Raycon The Work Bluetooth Headphones: The Ultimate Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Work

Published on June 2, 2023, 10:14 a.m.

Looking for a pair of over-ear headphones to help you focus at work? The Raycon The Work Bluetooth Headphones deliver top-notch active noise cancellation and sound in a sleek wireless design. Keep reading to see why these headphones are ideal for boosting productivity in the office or on the go.


From the consumer electronics experts at Raycon, the The Work Headphones model provides an exceptional audio experience via Bluetooth 5.0. The over-ear form factor ensures a comfortable fit while active noise cancelling tunes out distractions. With up to 32 hours of battery life, these headphones keep you powered through the workday and beyond.

Key Features

  • Active noise cancelling to eliminate distractions
  • Detachable boom mic for clear calls
  • Up to 32 hours of battery life per charge
  • Touch controls for convenient operation
  • Over-ear design with memory foam cushions for all-day comfort
  • Professional look suitable for the office

 Raycon The Work Bluetooth Wireless Headphones


With an over-ear form factor, the Raycon The Work Headphones offer a comfortable and secure fit. The sleek black colorway has a professional, understated look suitable for the office. Padded memory foam earcups provide cushioning for extended wear. The adjustable headband allows you to customize the fit. These headphones blend comfort, functionality and subtle style.


The Raycon The Work Headphones are designed for easy, intuitive operation. Bluetooth 5.0 provides a reliable wireless connection to your devices. On-ear touch controls give you quick access to common functions like playback, call management, volume, noise cancellation modes and sound profiles. The headphones are very straightforward to operate even for less tech-savvy users.

Build Quality

Overall, these headphones are well-constructed using durable plastics. The headband and earcups feel solidly built and the moving parts operate smoothly. While mostly plastic, the headphones don’t feel flimsy or fragile. The build quality is impressive considering the reasonable price point.
 Raycon The Work Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Sound Quality

Users report excellent audio reproduction with pure, balanced sound and solid bass. The 40mm drivers deliver clear mids and crisp highs. Noise cancellation enhances the listening experience by eliminating external distractions. The personalized sound profiles allow you to tweak the sound signature to your liking.

Microphone Quality

Callers report that the detachable boom microphone provides clear, natural voice pickup even in noisy environments. The inclusion of vivid voice technology gives it an edge over many headset mics.

Noise Cancellation

The advanced noise cancelling functionality effectively blocks ambient noise like chatter, fans and office sounds so you can focus. The awareness mode pipes in external sounds when you need to be able to hear your surroundings.

 Raycon The Work Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Battery Life

The large battery delivers approximately 32 hours of use per charge. This long battery life reduces the need for frequent recharging. Quick charging support helps restore the battery rapidly.


The Work Headphones connect wirelessly over stable Bluetooth 5.0 up to 30+ feet from your device. You can also use the USB-C cable for wired operation if preferred. Switching between devices is easy.


On-ear touch controls give you access to all key functions including audio playback, call management, volume, sound modes and noise cancellation. The intuitive controls are convenient and easy to use.


The soft memory foam earcups and adjustable headband provide a comfortable fit suited for all-day wear. The headphones stay securely in place without pinching. Breathable padding helps keep your ears cool during extended use.

Water Resistance

The Work Headphones offer basic water resistance allowing them to withstand sweat and light rain. However, they are not fully waterproof so should not be submerged.
 Raycon The Work Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Use Cases

The Raycon The Work Headphones are ideal for:

  • Blocking out sound at the office to boost productivity
  • Making calls with the detachable mic for improved clarity
  • Enjoying music or podcasts during the commute or while traveling
  • Using in the office or remotely thanks to the wireless Bluetooth connectivity

User Feedback Analysis

The Raycon The Work Headphones have garnered predominantly favorable reviews from customers. Here is a breakdown of the key feedback themes:

Noise Cancellation Satisfaction

Numerous users rave about the active noise cancelling capabilities of these headphones. They describe the ANC as “best in class” at blocking out external distractions like chatter, fans, and office noise. Many mention the noise cancelling exceeded their expectations and rivals more expensive models. The awareness mode also receives praise for piping in ambient sound when desired.

Audio Quality Accolades

In terms of sound reproduction, customers widely report crystalline clarity across lows, mids, and highs. Many delight in the dynamic bass and sparkling treble. The pure and balanced sound profiles appeal to audiophiles and casual listeners alike. Some praise the customization available from the bass boost mode for thumping beats.

Comfort Consensus

A clear comfort consensus emerges in the reviews. The pillowy memory foam ear pads and adjustable headband provide a relaxed fit suitable for hours of wear. Users say the headphones feel feather-light and disappear on your head. Breathability and stability also receive positive mentions.

Battery Life Applause

The long 32 hour battery life earns consistent applause from reviewers. Customers appreciate being able to use the headphones for days between charges. The quick charging support and low power mode also draw favorable mentions for convenience.

Connectivity Complaints

The most common complaint relates to occasional wireless connectivity issues. A minority of users report intermittent cutting out of audio and connection drops. However, many others deny any problems. The connectivity problems may stem from defective units.

Durability Disappointment

While not widespread, some reviews mention build quality problems leading to early failure. Issues like cracked headbands and connection failures arise, generally traced to isolated faulty units and not endemic flaws. Overall, most report excellent durability during normal use.

Stellar Value

Nearly every reviewer praises the incredible value delivered by The Work Headphones. Customers say the combination of features, noise cancellation abilities, sound quality and battery life make these headphones a steal at the affordable price point.

Pros and Cons

- Great noise cancelling performance
- Clear and balanced sound
- 32 hour battery life per charge
- Comfortable memory foam cushions
- Convenient touch controls
- Great value for the price

- Some users report connectivity issues
- Isolated reports of early failure

Price-Performance Ratio

With a reasonable price point around $150, the Raycon The Work Headphones deliver tremendous value. The combination of strong noise cancellation, great sound quality, comfort and long battery life make these headphones punch far above their price class. For those seeking wireless over-ear headphones with noise cancelling under $200, the Raycon The Work Headphones are a superb option and excellent value.

 Raycon The Work Bluetooth Wireless Headphones


With excellent noise cancellation, sound quality, comfort and battery life, the Raycon The Work Headphones are a superb choice for enhancing productivity and entertainment at work or on the go. The combination of performance and value make these headphones a wise investment.


  • Brand: Raycon
  • Model Name: The Work Headphones
  • Color: Black
  • Form factor: Over ear
  • Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth, Wired USB-C
  • Noise control: Active noise cancellation
  • Battery life: 32 hours
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Weight: 0.56 lbs
  • Drivers: Unknown

What’s in the Box

The Raycon The Work Bluetooth Headphones package includes:

  • The Work Headphones
  • Charging cable
  • Detachable microphone
  • User manual

How to Use

To use the Raycon The Work Bluetooth Headphones:

  1. Charge the headphones fully before first use.
  2. Turn on the headphones and enter Bluetooth pairing mode.
  3. On your phone or device, turn on Bluetooth and select “The Work Headphones” to pair.
  4. Use the touch controls to play/pause music, adjust volume, and switch between Pure/Balanced/Bass sound modes.
  5. Activate noise cancellation or awareness mode by pressing and holding the touch control.
  6. Connect the detachable boom mic when making calls.
  7. When finished, turn off the headphones to conserve battery life.
  8. Charge the headphones via USB-C when battery runs low.
Raycon The Work Bluetooth Wireless Headphones