Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones: Sharing Fun Audio for Young Listeners

Published on Dec. 12, 2023, 3:07 p.m.

Keep your kids entertained on the go or at home with the Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones. With a fun design, audio sharing capabilities, and comfortable fit, these headphones are perfect for kids.


The Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones stands out with its unique wing design and integrated share port that allows two headphones to listen to the same audio source simultaneously. The foldable and adjustable build ensures a customizable fit. Built-in volume limiting and controls allow for safe listening and call management. With compatibility across devices like smartphones and tablets, these wired headphones make an ideal audio companion for kids.

 Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones

Key Features - Convenient Sharing and Controls

  • Share Port - With the share port, two Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones can plug into one device for sharing music, games, and videos without any splitter required. Kids can easily listen together with siblings and friends.

  • Built-in Mic and Controls - Manage calls and audio playback with the intuitive inline remote containing volume up/down buttons, play/pause, call answer/end functions. Volume limiting protects young ears.

  • Foldable and Adjustable Design - The Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones fold down into a compact size for portability. The adjustable headband ensures a customized and comfortable fit for kids of all sizes.

 Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones

Intuitive Design - Crafted for Young Listeners

An adjustable headband and soft ear pads mold to your child’s head for all-day comfort. Rotating earcups lay flat for compact storage. Vibrant colors and a whimsical wing embellishment add youthful flair. Thoughtful details like volume-limited output and a tangle-resistant cord make these headphones parent-and-kid approved.
 Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones

Incredible Selling Point - Share the Joy of Music

The innovative share port removes the struggle of taking turns or using a splitter. Now two children can immerse themselves in the same songs or stories—no more “my turn!” squabbles. Bonding through a shared listening experience fosters Connection, and makes road trips, play dates, and quiet time more enjoyable.

Effortless Usability - Easy to Operate

Inline controls place volume adjustment, play/pause, and call management at your child’s fingertips. An adjustable steel headband slider and padded ear cushions deliver customized comfort. The 3.5mm plug works seamlessly with most smartphones, tablets, computers and more.

Superb Sound - Crisp, Clear Audio

40mm audio drivers encased in sound-isolating earcups immerse kids in rich stereo sound. From peppy pop songs to soothing bedtime stories, audio comes through loud and clear. A built-in microphone ensures voices sound natural during calls or gaming.
 Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones

360° Rotation - Find the Perfect Fit

The earcups swivel 360 degrees and fold inward, optimizing the fit and portability. Your child can tune out distractions whether listening while lying down or on the go. The collapsible design slashes space when stowing in a bag or desk.

Durable Materials - Built to Withstand Playtime

The plastic and rubber exterior holds up to the rigors of childhood. Stainless steel reinforced joints add flex and prevent breakage even with frequent folding. The nylon braided cable avoids knots and kinks. Despite heavy play, these Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones go the distance.

 Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones

Plush Comfort - Blissful Listening

Foam ear pads hug ears in feather-soft comfort. An adjustable headband provides a personalized no-slip fit. Air vents prevent heat buildup for all-day listening. Padded contact points prevent pinching or pain.

Safety First - Protecting Young Ears

In-line volume limits prevent eardrum damage from extreme loudness. Now children can fully immerse themselves without sacrificing safety.

 Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones

Ideal Uses

The Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones are perfect for kids in various environments like school, home, and travel. The audio sharing feature allows kids to easily listen together with friends and siblings, making them great for playdates and road trips. The volume limiting and padded, adjustable design ensures safe and comfortable long-term listening even for extended study or gaming sessions.

User Feedback Analysis

These Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones have struck a chord with kids and parents alike, earning an impressive 4.3 out of 5 star rating. Reviewers enthusiastically crown them as the ultimate listening accessory for young audiophiles.

Parents adore the volume-limited output that allows kids to fully immerse in music without sacrificing hearing safety. The share port elicits rave reviews for fostering connection, with kids no longer having to take turns or struggle with splitters during joint listening sessions.

Kids are smitten with the playful wing embellishments that fire up their imaginations. The trifecta of crisp sound, plush comfort and eye-catching colors make the headphones a coveted accessory kids proudly flaunt. Parents find the padded headband and earcups hug children’s heads in feather-soft comfort that prevents pinching or pain during extended wear.

The inline remote earns praise for putting volume control and playback functions at kids’ fingertips for empowered, independent operation. Kids delight in breezily managing their audio worlds.

While some lament the headphones’ wired design restricts movement, most agree the audio performance and kid-friendly features outweigh any cords. Reviewers concur – the Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones are a pint-sized powerhouse, delivering immersive sound, cushioned comfort, and innovative sharing capabilities kids adore and parents trust.


  • Audio sharing capability
  • Fun wing design appeals to kids
  • Comfortable padded earcups for extended wear
  • Portable foldable design great for travel
  • Volume limiting protects hearing
  • Good sound quality


  • Durability issues noted in some reviews
  • Wired design limits movement range


With a list price of $19.89, the Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones offer great value for money. The clever share port, fun design, and comfortable fit create an enjoyable listening experience tailored specifically for younger users. The audio performance and inline controls allow kids to clearly hear and easily control media and calls. Considering the kid-friendly benefits, these headphones deliver great bang for your buck.


With audio sharing capabilities, a fun wing design, and kid-friendly features, the Riwbox CS6 Wired Headphones deliver an enjoyable listening experience for young ones. The comfortable and portable design suits use at home, school, or on the go.

Box Contains

  • 1 x Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones
  • 1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card

How to Use

  1. Carefully remove the headphones from the box.

  2. Plug the 3.5mm headphone jack into your smartphone, tablet, computer, or other compatible audio source.

  3. Adjust the headband size for a comfortable fit.

  4. Place the earcups over your ears.

  5. Use the inline remote to control volume, play/pause music, and answer calls.

  6. To share audio, connect a second CS6 headphone into the share port. Both can now listen simultaneously.

  7. When finished, fold the headphones inward for compact storage.

  8. Keep the headphones clean by gently wiping with a dry cloth.

Enjoy sharing fun audio experiences with the Riwbox CS6 Kids Wired Headphones!