FiiO FH9 Headphones - Audiophile Quality Meets Portability

Published on May 23, 2023, 8:16 p.m.

The FiiO FH9 headphones aim to bring a high-fidelity audiophile listening experience in a portable package. With a hybrid driver design utilizing both dynamic and balanced armature drivers, titanium alloy build, and removable cable, these IEMs pack impressive specs and quality. But do they live up to the hype? Let’s dive in for an in-depth review.
 FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones


The FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones is FiiO’s new flagship in-ear monitor, featuring a hybrid driver setup with 1 dynamic and 6 balanced armature drivers per earpiece. This 7 driver system provides deep bass extension thanks to the 13.6mm DLC dynamic driver, while the 6 Knowles balanced armature drivers handle mids and highs for detailed and accurate reproduction.

Build quality is excellent with CNC machined titanium alloy housings that minimize unwanted resonance. The design looks stylish and minimalist in a stealthy black or titanium gray finish. The included detachable cable utilizes 8 strands of high purity monocrystalline silver for optimized signal transfer.

Key Features

  • Hybrid driver design with 1 dynamic and 6 balanced armature drivers per earpiece
  • Titanium alloy housing for minimal resonance
  • Detachable high purity silver plated cable
  • Wide selection of eartips and sound tuning filters
  • Punchy bass, detailed mids, smooth treble


Clad in either understated titanium gray or sleek black, the CNC machined metal housings ooze industrial elegance. Smooth contours mold ergonomically to the ear for a seamless fit. Angled MMCX connectors facilitate a comfortable over-ear wear position. Meticulously crafted details abound, from the interchangeable plated plugs to the crystalline cable sheath. A beguiling fusion of high-tech materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

Ease of Use

The FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones keeps things straightforward for the listener. Swappable eartips and adjustable over-ear fit enable you to achieve the perfect seal and comfort. Cable connectors click securely into place with reassuring precision. Contoured titanium shells nestle in the ear with ease. Switching between audio sources is a breeze with the trifecta of plug options. Overall, the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones is engineered for unfussy convenience. Just plug in and let the sublime audio take over.
 FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones

Sound Quality

Euphoric listening awaits with the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones. Pristine treble sizzles with detail and airiness. The midrange enchants with generous warmth and intimacy. Bass grooves propulsively, underpinning the sound with rhythmic verve and pulsating physicality you can feel. Notes start and stop on a dime, rendering the most complex passages with stirring clarity. If you seek portable sonic bliss, the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones delivers in spades.

Microphone & Noise Isolation

As an IEM focused on personal listening, the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones does not feature an integrated microphone or active noise cancellation. Some ambient noise still permeates the semi-open design, but the ergonomic fit and selection of eartips can provide reasonable passive isolation that blocks out most external sounds. The FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones aims to wow with sound quality, not smart features or silence.
 FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones

Battery & Connectivity

The FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones is a wired IEM without batteries or wireless functionality. An audiophile-grade detachable cable with MMCX connectors provides the signal link to devices. With interchangeable 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs included, the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones easily interfaces with phones, DAPs, amps, and more. This pared back wired approach ensures signal purity and lets the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones focus purely on delivering stellar sonics.

Build Quality & Comfort

Machined from anti-resonant titanium alloy, the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones exudes robust finesse. The lightweight metal shells are sculpted to ergonomic perfection. Together with the supple interchangeable eartips, they provide long-wearing comfort and a personalized fit. Even after hours of listening, the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones remains an absolute pleasure. The high-quality cabling withstands repeated bending without compromise, ensuring long-term durability.

Water Resistance

FiiO does not specify a water resistance rating for the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones. The open design makes them unsuitable for use in wet environments. Care should be taken to avoid exposing the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones to moisture which could damage the drivers or electronics within. For outdoor activity, consider a waterproof sports model instead.

 FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones

Use Cases

The FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones is ideal for audio enthusiasts and hi-fi musicians who desire exceptional sound on the go. With their portable size and durable build, these IEMs are great for listening in a variety of scenarios - at home, at the office, on your commute, or out and about. Audiophiles will appreciate the expansive soundstage and imaging which allows you to pick out the subtle details in your favorite tracks. The energetic sound signature makes the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones a joy for listening to music of all genres.

User Feedback Analysis

Reviews for the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones are overwhelmingly positive, with users raving about the sublime sound. Many describe an expansive, detailed and natural listening experience. The dynamic bass earns consistent praise for its depth, texture, and impact. Mids sound smooth and full-bodied according to users, with intimate vocals and lush instruments. Treble quality impresses as well, with descriptions of airiness, sparkle, and pristine detail.

Soundstage and imaging are also highlights noted across reviews. Listeners find the holographic 3D space remarkable for an IEM, with precise channel separation and location of sounds. This level of realism brings music to life.

Build quality and design garner acclaim as well. The CNC machined titanium shells exhibit expert craftsmanship to users, who appreciate their lightweight durability, beauty, and comfortable contouring. The modular replaceable parts, like cables and eartips, provide personal customization that enhances day-to-day use.

In terms of criticisms, some lament the bulkier size of the earpieces. Individual fit can vary, and those with smaller ears may experience minor issues getting a proper seal or ideal comfort. A few reviews mention wishing for slightly more sub-bass rumble or treble airiness, but acknowledge tuning preferences will differ. Overall though, users proclaim the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones as an endgame IEM that ticks every box.

Pros and Cons


  • Spacious 3D soundstage
  • Crisp and energetic sound across the spectrum
  • Titanium build minimizes resonance
  • Loads of eartips and accessories


  • Bulkier design than some IEMs
  • Bass and treble may not suit all preferences
  • No active noise cancellation


At around $550, the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones offers outstanding performance for the price. The quality and attention to detail compete well above its price point. For those looking to step into premium audiophile sound without breaking the bank, the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones should be on your short list.


With excellent craftsmanship, engaging sound, and loads of accessories, the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones represents a top-tier audiophile IEM package. It pairs portability and convenience with high-fidelity audio reproduction. If you desire luxurious sound in a compact form, the FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones absolutely warrants an audition.


  • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 40kHz
  • Impedance: 18 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Driver Configuration: 1 dynamic + 6 balanced armature per side
  • Input Power: 100mW
  • Cable: Detachable, high purity silver plated copper
  • Connector: MMCX, interchangeable 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm plugs
  • Eartips: 9 pairs (silicone and foam)

Box Contents

The FH9 comes packaged with:

  • FH9 earphones
  • Silver plated detachable cable
  • 9 pairs of silicone eartips (3 bass, 3 balanced, 3 vocal)
  • 2 pairs of foam eartips
  • 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs
  • 3 sound tuning filters
  • Carrying case
  • Cleaning tool
  • Removal tool
  • Cable wraps
  • User manual

How to Use

Using the FH9 is simple. Start by selecting the eartips that fit your ears the best for comfort and seal. Insert the earpieces and run the cable over your ears. Attach the cable to the MMCX connectors at the base of the earpieces. Pick the ideal plug for your audio source. Play your favorite tunes and enjoy! Experiment with the different eartips and filters to customize the sound to your liking. Be sure to keep the FH9 stored in the included case when not in use.

FiiO FH9 Wired Headphones