Raycon RBE745-21E True Wireless Earbuds: Your New Workout BFFs

Published on June 2, 2023, 10:08 a.m.

Tired of your earbuds falling out during workouts? Want truly wireless buds with killer battery life? The new Raycon RBE745-21E true wireless earbuds may be your perfect workout buddy. In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these feature-packed buds.


The Raycon RBE745-21E true wireless earbuds boast an impressive specs list for their reasonable price point. They connect via Bluetooth 5.3, provide up to 56 hours of total battery life, and feature both active noise cancellation and an awareness mode to let ambient sound in. Their IPX7 waterproof rating means you can workout without worry.

 Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds


  • IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Awareness/ambient mode
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Up to 8 hours playtime per charge
  • Up to 56 hours total with charging case
  • Touch controls on each earbud
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Secure fit for exercise

 Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds


The Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds feature a sleek, low-profile design that is discreet and comfortable when worn. The pill-shaped earbuds seamlessly fit into the contours of the ear. They are lightweight at just 14 grams per bud. The charging case has a compact rectangular shape that easily fits into a pocket. Both the earbuds and case come in a variety of stylish colors.

Ease of Use

Bluetooth pairing is quick and simple. The touch controls are responsive for changing tracks, volume, and modes, though take some practice to master. The various ear tip sizes make it easy to get a personalized secure fit. The earbuds automatically turn on and connect when removed from the case, adding convenience.

Build Quality

The Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds have an IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof rating, allowing them to withstand the rigors of workouts and wet weather. Both the earbuds and charging case feel sturdily constructed. The matte soft-touch finish resists fingerprints. Overall the Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds ‘s deliver reliability and durability.

Sound Quality

Audio reproduction is punchy and lively, with emphasis on the lows and low-mids that provides motive bass during workouts without muddiness. Highs come through cleanly for detailed treble. The soundstage has nice width. While serious audiophiles may want more definition, the exciting sound adds energy to exercise.

Microphone Quality

Dual beamforming microphones effectively isolate the voice and reduce ambient noise for clear call and voice assistant results even in noisy environments. Voice pick-up is natural.
 Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds

Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation uses internal mics to analyze and cancel external noise. It performs reasonably well for earbuds at muting steady low-frequency sounds like engine rumbles or AC units. Higher pitched noises may still break through. The ambient aware mode lets in external sound when desired.
 Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds

Battery Life

Battery life is a major highlight, with up to 8 hours of continuous playback on the earbuds themselves and an additional 48 hours from the charging case. Even just 15 minutes in the case provides around 2 hours of use. This marathon battery ensures you can make it through lengthy workouts, travel days, and daily usage without losing power.


Bluetooth 5.3 provides a reliable, low-latency wireless connection. Pairing is quick and easy with mobile devices, laptops, tablets and more. The earbuds can connect independently or together. Multipoint pairing allows connecting two devices simultaneously. Range is solid up to about 30 feet from the source device before dropouts occur.
 Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds


On-earbud touch controls handle play/pause, track skip, call answer/end, volume, noise cancellation, ambient aware mode, and voice assistant activation. The touch zones are responsive though take some practice to master. An audio tone confirms command recognition. There is also auto play/pause when earbuds are inserted or removed.


The ergonomic design and soft silicone ear tips create a lightweight, comfortable fit that stays put. The earbuds cause minimal ear fatigue during extended wear. The four included tip sizes ensure you can find a custom secure seal. Sweat resistance prevents slippage during workouts.

Water Resistance

An IPX7 rating means the Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. This makes them fully sweatproof and able to withstand heavy rains. Just avoid prolonged submersion.

Use Cases

The Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds are ideal for:

  • Workouts: Their waterproof design and secure fit means they can withstand the sweatiest, most intense workouts. Runners and gym-goers love them.

  • Outdoor sports: The IPX7 rating also makes them perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and more.

  • Commuting: Noise cancelling helps block out the drone of transit so you can focus on your music.

  • Calls: Dual beamforming mics allow clear call quality even in noisy environments.

User Feedback Analysis

Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds have made quite the splash with customers, garnering overwhelmingly positive feedback across the board. In sifting through the slew of enthusiastic reviews, some definitive pros and potential cons emerge.

The most resounding praise for the Raycon wireless buds relates to their unshakeable fit and marathon battery life - two critical factors for workout earbuds. Users gush over their ability to endure even marathon runs, HIIT workouts, and heavy weight sessions without dislodgement, thanks to the ergonomic design and sweatproof construction. The abundant 8+ hour battery reserves on the buds themselves delights athletes and adventurers alike, while the charging case becomes their trusty sidekick, juicing up the earbuds for a full extra 48 hours of musical motivation anywhere. This amount of unwavering power blows away the experience with most comparable models.

Noise-cancelling competence earns kudos as well, with reviewers reporting solid dampening of ambient sounds like chatter and engine rumbles. While not the absolute zenith of noise reduction,ANC effectiveness satisfies the bulk of users given the Raycon’s attainable price tag. On the flip side, the ambient aware mode pleases those wanting situational awareness while still enjoying their pumped up playlists.

Beyond the gym and trail, Raycon owners praise the versatility of the earbuds for both leisure listening and clear-calling from home offices to urban streets thanks to the balanced audio reproduction and voice isolating microphones. And with sweatproof, workout-friendly wireless earbuds running upwards of $200 from premium brands, the bang-for-your-buck value of the feature-packed Raycons resonates loudly with shoppers.

Potential downsides exist, though they hardly seem to detract from overall satisfaction. Some users report wrestling slightly with the touch controls’ learning curve and responsiveness. Others encounter sporadic Bluetooth connectivity hiccups. However, these gripes seem relatively few and far between. For a majority of buyers, the Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds have cemented themselves as a winning ticket to wireless freedom and motivation for active lifestyles.

Pros and Cons


  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • Long battery life
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Stay securely in ears during exercise
  • Great value for the price


  • Bluetooth can be spotty
  • Touch controls have a learning curve
  • Bass-heavy sound isn’t for everyone
  • No customization via app


With premium features like active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.3, IPX7 waterproofing, and crazy 56-hour battery life, the Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds deliver outstanding value at their reasonable price point. You’d have to spend much more to get similar capabilities from top brands.


With their smart sporty design, stellar battery life, and extras like active noise cancelling, the Raycon RBE745-21E true wireless earbuds make an excellent choice for active lifestyles. Their ability to power through workouts and water exposure while delivering great sound quality cements their status as a fabulous workout companion.


  • Battery life: Up to 8 hours (earbuds), up to 56 hours (with charging case)
  • Waterproof rating: IPX7
  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Noise control: Active noise cancellation, awareness mode
  • Charging time: 15 minutes in case for 2 hours playtime
  • Special features: Touch controls, call quality via dual beamforming mics
  • Materials: Silicone, plastic
  • Compatibility: Cellphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles

What’s In the Box

The Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds include:

  • Earbuds (left and right)
  • Charging case
  • 4 additional gel eartips
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual
  • Carrying pouch

How to Use

To get started with your Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds :

  1. Charge the earbuds and case fully.
  2. Pair the earbuds with your device via Bluetooth.
  3. Insert the earbuds and adjust until comfortably seated.
  4. Use the touch controls to play/pause music, adjust volume, turn on noise cancelling, etc.
  5. Return the earbuds to the charging case when not in use.
  6. Regularly charge the case to keep the earbuds powered up on the go.
Raycon RBE745-21E Fitness True Wireless Earbuds