Tecno G01 Wireless Gaming Earbuds: 88ms Ultra-Low Latency Provides Competitive Edge in Gaming

Published on May 9, 2023, 7:56 p.m.

Quick reactions and spatial awareness are crucial to gain an edge in competitive gaming. That’s why choosing a high-quality gaming headset with low latency and immersive surround sound can make all the difference.
 Tecno G01 Gaming Earbuds


The Tecno G01 Wireless Gaming Earbuds are designed specifically to enhance the gaming experience. With 88ms ultra-low latency and 3D surround sound powered by quad dynamic drivers, these earbuds allow gamers to react instantly to in-game audio cues.

Killer Looks and Convenience

Encased in a clam shell charging case with flashy RGB lighting effects, the Tecno G01 Gaming Earbuds make a statement. Tap the right earbud three times to toggle between Game and Music mode. The earbuds magnetically snap into place for easy storage and charging on the go.

Hear Them Before They See You

Dual microphones employ noise cancellation technology for clear calls even in noisy environments. The four dynamic drivers immerse you in 3D surround sound to precisely pinpoint enemy movements - whether it’s footsteps, gunfire, or vehicles. Get a competitive edge by hearing them before they see you.

Dual Microphones for Clear Calls

Phone calls come through crystal clear thanks to the dual microphones with noise cancelling technology.

 Tecno G01 Gaming Earbuds

Power for Hours of Gameplay

A single charge provides 5 hours of non-stop gaming. The charging case adds an additional 25 hours of power for a total massive 30 hours of marathon gaming. Even just 10 minutes of quick charging gives you 1.5 hours of playtime. The long battery life keeps you wholly immersed in the game.

Snappy Controls at Your Fingertips

Intuitive touch controls on the Tecno G01 earbuds allow for easy management of music, calls, pairing and more. Enjoy snappy responsiveness thanks to the ultra-low 88ms latency. Whether you’re playing or listening to music, the dual Game and Music modes are finely tuned for each usage.

 Tecno G01 Gaming Earbuds

Hear the Game, Not the Noise

The Tecno G01 gaming earbuds are the ultimate accessory for competitive gamers who want the tactical edge to react instantly based on in-game sounds. The combination of 88ms low latency and 3D surround sound gives players improved spatial awareness and ability to pinpoint enemies based on audio cues alone. 30 hours of battery life means you can game for hours without being tethered. For a responsive and immersive audio experience, the Tecno G01 earbuds deliver.

Great Build Quality

The earbuds are made of durable plastic with a matte finish that resists scratches. The sturdy charging case uses quality plastics and smooth hinges.

Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

The Tecno G01 earbuds connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0. Once paired, they will automatically connect to your device each use.

Intuitive Touch Controls

Tap, press, or swipe the touch sensitive panels on either earbud to control music playback, phone calls, volume, Game/Music mode, and more.

 Tecno G01 Gaming Earbuds

IPX5 Water Resistance

With IPX5 water resistance, the earbuds can withstand sweat, rain, and even being rinsed off under a faucet.

 Tecno G01 Gaming Earbuds

Immersive Audio for All Your Games

The Tecno G01 gaming earbuds are optimized for all game genres including FPS, RPG, MOBA, and more. The 3D surround sound provides pinpoint directional audio so you can immerse yourself in the game world and gain a tactical edge.

 Tecno G01 Gaming Earbuds

Analyzing User Reviews of the Tecno G01 Gaming Earbuds

The Tecno G01 Gaming Earbuds have received mixed yet generally positive reviews from customers. By delving into the user commentary, we can extract insights into the key pros and cons of this affordable gaming headset.

Starting with the shining points, many users glow with praise about the surround sound quality. Descriptions like “crisp trebles,” “immersive midrange,” and “satisfying bass” illustrate the impressive audio performance according to reviewers. Gamers in particular appreciate the 3D spatial imaging for accurately pinpointing enemy locations by subtle sounds like footsteps. The 88ms low latency enables agile reactions to match the precise audio cues. As one gamer put it, “I can instantly respond when I hear an enemy reload just around the corner.”

When it comes to battery life, consistency is key for an uninterrupted gaming experience. Users confirm the advertised 30 hours of total playtime holds up in real-world conditions. The quick charge feature is also popular, with gamers reporting they can gain a sizable 1.5 hour boost from just 10 minutes of charging—perfect for squeezing in one more match.

Regarding the design, the RGB lighting earns mixed opinions. Some find it kitschy while for others it amplifies the gaming atmosphere. The clamshell charging case wins universal praise for its compact portability.

Not all feedback is positive though. A portion of users report frustrating issues with connectivity dropping in and out. Speculation points to potential quality control issues or configuration challenges. When functioning properly, the Bluetooth connection seems solid. So connectivity complaints appear to be isolated cases rather than inherent flaws.

In summary, when the Tecno G01 Gaming Earbuds work as intended, they provide stellar surround sound and reactive latency at a budget-friendly price point. The main drawback is inconsistent connectivity affecting some users. But for smooth operation they represent an affordable gateway to heightened immersion in mobile gaming.

 Tecno G01 Gaming Earbuds

Pros and Cons

- 88ms Ultra Low Latency
- 3D surround sound
- 30 hours total battery life
- RGB lighting effects
- Game/Music mode switch

- Some users report connectivity issues
- Bass not as strong as more premium brands

Great Value Bundle

For the price, the Tecno G01 Gaming Earbuds offer excellent value by packing great gaming features into an affordable package.

 Tecno G01 Gaming Earbuds


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless
  • Drivers: Quad Dynamic Drivers
  • Noise Control: Active Noise Cancellation
  • Latency: 88ms ultra-low latency
  • Battery Life: 5 hours (earbuds), additional 25 hours (charging case), total 30 hours
  • Fast Charging: 10 mins charging = 1.5 hours playtime
  • Water Resistance: IPX5 water resistant
  • Launch Date: December 3, 2020

Box Contents

  • G01 Wireless Gaming Earbuds
  • S/L/XL Eartips
  • USB-C Cable
  • Charging Case

How to Use

  1. Open charging case and take out the earbuds
  2. Enter pairing mode by holding both earbuds until LEDs flash
  3. On device, turn on Bluetooth and select “Tecno G01” to connect
  4. Put earbuds into ears and adjust for comfortable fit
  5. Tap right earbud 3 times to toggle between Game and Music mode
  6. Use touch controls to play/pause music and answer calls
  7. Return earbuds to charging case when not in use
Tecno G01 Wireless Gaming Earbuds