Use - Seamless User Experience

Connecting is a breeze with swift Bluetooth 5.2 pairing. Clever magnetic snaps in the case instantly start charging the earbuds and display battery levels with LED indicators. Onboard tap and touch controls handle playback and volume adjustment on the buds themselves to avoid fumbling for your phone. The EXFIT app grants wireless customization of sound profiles and touch commands. Overall, the EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds is thoughtfully engineered for fuss-free operation.

Audio Quality - Your Own Concert Experience

The 8mm DCT drivers inside each earbud reproduce your music with the nuance and energy of a live show. The Bio-fiber diaphragms deliver stunning clarity across the frequency range from rich lows to sparkling highs. Dual microphones isolate your voice for calls and enable the active noise cancellation to immerse you fully in your audio content.

Noise Cancellation - Your Own Private Sonic Sanctuary

The EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds’s hybrid noise cancelling tech is state-of-the-art, using feedforward and feedback mics to detect and neutralize external noise. Enjoy serene silence in noisy environments or let some ambient sound in via transparency mode. Either way, these earbuds give you command over what you hear.

Battery - Power For Days

Boasting up to 8 hours per charge plus another 16 hours from the charging case, the EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds sets the bar for marathon battery life. You could fly from LA to Sydney and still have juice to spare. The case’s USB-C and wireless charging gives you options to conveniently top up.

Connectivity - Wireless Freedom

Bluetooth 5.2 equips these earbuds with quick pairing, steadfast connections and extended range so you can control your listening from any room in the house or leave your phone behind when stepping outside. Gaming mode minimizes latency, syncing audio perfectly with on-screen action.

Comfort - Tailor-Made For All-Day Wear

An ergonomic shape and angled nozzles together with silicone and foam eartips in multiple sizes ensure the EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds feel naturally contoured and stable in any ear. At just 6 grams each, the buds are also impressively lightweight for fatigue-free all-day wear.

Water Resistance - Sweat and Rain Shield

Sporting an IPX4 rating, the EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds can withstand splashes from any direction and hold up to sweat, allowing you to wear them without worry at the gym or in inclement weather.

 EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds

Use Cases - Your Perfect Companion

The EXFIT T100 ANC earbuds are primed to be your trusty companion wherever you go. Commuting to work? Their noise cancellation will make your bus ride peaceful. At the gym? Sweat away freely thanks to their water resistance. Gaming or watching movies? Low latency mode syncs audio perfectly with on-screen action. Wandering around town on the weekend? The ambient mode lets you hear traffic and conversations. From workdays to free time, these earbuds have you covered.

User Feedback Analysis

Reviews overall indicate users find the EXFIT T100 ANC earbuds to be an excellent value packed with premium features. Many describe an almost magical experience when first enabling the top-tier hybrid noise cancellation and hearing the world melt away. Users praise the Hi-Fi audio quality provided by the 8mm drivers, with vibrant bass and sparkling treble bringing music to life.

The lightweight comfort and secure in-ear fit grants all-day wearability according to customers. Some did struggle getting a tight seal however, so trying all eartip sizes is recommended. Battery life impresses reviewers, with the charging case providing nearly a full extra day’s use. The low latency gaming mode also receives kudos for eliminating audio delay when immersed in virtual worlds.

Not all feedback is glowing however. Some users faced connectivity issues like sudden dropouts. The touch controls receive mixed responses - while convenient when they work, the taps can be unresponsive or overly sensitive. The noise cancellation and transparency modes were also hit-or-miss for certain owners.

Overall though, most seem thrilled by the remarkable noise cancellation, customizable audio, and marathon battery life packed into these affordable earbuds. For those seeking high-end features on a budget, the EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds earns widespread praise as a top-value purchase. Careful eartip fitting and firmware updates are advised to optimize performance. But when everything clicks into place, these earbuds deliver an awe-inspiring wireless audio experience.


  • Class-leading 24 hour battery life
  • Powerful hybrid active noise cancellation
  • Rich, balanced sound with deep bass
  • Gaming mode eliminates audio lag
  • Comfortable and stable fit
  • Fully customizable controls and EQ


  • Touch controls can be overly sensitive
  • Some users experienced connectivity drops
  • Noise cancellation and ambient modes ineffective for some


With premium features like adjustable noise cancellation, customizable audio, and water resistance, the EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds punches well above its budget-friendly price point. These wireless earbuds deliver performance and functionality to rival models costing twice as much. Their excellent audio and lengthy battery life make them a bargain.


With powerful noise cancellation, custom controls, lag-free gaming, and incredible 24-hour battery life, the EXFIT T100 ANC wireless earbuds check all the boxes. Their excellent audio performance and comfortable design make them a pleasure to use all day long. If you’re looking for feature-packed earbuds with great value, these should be at the top of your list.


  • Model number: T100 ANC
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2
  • Wireless range: 10 meters
  • Battery life: Up to 8 hours (earbuds), up to 16 hours (charging case), total 24 hours
  • Water resistance: IPX4
  • Noise control: Active noise cancellation
  • Audio driver: Built-in 8mm DCT driver
  • Frequency response: Unknown
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Weight: 40.5 grams

Box Contains

  • Right earbud
  • Left earbud
  • Earbuds charging cradle
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Replacement eartips (XS/S/M/L sizes)
  • Documentation

How To Use

  1. Charge the earbuds and case fully before first use
  2. Open the charging case lid to put earbuds into pairing mode
  3. On your phone, go to Bluetooth settings and select “EXFIT T100 ANC” to connect
  4. Insert earbuds into ears and adjust until they fit comfortably
  5. Play/pause music by tapping either earbud once
  6. Activate noise cancellation modes by pressing and holding the earbuds
  7. Adjust volume, switch tracks, or enable gaming mode through on-screen controls or EXFIT app
  8. Return earbuds to charging case when not in use to recharge
EXFIT T100 ANC Wireless Earbuds