Logitech H540 USB Headset - An Ideal Headset for Work and Play

Published on June 13, 2023, 2:57 p.m.

Looking for a versatile headset that works great for music, gaming, calls and everything in between? The Logitech H540 USB headset packs impressive features into a lightweight, comfortable design perfect for all-day wear. Keep reading as we dive into the details on this impressive headset.


The Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset is a USB-connected headset featuring a sleek over-ear wearing style and adjustable boom mic. It’s designed for PC calls and music listening, with official Skype certification for optimized performance.

 Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset

Key Features

  • Laser-tuned drivers deliver superior sound quality
  • Built-in equalizer custom-tunes audio performance
  • Adjustable steel headband ensures a personalized fit
  • Rotating, noise-canceling mic enables clear voice pickup
  • On-ear controls make volume and mute easy to manage
  • Mute indicator light visually shows mute status
     Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset


The HLogitech H540 High-performance USB Headset features a clean, minimalist design for a professional look. The all-black color scheme is understated yet stylish. Soft leatherette ear pads provide a luxurious feel. Overall, the design centers comfort and audio performance in a streamlined package.

Ease of Use

With plug-and-play USB connectivity, the Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset is extremely easy to use. Simply insert the USB plug and it’s ready for crystal clear chats and music. The on-ear controls conveniently place volume and mute adjustments at your fingertips. The flexible boom mic makes optimal positioning effortless.

 Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset

Build Quality

Logitech products are renowned for their durability, and the Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset lives up to expectations. High-quality materials like the steel headband and leatherette ear pads allow for long-lasting performance. The headset feels sturdy and well-constructed for years of use.

Sound Quality

Laser-tuned 40mm audio drivers deliver stellar sound across the audio spectrum. Punchy bass, natural mids, and detailed highs immerse you in your music and games. The built-in equalizer ensures audio is tuned for optimal clarity.
 Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset


The noise-canceling boom microphone provides exceptional voice pickup and clarity for calls and chats. The mic isolates your voice from ambient noise for great performance even in busy environments.

 Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset

Noise Isolation

The over-ear, closed-back design passively blocks external noise. This allows you to remain focused on your audio without distraction. The ample ear pad padding creates a secure seal for enhanced noise reduction.

Battery Life

The Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset is a wired USB headset, so no batteries are required. This eliminates the need to recharge and ensures unlimited, uninterrupted use.

Wired Connectivity

A USB-A connector plugs directly into your computer for reliable, low-latency connectivity. No drivers, dongles or special software are needed - just plug and play.

On-Ear Controls

Volume up, volume down and mute buttons are conveniently located on the right ear cup. They allow quick audio adjustments without interrupting use. The mute button has an LED indicator.

Water Resistance

The Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset has no specified water or sweat resistance. The leatherette ear pads may be damaged if exposed to moisture.

 Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset

Use Cases

The Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset excels in home office settings. Its exceptional mic clarity keeps video calls articulate and professional. For educators, customer service reps, remote employees, and other home workers, this headset enhances productivity.

Gamers will appreciate the Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset’s stellar audio reproduction that makes gameplay more engaging. The rich soundscape ensures you hear every in-game detail clearly.

For music lovers, the headset reveals subtle nuances in your favorite tunes thanks to its accurate frequency response.

User Feedback Highlights

With over 4,000 global ratings and reviews, the Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset has won over countless customers. Here’s a deep dive into the user perspective on this top-rated headset.

A Plush Oasis for Your Ears

If there’s one thing users unanimously praise, it’s the luxurious comfort of the Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset. The generously padded headband and ear cups are described as “soft and comfortable” even during marathon sessions. Users say the headset is “so light you barely notice it on your head.” The adjustable steel headband lets you customize the fit just right.

Crisp, Vivid Audio Bliss

Audiophiles applaud the Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset’s stellar sound quality across all genres. The rich bass reproduction and crystal clear treble make music really come alive, with “nuances revealed in your favorite tunes.” For games and movies, users are blown away by the realistic spaciousness of the virtual soundstage that makes it seem you’re right in the action. The accuracy and balance across frequencies immerses you fully in any activity.

Kudos for the Crystal Clear Mic

If you do a lot of calls and online meetings, the noise-canceling microphone is sure to impress. Users say their voice transmits loud and natural, even in noisy environments. Colleagues often compliment how clear they sound thanks to the mic’s excellent pickup and noise reduction capabilities. For remote work and call centers, this headset enhances productivity.

Minor Gripes About the Bulk

The most common complaint is regarding the bulkiness of the USB cord. Some users find the thick, rigid wire resists movement and can tug on the headset unexpectedly. However, this appears to be a minor issue that doesn’t detract from the overall stellar performance. Just take care when swiveling your head!

Bottom Line: An Incredible Value

Any minor downsides of the Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headsetpale in comparison to its impressive audio fidelity, premium comfort and versatile functionality. For those seeking amazing quality without breaking the bank, this headset provides outstanding value that outshines competitors double the price. The Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset is a winner!

Pros and Cons

- Excellent sound quality
- Comfortable fit for extended wear
- Convenient on-ear controls
- Clear microphone with noise reduction
- Easy USB plug-and-play connectivity

- Non-detachable USB cord may be bulky for some
- Bass enhancement could be better


With spectacular sound, premium comfort, and versatile compatibility, the Logitech H540 headset provides tremendous value. It outperforms headsets double the price when it comes to core performance and user experience.

 Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset


With its easy plug-and-play connectivity, great sound quality, flexible mic, and ultra-comfortable fit, the Logitech H540 USB headset provides exceptional performance and value. For PC users seeking a versatile headset for music, gaming, calls and more, the Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset is a standout choice.


  • Connectivity: USB
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS
  • Rotating Noise-Canceling Microphone: Yes
  • On-Ear Controls: Volume, Mute
  • Weight: Approx. 300g
  • Dimensions: 224 x 179 x 77 mm
  • Cable Length: Unknown
  • Audio Sensitivity: Unknown
  • Frequency Response: Unknown

Box Contains

  • H540 USB headset
  • USB connection cable
  • User documentation

How to Use

Using the Logitech H540 headset is quick and easy. Simply insert the USB plug into your computer’s USB port. Adjust the headband and ear cups for a secure, comfortable fit. Rotate the mic boom downwards and position it close to your mouth. Adjust the volume and mute buttons as needed during use. When not using the mic, rotate it back up into the earcup. Enjoy exceptional sound quality and comfort for calls, music, games and more!

Logitech H540 High-performance USB Headset