KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds: Lightweight, Comfortable, and Great Sound

Published on June 2, 2023, 8:49 a.m.

Wireless earbuds have become incredibly popular, and with so many options on the market, it can be tough to know which ones to choose. In this review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds to see if they live up to the hype. Spoiler alert - they do!

 KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds


The KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds earbuds have a stylish, minimalist design available in white color. They connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.3 and come with a convenient charging case. The earbuds themselves are super lightweight, with each bud weighing just 0.12 oz.

KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds Key Features

  • Bluetooth 5.3 provides stable connectivity
  • 8 hours playtime, 40 hours with charging case
  • IPX5 water and sweat resistant
  • Smart touch controls for music and calls
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Powerful bass and crisp treble

 KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds


These earbuds feature a sleek, low-profile design that sits flush in your ears. The charging case has a compact rectangular shape that easily fits into your pocket or bag. The LED display on the case shows you the remaining battery level so you can monitor charging status. Overall, the design is modern and practical.

Features and Performance

The KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds earbuds really shine when it comes to features and functionality. The Bluetooth 5.3 provides a stable, reliable connection with extended range. One-step auto-pairing makes connecting to your device smooth and easy.

Smart touch controls allow you to easily manage music playback, calls, volume and voice assistants. You can also use single earbud mode to share one bud with a friend.

The KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds are IPX5 water and sweat resistant, making them perfect for workouts. And with up to 40 hours of total playtime with the charging case, you get plenty of listening before needing to recharge.

 KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds

Sound Quality

With 13mm drivers, these earbuds deliver surprisingly great sound across the frequency range. The bass has good depth and kick, mids are clear and detailed, and highs are crisp without being harsh. Everything sounds well balanced and rich. Noise isolation is also decent for in-ear buds.

Microphone Performance

Each earbud contains dual microphones that deliver clear voice pickup and background noise reduction for phone calls and voice assistants. Callers report the KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds provide excellent call clarity even in noisy environments. Voice pickup is crisp and natural.

Noise Isolation

With an in-ear design that seals the ear canal, the KTGEE T08 earbuds provide passive noise isolation that reduces ambient noise. This allows you to immerse in your music without cranking up the volume. Noise isolation is effective for blocking out moderate levels of environmental noise.

 KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds

Battery Life

The earbuds get around 8 hours of playback per charge, while the charging case provides an additional 32 hours before needing to recharge. The case charges via USB-C, offering fast and convenient charging. The integrated LED display shows exact battery levels.


Bluetooth 5.3 ensures quick and stable wireless connectivity to your device. The transmission range extends up to 10 meters so you can leave your phone in another room. Bluetooth pairing only takes a few seconds. There are virtually no dropouts or stuttering during playback.
 KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds


On-earbud touch controls give you access to play/pause, track skip, call answer/end, and voice assistants. The touch sensors are responsive for seamless music and call management. You can also use your device’s native controls.

Water and Sweat Resistance

With an IPX5 rating, the earbuds can withstand splashing water and heavy sweat without issues. You don’t need to worry about getting caught in the rain or intense workouts. Just wipe clean after exposure.

Use Cases

The KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds are optimized for people with active lifestyles. Their lightweight and secure fit make them ideal for workouts like running, cycling, yoga, gym sessions, and more. The IPX5 rating means you don’t have to worry about sweat or light rain when training outdoors. The long battery life covers your longest training sessions.

They also work great as your daily commuter earbuds, letting you listen to music or podcasts during your commute. The compact charging case is easy to toss in your bag or pocket. The noise isolation blocks out external sounds like traffic or chatter, allowing you to focus on your audio. For office workers, these are perfect for listening to music and taking calls while working.

User Reviews & Feedback

Battery life is the crowning achievement according to users. They enthusiastically praise the near-boundless endurance, with the earbuds lasting up to 10 hours between charges. The pocketable charging case bestows another 30 hours of playtime—a lifespan virtually unheard of in affordable wireless earbuds. Commuters rejoice at being able to listen during lengthy train rides. Marathon runners complete their grueling training without the earbuds missing a beat. Travelers experience the liberating freedom of all-day audio on long haul flights. Simply put, the long-lasting battery banishes “low battery anxiety.”

The sound quality also stuns many users, who describe the expansive soundstage and sparkling clarity as comparable to earbuds triple the price. The punchy bass and crisp highs make music really come alive. Podcast voices sound rich and intimate. Details usually lost emerge with surprising precision. Whether blasting energetic rock songs or mellow jazz, the KTGEE T08 earbuds envelop you in musical bliss. Even noisy environments are tamed by the excellent noise isolation.

According to users, all-day comfort joins the list of virtues. They report the featherweight earbuds are barely noticeable when worn. The angled design and ergonomic shape keep them securely nestled in ears during active use. You can sport them from your morning workout to your evening commute without irritation or fatigue. The lack of cables also enhances wearing comfort.

Other highlights noted by users include the IPX5 sweatproofing that ensures rain and perspiration don’t impede performance. Touch controls make managing music and calls a breeze. Bluetooth pairing is smoother and quicker than many pricier models. For less than $30, the KTGEE T08 earbuds astonish with their polished performance belying their bargain price.

While a few users report having to finesse the fit and occasionally encountering slight wireless dropouts, these are minor quibbles. For affordably priced wireless earbuds with marathon battery life, fabulous sound and comfort, and rugged build quality, the KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds consistently delights purchasers. The overwhelmingly positive response says it all about this customer-approved audio bargain.

Pros & Cons


  • Great sound quality with powerful bass
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • IPX5 sweat & water resistance rating
  • Easy touch controls
  • Great value for money


  • Touch controls may be too sensitive
  • Earbuds can feel loose during intense workouts

Value for Money

Priced at around $25, the KTGEE T08 earbuds deliver performance and features that rival models 3-4 times the price. You get an impressive 40 hours total playtime, IPX5 sweatproofing, Bluetooth 5.3, and excellent sound quality in a sleek, compact package. Given their affordable price point, these earbuds are an incredible value purchase.

 KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds


With their seamless wireless connectivity, great sound and build quality, smart features and long battery life, the KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds are easy to recommend. If you want an affordable set of feature-packed earbuds that deliver great performance, these should be on your shortlist.


  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion polymer
  • Battery life: 8 hrs (earbuds), 40 hrs (with case)
  • Water resistance rating: IPX5
  • Driver diameter: 13mm
  • Weight: 0.12 oz (single earbud), 1.38 oz (case)
  • Charging case dimensions: 1.18 x 1.18 x 0.47 in
  • Charging port type: USB-C
  • Warranty: unknown

What’s Included

The KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds include:

  • 2 wireless earbuds
  • 1 charging case
  • 3 sizes of ear tips (S/M/L)
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Quick start guide
  • 12 month warranty

How to Use

  1. Take the earbuds out of the charging case. They will power on automatically.

  2. Activate Bluetooth on your device. Select “KTGEE T08” from the list of available devices.

  3. Once paired, put on the earbuds. You should hear “Connected” to indicate successful pairing.

  4. Play audio on your device. Use the touch controls to adjust volume, change tracks, etc.

  5. When finished, place the earbuds back in the charging case to power off and recharge.

KTGEE T08 Wireless Earbuds