Ttbesmi Bone Conduction Earbuds: Open-Ear Audio On-The-Go

Published on June 9, 2023, 10:38 a.m.

Tired of being completely isolated from your surroundings when listening to music? The Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset offers an innovative open-ear design that lets you clearly hear both your audio and ambient sounds. Read on to learn why these wireless earbuds are a great grab-and-go option.

 Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset


From the Ttbesmi brand, the bone conduction earbuds model delivers quality audio in a fuss-free form factor. Weighing just 3.7g per earbud, you’ll barely feel them on. Bluetooth 5.3 provides a stable connection to your device for seamless streaming.

 Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset


Sporting a featherlight open-ear design, the Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset allow you to stay alert to your surroundings while listening. The ergonomic ear clips keep the earbuds securely in place for all-day wear. Four muted color options blend smoothly into your look.


  • Bone conduction audio: Eliminates in-ear occlusion and discomfort
  • Open-ear wearing: Lets in ambient sound to keep you aware
  • Bluetooth 5.3: Enables low-latency streaming from your device
  • Touch controls: Manage playback and calls right from the earbuds
  • 36-hour battery life: Lasts all day and then some on a single charge

 Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset

Ease of Use

Overall, the Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset are easy to operate thanks to the intuitive touch controls and stable Bluetooth 5.3 pairing. However, some users note the ear hooks can be tricky to position just right on the folds of the ear. It may take some adjustment to find the ideal fit.

Build Quality

The Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset appear well-constructed with sturdy plastic ear hooks and silicone ear tips. The included charging case also has a quality feel with its sleek compact design.

Sound Quality

Users report very good sound quality for podcasts, audiobooks, and phone calls. However, some note that music lacks full bass and sounds thin at high volumes due to the open-ear bone conduction design. Overall, the audio is decent for casual listening.

Microphone Quality

The microphone performance receives mixed reviews. Some users are happy with call quality, while others report complaints of echoing and background noise from the person on the other end. The mic seems serviceable but not outstanding.

Noise Isolation

Since these are open-ear earbuds, they intentionally allow ambient noise in. This improves situational awareness but means loud environments can overpower your audio. The earbuds are not designed for noise isolation.

Battery Life

Battery life is a major highlight, providing up to 5 hours playback per charge and 36 hours total with the charging case. This lengthy battery life outperforms many comparable wireless earbuds.


The Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset connect via Bluetooth 5.3 up to about 10 meters from your paired device. Users report the connection is quick and reliable with minimal dropout issues.


Onboard touch controls on each earbud allow you to adjust volume, play/pause, skip tracks, and answer calls. However, some users find the touch buttons overly sensitive resulting in accidental presses.

Water Resistance

The product description does not specify a water resistance rating. The earbuds are likely splash proof but not fully waterproof.

 Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset

Usage Scenarios

The Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset are ideal for people with active lifestyles. Wear them during workouts to jam to pumped-up beats without missing important announcements at the gym. Runners and cyclists can hear traffic and their surroundings for safety. Use the earbuds hands-free for calls and podcasts while commuting or running errands. The open-ear design makes them great for situational awareness in any environment.

User Feedback Analysis

The Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset has received over 300 global ratings and reviews on Amazon. Here is an analysis of the key feedback:

Sound Quality

The open-ear bone conduction design generally provides clear audio for podcasts, audiobooks, and music according to users. However, many note the volume output is lower than typical earbuds. The open design prevents deep bass resonance. Those expecting immersive audio may be disappointed, but overall sound is reasonable for spoken word and casual listening.


Though some users with larger ears struggle to fit the ear clips, most describe the Ttbesmi earbuds as lightweight and comfortable for prolonged wear. The open design prevents ear canal irritation or fatigue. Once positioned properly, the earbuds rest securely without falling off easily. However, the hard plastic and tight fit can cause soreness or pain if knocked off the ear.

Battery Life

While the 36 hour total battery life via the charging case is a major upside, actual single-charge playback time is frequently less than the stated 5 hours according to reviews. Some users report only getting 2-3 hours per charge, requiring more frequent recharging. This variance suggests potential quality control issues with the batteries.


Bluetooth pairing and connectivity are smooth for most users. The Bluetooth 5.3 spec provides stable wireless performance without dropouts or lag while within range. Call quality is satisfactory, though some mention occasional feedback noises likely due to the open design.


The touch controls on each earbud make it easy to control music, volume, and calls without reaching for your phone. However, some users report the touch sensitivity is overly responsive, causing accidental taps and music stopping from bumping the buds. This can be frustrating until you get used to the tap gestures.


Given the reasonable $30 USD price point, many reviewers feel the Ttbesmi bone conduction earbuds deliver good value. The innovations like open-ear listening, bone conduction, and long battery life are rare at this low cost. Performance has compromises but satisfies casual use for most buyers.

Pros and Cons

- Open-ear design improves safety
- Ultra-lightweight and comfortable
- Seamless Bluetooth connectivity
- Intuitive touch controls
- Extended 36-hour battery life

- Audio lacks bass and clarity at high volumes
- Can be tricky to position perfectly on some ears
- Buttons are overly sensitive

Value for Money

With an affordable $29.99 price tag, the Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset deliver a ton of value. You get the perks of customizable open-ear audio paired with the latest Bluetooth technology. The impressive battery life provides all-day power in a petite package. Given the innovative audio experience, these earbuds are a steal for under $30.

 Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset


Overall, the Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset delivers an innovative open-ear listening experience ideal for staying alert during outdoor activities. Though fit and battery life vary, the earbuds are a clever option if you want situational awareness alongside your music. Just don’t expect booming bass or loud volumes. For those seeking safety and spatial awareness without full earplug-style isolation, the Ttbesmi bone conduction earbuds are worth considering.


  • Brand: Ttbesmi
  • Model: Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Battery:
  • Earbuds - 40mAh
  • Charging case - 400mAh
  • Battery life: 36 hours total (5 charges from case)
  • Water resistance: Unknown
  • Colors: Black, purple, white, nude
  • Weight: 3.7g per earbud
  • Included: Earbuds, charging case, ear cushions

What’s in the Box

The Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset include the wireless earbuds themselves, the charging case, and spare ear cushions. A USB-C charging cable to power up the case is also included.

How to Use

To wear the earbuds, gently hook them over the fold of your ears until they fit securely. Ensure the earbuds are powered on, then pair them with your Bluetooth device like a smartphone or tablet. Use the touch controls to play/pause audio, adjust volume, and take calls. When not using, store the earbuds in the charging case to recharge them.

Ttbesmi Wireless Ear Clip Headset