MOZC Q68 Pro DE-JL Wireless Earbuds: Tiny yet Mighty Bluetooth Earbuds

Published on June 10, 2023, 6:03 p.m.

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds have become a staple for music lovers and busy professionals alike. With so many options on the market, it can be tricky finding a pair that checks all the boxes without breaking the bank. Enter the MOZC Q68 Pro DE-JL Wireless earbuds - tiny yet mighty wireless earbuds packed with features at an affordable price point. Keep reading this review for an in-depth look at what makes these earbuds a great buy.


The MOZC Q68 Pro DE-JL Wireless earbuds offer a compact, lightweight true wireless design powered by Bluetooth 5.1. Key features include CVC 8.0 noise cancellation, physical button controls, a long-lasting battery, and waterproofing. They come in black color and retail for $19.90.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • CVC 8.0 noise cancellation
  • Physical button controls
  • Sweat and splash resistant

Features - Jam-Packed with Cutting-Edge Capabilities

These diminutive earbuds are outfitted with a bevy of advanced features to deliver wireless freedom and remarkable sound. Bluetooth 5.1 allows lag-free, dependable wireless connection to your devices for uninterrupted listening pleasure. The expertly tuned 8mm dynamic drivers and composite diaphragms fill your ears with dynamic audio boasting thumping bass, brilliant mids, and sparkling highs. Dual beamforming microphones employ CVC 8.0 noise cancelling technology to home in on your voice and filter out external clamor forcrystal clear call clarity. Thoughtfully placed physical buttons provide a tactile, foolproof way to control your tunes and calls on-the-go. And the IPX7 waterproof construction allows you to break a sweat or get caught in the rain without damage.

Design - An Exquisite Blend of Style and Ergonomics

The MOZC Q68 Pro DE-JL Wireless earbuds exemplify minimalist elegance. Their smooth, contoured silhouette nestles into ears with ease. The matte black color lends an upscale, yet understated look. Carefully crafted from durable plastics, precise molding and expert assembly give the earbuds a refined finish. Three sizes of ear tips allow you to customize the fit for all-day comfort. At just 4.7 grams per bud, you may forget you have them on. The sleek charging case slips easily into any bag or pocket.

Ease of Use - Seamlessly Simple Operation

From initial setup to everyday use, the MOZC Q68 Pro DE-JL Wireless earbuds aim to make your experience effortless. They turn on and connect to your device automatically when removed from the case, so you can start listening in seconds. Physical buttons provide intuitive control without the hassle of tapping or touching. Voice prompts announce connectivity status so you always know the earbuds are paired properly. The ergonomic design offers a stay-put fit, even during workouts. And the charging case’s LED fuel gauge lets you monitor power level at a glance.

Sound Quality - An Audiophile’s Dream

With 8mm dynamic drivers and CVC 8.0 noise cancellation, the MOZC Q68 Pro DE-JL Wireless earbuds deliver energetic, nuanced sound that brings music to life. The composite diaphragm produces tight bass, clear mids, and crisp highs for a balanced listening experience evocative of a live show. You gain rich sonic depth to pick out every instrument and vocal. And you can crank up the volume for immersive audio without distortion. Whether you crave thumping hip hop beats or the delicate strums of acoustic ballads, these earbuds satisfy even discerning audiophile ears.

Battery - Power for Days of Nonstop Playback

The MOZC Q68 Pro DE-JL Wireless earbuds are equipped with a long-enduring 40mAh battery in each bud, while the charging case packs a generous 500mAh capacity. This gives you up to 5-6 hours of continuous play per charge, and a staggering 30 additional hours from the case - enough for a week’s worth of commutes, workouts, and jam sessions without plugging in. The case’s rapid 1 hour charge time has you ready to roll in no time. So you can embark on cross-country trips or endure long days at the office with an endless soundtrack.

Connectivity - Seamlessly Portable Listening

Bluetooth 5.1 gives you cable-free, skip-free music wherever you roam. The latest Bluetooth technology provides more stable connections, extended range up to 10 meters from your device, and reduced battery consumption compared to older versions. Auto-pairing and independent left/right earbud connections make it a cinch to pair with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. Forget the hassle of cords while enjoying wireless freedom.

Controls - Thoughtfully Designed for On-the-Go Use

Many wireless earbuds suffer from frustrating touch controls. But MOZC smartly outfitted these with physical buttons to avoid accidental brushes and taps. The well-placed buttons let you reliably control music, calls, volume and voice assistants without fumbling. Whether you’re walking, working, or working out, you can manage music and take calls with an easy, confident button press. No need to grapple with your phone.

