ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones: A Shockingly Good Fit for Workouts

Published on June 11, 2023, 3:50 p.m.

Tired of yanking those annoying wires out of your ears when you’re trying to crush your workout? Well plug in to the ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones and get ready for a shockingly good audio experience. These babies will stick to you like glue through every burpee, jumping jack, and downward dog.


The ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones are MFi certified to jive with your iPhone and iOS devices. They come in fun colors like rose gold, red, black and white. A built-in mic and inline remote gives you control over your tunes and calls. Just plug in and you’re good to go.

 ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones

Design - Ear Wings for the Win

These earbuds give you a choice of 3 sizes of ear tips to get a custom fit. But the real staying power comes from the unique ear wings that wedge into your ear to keep these babies locked in place. While you’re working up a sweat, these earphones will stay put. The magnets are a plus to keep the wires from tangling when not in use.

 ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones

Killer Feature

The strong integrated magnets let you clip the earbuds together around your neck, keeping your headphones hassle-free and always within reach.

Ease of Use

With plug-and-play lightning connectivity, you can start rockin’ out in seconds. Intuitive inline controls handle the volume, music, calls and voice assistant so you don’t miss a beat.

Sound Quality - Pump Up the Volume

With advanced DAC chipsets, the ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones deliver high-fidelity stereo sound to immerse you in clear 24bit/96KHZ digital audio. Noise isolation technology blocks out external sounds so you can crank up the volume and get lost in the music.


The built-in microphone ensures your calls come through loud and clear, even if you’re mid-burpee or bike sprint. Friends will think you’re just chilling, not crushing your workout.

Noise Isolation

Active noise cancelling? Don’t need it! The ergonomic design provides a complete seal to passively block external sounds, so you can zone out and get lost in your music.


Lightning connector provides a secure plug-and-play connection for iPhone and iOS devices. No Bluetooth pairing required. Just plug it in and go.
 ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones


Inline buttons give you fingertip control over volume, music play/pause, calls, and voice assistant activation. Effortlessly manage your audio without touching your phone.

Build Quality

The sweat-proof construction stands up to moisture with water-resistant materials. Sturdy cables and connections are built to last through every sprint and rep.
 ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones


With customizable eartips and flexible ear wings, these earbuds are made to fit your unique ear shape for all-day comfort.

Water Resistance

No official waterproof rating, but the water-resistant build will withstand sweaty workouts and weather. Just don’t submerge them for swimming sessions.

Use Cases

Perfect for sports and workouts like:

  • Running
  • HIIT classes
  • Gym sessions
  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Any sweaty exercise!

User Feedback

With over 2,700 Amazon ratings averaging 4.2 stars, the ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones receive mostly positive reviews praising the value, sound, and comfort. But they aren’t perfect. Let’s dig into the pros and cons from real customer experiences.

Satisfied Sound

The vast majority of users are pumped about the audio performance from these budget-friendly earbuds. Many describe the sound as “crystal clear,” “rich,” and “impressive” considering the price point. Audiophiles note the tight bass and crisp highs. For iPhone users seeking great wired sound on a budget, these lightning earbuds deliver.

Comfort Consensus

Customizable eartips and ergonomic ear wings get rave reviews for comfort from most users. They say the earbuds feel “snug” and “secure” even during intense exercise thanks to the cleverly designed fit. Many choose these over Apple AirPods specifically for the comfort perks. However, some dissenters argue the earbuds still fall out too easily.

Control & Cord Compromises

A common complaint focuses on the inline remote - users gripe that the flat button design lacks tactile feel, making it hard to control music and volume by touch alone. Some also wish the cord was just a bit shorter for less slack. But most agree the tangle-resistant cable is a huge plus for managing these workout earbuds.

Hardware Headaches

While built to withstand sweaty use, a portion of buyers experienced premature technical issues from moisture damage or general malfunction. Problems like cutting in and out, muffled sound, and complete audio failure plague some units. But ADPROTECH generally offers refunds/replacements for defective pairs.

Sensible Sound Investment

Considering the sub-$25 price point, most customers view the ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones as a solid audio value investment. For iPhone users seeking durable wired earbuds with dynamic sound for the gym or everyday use, these check all the boxes. Minor comfort and quality concerns aside, the overall performance impressively punches above their pay grade.


  • Secure fit
  • Tangle-free
  • Crisp high fidelity audio
  • Easy inline controls
  • Budget friendly price


  • Controls lack tactile feel
  • Eartips may fall out during intense exercise
  • Some reports of defects


For under $25, the ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones offer impressive features and audio that rival more expensive sport earbuds.

 ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones

Verdict - Stuck on You

For iPhone users seeking headphones that can keep pace with an active lifestyle, the ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones check all the boxes. With fist-pumping sound, intuitive controls, and a non-slip fit, these earphones will stick with you from warm up to cool down. The reasonable price makes them an easy call for your next audio purchase.


  • Connectivity: Wired, Lightning connector
  • Driver: Unknown
  • Frequency response: Unknown
  • Sensitivity: Unknown
  • Impedance: Unknown
  • Headphone jack: Lightning
  • Inline controls: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Eartip sizes: Small, medium, large
  • Cord length: Unknown
  • Sweat/water resistance: Unknown

Box Contains

  • 1 pair ADPROTECH Lightning Headphones
  • 3 pairs silicone eartips (S/M/L)
  • 1 carry bag


  1. Connect lightning plug to iPhone headphone jack.
  2. Select eartip that fits ear canal comfortably.
  3. Insert ear wings into outer ear and eartips into canal.
  4. Use inline buttons to control volume, music, calls.
  5. Double tap middle button to skip tracks.
  6. Long press middle button to activate voice assistant.
  7. When not in use, attach earbuds magnetically to prevent tangling.