HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds: A Budget-Friendly Audio Booster

Published on June 18, 2023, 8:46 a.m.

True wireless earbuds have become ubiquitous in recent years. With so many options flooding the market, how do budget-focused buyers separate the wheat from the chaff? Enter the HAPPYAUDIO S1 - feature-packed wireless earbuds that won’t break the bank.


HAPPYAUDIO is a relatively new player in the audio accessory game. The HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds is one of their most popular models of true wireless earbuds, offering a compelling mix of performance and value. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, these sweatproof earbuds boast impressive battery life, voice assistant support and a secure fit for active use. But are they right for you? Let’s dive into the details.
 HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds

Key Features

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • IPX7 sweat and water proof
  • Ergonomic and secure fit
  • Up to 56 hours battery life
  • Touch controls

Design - Understated Yet Functional

Visually subtle, the all-black HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds are designed for utility rather than flashy aesthetics. The matte texture finish resists scratches and fingerprints. Each earbud weighs only 5 grams for fatigue-free wearing. The oval sound nozzles angle downward to naturally align with your ear canals. Flexible ear hooks keep the buds firmly in place.

Ease of Use

Connecting the HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds to your device is a breeze thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and auto pairing. Out of the case, they power on and enter pairing mode. In your phone’s Bluetooth menu, select “HAPPYAUDIO S1” to connect. Controls are intuitive using the touch sensors on each earbud.

Audio Performance

Equipped with custom 12mm dynamic drivers, the HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds output remarkably balanced and detailed sound. You get punchy bass that adds thump without muddying the mids. Vocals sound crisp and clear. Highs have ample detail without harshness. You can crank up the volume without distortion. Combined with the noise isolating design, the immersive stereo audio punches way above its price range.

Microphone Quality

Phone calls sound decent but the mic quality isn’t stellar. Voices transmit clearly in quiet environments but can sound a bit muddy in loud settings. It gets the job done for casual calls but isn’t ideal for prolonged conversations.

Noise Isolation

With a proper in-ear seal using the right sized eartips, the HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds block out a good amount of ambient noise passively. It cuts down external distractions to keep you focused on your music. But some very loud noises can still seep in at higher volumes. Active noise cancellation would’ve taken it to the next level but isn’t expected at this price point.
 HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds

Battery Life

The HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds themselves provide up to 8 hours of listening per charge. The charging case delivers an extra 3 full charges, totaling a whopping 56 hours of combined playback. The case recharges in 2.5 hours via USB-C. Quick charge support would’ve been nice for faster top ups.


Connecting to phones and tablets is a breeze with Bluetooth 5.0. The wireless connection is stable up to 15 meters away. Multipoint pairing allows connecting both earbuds to two devices at once. Some users faced occasional minor connection drops but this is quite common among budget true wireless earbuds.
 HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds


Each earbud has a touch sensor that allows you to control music and calls with taps and swipes, without reaching for your phone. It takes some practice to nail down the tap combinations for different functions but becomes second nature after awhile. Volume controls would’ve been a nice addition.

Build Quality

Constructed from matte plastic, the HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds feel solidly built for the low price. The rounded edges and lightweight design provide long-term wearing comfort. The joints and seams are tightly fitted with no gaps. While not luxury-grade, the quality is impressive considering the cost.


The angled sound tube and flexible ear hook result in a custom and secure fit. The earbuds stay firmly in place during workouts. The lightweight 5 gram construction prevents fatigue over extended use. The included small, medium and large eartips let you tailor the fit. Overall, the comfort level is excellent.
 HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds


With an IPX7 rating, the HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds can withstand total immersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. This makes them perfect for intense workouts, running in the rain, or sweating through hot summer weather. Just rinse them off after exposure to liquids to keep them performing optimally.

Use Cases

With robust sweatproofing and a sports-friendly design, the HAPPYAUDIO S1 earbuds are ideal for workouts and active lifestyles. The long battery life keeps you powered through long gym sessions. The angled nozzles and earhooks hold the buds firmly in place when running or weight lifting. The ambient noise isolation enhances focus while exercising. The HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds also make great daily companions for listening on commutes or at the office.