Waterproof - Fearlessly Wear Them Anywhere

With an IPX7 rating, the MOZC Q68 Pro DE-JL Wireless earbuds can withstand fresh sweat, rain showers, or splashing water. So you can sport them at the gym, on runs, or during intense workouts without damage. No need to worry if you get caught in a downpour on your commute either. The waterproofing gives you one less thing to think about as you go about your active lifestyle.

Use Cases

The MOZC Q68 Pro DE-JL Wireless earbuds are ideal for:

  • Working out - With sweat resistance and a secure fit, you can vigorously exercise without wires or earbuds falling out.

  • Commuting - The tiny charging case and impressive battery life make these perfect for your daily commute, whether by train, bus, or car.

  • Working from home - Block out distractions with the CVC 8.0 noise cancellation while taking calls and video meetings at home.

  • Travel - The compact charging case takes up barely any room in your bag or luggage. And 30+ hours of playtime means you can keep the music going on long trips.

User Feedback Analysis

With over 2,400 ratings on Amazon, these MOZC Q68 Pro DE-JL Wireless earbuds have amassed an impressive 4.3 out of 5 star overall rating. The vast majority of users praise the MOZC earbuds for their unexpectedly stellar combination of features, sound, and value at an ultra-affordable sub-$20 price point.

Audiophiles on a budget heap praise on the powerful bass response and Hi-Fi sound quality produced by the 8mm dynamic drivers. Many describe the crisp, vibrant audio as rivaling far more expensive models, with clear mids and sparkling highs. Even picky listeners are wowed at the expansive soundstage coming from such compact earbuds.

In terms of design, buyers frequently highlight the featherlight, ergonomic shape that allows for comfortable all-day wear. The petite charging case earns acclaim for fitting effortlessly into any pocket. Users also rave about the super long battery life from both the earbuds and case, which easily lasts for days of continuous use between charges.

Many users applaud the inclusion of physical buttons, which provide much more reliable control compared to touch controls on competing buds which often misfire. The IPX7 water and sweat resistance also draws praise for durability during workouts.

The most common downsides mentioned in reviews focus on the average call quality and microphone performance for voice calls. Some report choppy or muted audio on the other end. A few users also experienced issues with the earbuds failing to charge fully after a few months of use.

But the overwhelming consensus is that for less than $20, buyers feel they have struck gold with these feature-packed earbuds. Music lovers, casual listeners, and athletes alike recommend them as their new go-to pair for seamless everyday wireless audio. The remarkable value more than compensates for any minor flaws according to enthusiasts.


  • Incredible value and features for the price
  • Deep, punchy bass and clear audio
  • 30+ hours total battery life
  • Sweat/splash resistant rating
  • Super lightweight and comfortable design
  • Bluetooth 5.1 and physical controls


  • Microphone quality could be better
  • Some quality control issues reported
  • Noise cancellation is decent but not industry-leading


At under $20, the MOZC Q68 Pro DE-JL Wireless earbuds outshine virtually every competitor in their price range. You’d be hard pressed to find another pair with this battery life, water protection rating, Bluetooth 5.1, and audio quality at this price point. If you want big features without the premium price tag, these earbuds deliver outstanding value.


The MOZC Q68 Pro DE-JL Wireless earbuds prove you don’t need to spend big bucks to get impressive wireless earbuds. Their diminutive size houses excellent audio, all-day battery life, sweat/water resistance, and Bluetooth 5.1 at a budget-friendly price. If you want mighty wireless earbuds in a tiny package, these are a top choice.

What’s Included

The MOZC Q68 Pro DE-JL wireless earbuds include:

  • Wireless earbuds (two)
  • Charging case
  • 3 sizes of ear tips (small, medium, large)
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User manual


  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.1
  • Wireless range: Up to 10m
  • Battery capacity: Earbuds 40mAh, Charging case 500mAh
  • Playtime per charge: 5-6 hours (earbuds), 30 hours total (with case)
  • Charging time: 1 hour (case)
  • Drivers: 8mm dynamic driver
  • Water resistance: IPX7 rating
  • Noise cancellation: CVC 8.0
  • Weight: 0.1oz (single earbud)
  • Dimensions:
  • Earbuds: 1.18 x 0.78 x 0.47 inches
  • Charging case: 2.7 x 1.18 x 0.78 inches

How to Use

  1. Open the charging case and remove the earbuds.
  2. Choose the ear tip size that fits most comfortably in your ears.
  3. Press and hold the physical buttons on both earbuds to power them on - you’ll hear “Power on”.
  4. On your phone’s Bluetooth settings, select “MOZC Q68 Pro” to connect.
  5. Place the earbuds in your ears and adjust until they sit securely. You’ll hear “Left Channel, Right Channel”.
  6. Use the physical buttons to control music playback, answer calls, etc.
  7. When finished, place the earbuds back in the charging case to power off and recharge.