BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones: Upgrade Foldable Design with Long Battery Life and Superb Sound

Published on May 9, 2023, 6:06 p.m.

With wireless bluetooth headphones gaining popularity, consumers are spoiled for choice. However, factors like design, battery life and sound quality set apart the great from the good. The BEARTWO SX-990 aims to deliver on all fronts. Let’s take a closer look at why these headphones might be your next audio companion.


The BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones are neckband-style wireless bluetooth headphones with a focus on portability. The foldable design and included carrying case make them easy to store and bring along. Active noise cancellation helps block ambient sounds, while the long battery life means you can keep listening for nearly a full day on a single charge.

 BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones

Key Features

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity - Offers stable wireless performance
  • Noise cancelling technology - Helps block ambient sounds during use
  • Retractable and detachable earbuds - Allow you to adjust length and replace buds
  • Foldable neckband design - Folds into a compact size for portability
  • 18 hour talk time/16 hour playtime - Extremely long battery life per charge
  • Voice prompts and vibration alerts - Notifies you of status updates and incoming calls

Design - Compact and Foldable

Sporting a flexible neckband design, the BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones are built for life on the move. The neckband smoothly contours to your neck while remaining lightweight and comfortable. When not in use, the headphones fold up into a compact size for stashing away in the included carrying case.

Detachable earbuds let you swap between included sizes for the best noise isolating fit. And the nifty retractable earbud cables mean you can find that perfect length every time and prevent cord tangles.

Ease of Use

Using the BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones is a breeze. Power on, enter pairing mode, and connect to your Bluetooth device - that’s it! Retractable earbuds allow quick length adjustments on-the-fly. Playback and volume controls are conveniently located on the neckband.

Voice prompts notify you of status updates like battery level. Never miss a beat thanks to vibrating call alerts that gently buzz your neck. The BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones aims to make wireless listening as fuss-free as possible.

Audio Quality

Equipped with large 10mm drivers and Bluetooth 5.0, the BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones deliver immersive, high quality sound with thumping bass and crisp mids/highs. Everything from EDM to podcasts sounds fantastic. Add active noise cancelling into the mix, and you can enjoy studio quality audio without ambient distractions.
 BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones

Microphone Performance

Thanks to CVC noise reduction technology, the built-in mic ensures your voice sounds crystal clear on calls. No more straining to hear conversations in noisy environments. Friends and family will think you’re right next door.

Noise Cancellation

The BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones utilize active noise cancelling to digitally filter out ambient sounds around you. This lets you focus solely on the stellar audio. Noise cancellation works remarkably well at muting everything from chatter to low rumbles. Just don’t deafen yourself to important announcements!

 BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones

Battery Life

With up to 18 hours of talk time or 16 hours of music playback per charge, the BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones are a marathon runner. Most wireless headphones tap out at 10 hours max. You can leisurely listen for nearly a full day before needing to recharge. A 3.5 hour charge returns them to full power.


The BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones take advantage of Bluetooth 5.0 for easy connectivity and improved range/stability. Pairing is a complete breeze - just turn on the headphones and connect to your phone or tablet like any Bluetooth device. Multipoint connections allow simultaneous pairing to two devices at once.
 BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones


An intuitive control layout lets you manage volume, tracks and calls right from the neckband. No need to fumble with devices. Vibration alerts notify you of incoming calls so you’ll never miss a ring. Buttons provide crisp feedback, making controlling music a tactile experience.

Build Quality

While mostly plastic, the BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones feel anything but cheap. Moving parts operate smoothly, and the matte texture resists scratches. The neckband flexes naturally without creaking. Well thought out design means good build quality. Just take care not to stress the folding joints over time.


Thanks to the flexible neckband and retractable earbuds that customize fit, the BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones offer day-long wearing comfort. The angled earbuds avoid ear canal pressure. At just 26 grams, the lightweight headphones practically disappear during use. You might forget you’re even wearing them!

Water Resistance

While sweatproof for exercise, the BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones unfortunately do not offer full water protection. Exposure to heavy rain or submersion could damage the electronics. But for everyday wear, moisture should not be an issue.

 BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones

Usage Scenarios

The BEARTWO SX-990 headphones really shine when you’re on the move. Pop them in during your regular jogs and runs to pump up the tempo with your favorite workout playlist. The sweatproof design ensures moisture won’t affect their performance.

Frequent flyers will love having the BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones handy. Turn on the noise cancellation to immerse yourself in movies and music during flights. The insane 16-18 hours of battery life means they’ll last for even the longest of hauls.

Daily commuters will appreciate having a personal soundtrack to liven up their trips. With the BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones, you can ignore the hustle and bustle and let your favorite tunes keep you company.

User Feedback Analysis

With over 16,000 ratings on Amazon, the BEARTWO SX-990 headphones have amassed quite a bit of user feedback. Overall, customers seem generally pleased with the headphones and agree they offer great bang for your buck. Let’s break down the key positives and negatives from real-world experience.

On the positive side, users overwhelmingly praise the BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones for their stellar battery life. 16-18 hours of continuous playback seems almost too good to be true, but many verify they can go days without charging. This marathon performance is a godsend for frequent travelers and commuters.

The audio quality also receives acclaim, with praise directed at the punchy bass and clear sound. Bluetooth connectivity is noted to be solid and stable. For the price, customers feel the sound is fantastic.

Users also appreciate the effectiveness of the noise cancellation at blocking ambient noise like chatter and engine rumbles. It’s not industry-leading ANC, but gets the job done for the average listener. Calls come through loud and clear thanks to quality microphone performance.

When it comes to drawbacks, a common complaint is the rapid retraction of the earbuds. The earpieces quickly snap back into place when you remove them, which can be annoying. Some note this makes it hard to get a secure fit, while others worry it stresses the plastic over time.

Speaking of which, long-term durability is another concern called out in reviews. Though build quality is satisfactory out of the box, some users experienced issues like cracking plastic after 6 months to a year of use. The folding design seems prone to wear over time.

Finally, those with larger necks note the neckband runs on the smaller side. Folks with thick builds may find it uncomfortably tight. Those with average builds likely won’t notice any issue.

In summary, for the very affordable sub-$30 price, users find the BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones perform incredibly well where it matters - delivering long battery life and great sound quality. Shortcomings exist with fit, tight neckbands and questionable long term durability, but given the low price and stellar features, most customers feel the pros easily outweigh the cons.


  • Phenomenal battery life
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Solid sound quality with bass
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Foldable design is portable
  • Carrying case included


  • Earbuds retract quickly and may annoy
  • Long term durability concerns
  • Neckband may be small for some users


With premium features like active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.0 and an unbelievably long 16-18 hours of battery life per charge, the BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones pack quite a punch for under $30. The overall combination of great wireless audio and useful design in a compact package makes these headphones a really compelling value-for-money option.

 BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones


With long battery life to spare, punchy audio performance and a compact folding design, the BEARTWO SX-990 make for versatile wireless headphones suited for everyday use. Some durability concerns exist, but at their affordable price point, these headphones remain a compelling option for those seeking great wireless audio on the go.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium polymer, up to 18 hours talk time, 16 hours music playtime
  • Noise Cancellation: CVC noise cancellation technology (ANC)
  • Waterproof: Unknown
  • Earbud Size: 3 sizes (small, medium, large)
  • Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 6.1 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 2.61 ounces
  • Model Number: SX-990
  • Warranty: 1 year

Box Contains

  • BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • 3 Pairs of Ear Tips (Small, Medium, Large)
  • User Manual

How To Use

  1. Charge the headphones fully before first use.
  2. Turn on the headphones and enter pairing mode.
  3. On your phone/tablet, go to Bluetooth settings and select “BEARTWO SX-990” to connect.
  4. Adjust the earbuds for comfortable fit and noise isolation.
  5. Manage playback (skip, pause, etc) using the onboard controls.
  6. Fold and store in carrying case when not in use.
  7. Fully recharge the headphones each time before storage.
BEARTWO SX-990 Wireless Headphones