User Feedback Analysis

With over 3,000 Amazon ratings, the HAPPYAUDIO S1 earbuds have garnered largely positive reviews averaging 4.3 out of 5 stars. Here is a deep dive into the user feedback:

Sound Quality

The audio quality emerges as one of the most praised features. Users describe the sound as “crystal clear”, with “rich bass” and “smooth well-balanced sound”. For budget wireless earbuds, the HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds punches far above its weight sonically according to reviewers. Many mention the spacious soundstage providing an immersive listening experience. Even audio purists agree the audio is impressive considering the affordable price tag.

Battery Life

The exceptionally long battery life of up to 56 hours also draws rave reviews. Users are thrilled to get through several days of listening between charges. Several mention they can listen for an entire work week without recharging. The long standby time means the earbuds retain charge even during infrequent use. For those accustomed to sub-6 hour battery life on other wireless earbuds, the HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds’s endurance is a revelation.

Comfort and Fit

Most users find the HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds supremely comfortable for extended wear. They praise the ergonomic angled design that aligns naturally with the ear canal. The lightweight construction prevents fatigue. The ear hooks provide a remarkably secure yet gentle grip that keeps the buds firmly in place even during intense workouts and running. Even side sleepers report comfortably wearing the HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds in bed.

Ease of Use

Reviewers describe the initial Bluetooth pairing process as quick and hassle-free. The touch controls offer convenient access to playback, volume and calls after some practice. The included eartips in 3 sizes make it easy to achieve a customized noise isolating fit. The IPX7 waterproofing gives users confidence to wear them in rain or high sweat environments. Overall, users found the HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds provided a user-friendly experience.


Connectivity issues emerged as the most common complaint, though fairly typical for budget true wireless models. Some users faced intermittent audio cutouts when walking far from their phone or when surrounded by too many Bluetooth devices. A couple users with smaller ears found the bud size slightly bulky. Noise isolation could be improved with active noise cancellation. Ultimately though, given the low price, most feel these drawbacks are easy to overlook.


For an affordably priced pair of feature-packed true wireless earbuds, an overwhelming majority of users agree the HAPPYAUDIO S1 earbuds deliver tremendous value. The great sound, impressive battery life, sports-friendly design and IPX7 waterproofing add up to a compelling user experience that belies the budget price tag. For shoppers seeking quality wireless audio on a budget, the HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds earns rave reviews.

Pros and Cons

- Great value for money
- Good sound with punchy bass
- Long battery life up to 56 hours
- Secure and comfortable fit
- Sweatproof and water resistant

- Mediocre microphone quality for calls
- Connectivity can be spotty at times
- Touch controls take some getting used to
- Bulky for smaller ears

Value for Money

At under $50, the HAPPYAUDIO S1 earbuds deliver tremendous value. You get premium features like waterproofing, voice assistant integration and customizable fit at a fraction of the price of high-end brands. For budget-minded buyers wanting quality true wireless audio on a budget, the HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds hits the sweet spot.
 HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds

Conclusion - Superb Value Pick

If you want feature-packed true wireless earbuds without blowing your budget, the HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds should be on your radar. They nail the basics like battery life and sound quality while packing extras like waterproofing and touch controls. For the sub $50 price tag, you’d be hard pressed to find a better value wireless option.


  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Battery life: up to 8 hours (earbuds), up to 56 hours (with charging case)
  • Water resistance rating: IPX7
  • Wireless range: up to 15 meters
  • Frequency response range: unknown
  • Drivers: 12mm dynamic drivers
  • Earbud weight: 5 grams each
  • Microphones: 1 per earbud

Box Contains

  • HAPPYAUDIO S1 wireless earbuds (2)
  • Charging case (1)
  • USB-C charging cable (1)
  • Ear tips (small, medium, large - 3 pairs)
  • User manual

How to Use

  1. Charge the earbuds and case fully before first use.
  2. Open the charging case lid. The earbuds will power on automatically and enter pairing mode.
  3. On your phone, go to Bluetooth settings and select “HAPPYAUDIO S1” to connect.
  4. Insert the earbuds into ears and adjust until they fit securely. Try all ear tip sizes.
  5. Use touch controls to play/pause music, adjust volume, answer calls etc.
  6. Place earbuds back in charging case when not in use to power off and recharge.
HAPPYAUDIO S1 Wireless Earbuds