OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones: A Quality Open-Ear Listening Experience

Published on Dec. 12, 2023, 5:04 p.m.

Tired of having your music drowned out by surrounding noises or getting uncomfortable with earbuds inserted in your ears? Bone conduction headphones offer an innovative open-ear listening experience that transmits sound through vibrations in your cheekbones. Let’s take a look at the OFUSHO M3S bone conduction headphones and see if they live up to the hype.


The OFUSHO brand focuses on delivering quality headphones with the latest technology. The OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones model uses Bluetooth 5.3 for fast and stable connectivity and is IP68 waterproof for rugged use. With up to 7-8 hours of battery life, these lightweight headphones aim to provide exceptional sound safely and comfortably.

Key Features

  • Open-ear design for situational awareness
  • IP68 waterproof and sweatproof
  • Soft, flexible headband for comfort
  • Bluetooth 5.3 for fast pairing and connectivity
  • 7-8 hours of battery life per charge

 OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones

Design - Open-Ear Comfort

The flexible open-ear design is perfect for all-day wear. The soft, bendable headband ensures a customized fit without pressure. By leaving your ears open, you remain aware of ambient noises for added safety. The IP68 waterproofing also makes them ideal for workouts.

Features - Seamless Listening

With Bluetooth 5.3, the OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones delivers lag-free audio and robust connectivity up to 15 meters away. The long-lasting battery enables 7-8 hours of continuous playback per charge. Dual diaphragm vibrators and engineering optimizations provide excellent audio quality with thumping bass and crisp highs.

 OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones

Audio Quality - Immersive Sound

OFUSHO tested over 20 bone conduction models and engineered the OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones to overcome issues like sound leakage. The enclosed dual diaphragms generate clear, leakage-free audio with impressive bass. Acoustic engineers fine-tuned the sound profile for an optimal listening experience.

 OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones

Hassle-Free Controls

Onboard buttons let you control playback, volume, calls, and voice assistants without grabbing your phone. Bluetooth 5.3 enables quick pairing and steady 30-foot wireless range. The handy magnetic charger clips securely to metal contacts, delivering 7-8 hours of power per 1.5-hour charge.

 OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones

Durable Build

The IP68 waterproof housing withstands submersion up to 1 meter deep. Premium matte plastics withstand rugged use while interior rubber seals protect the electronics. The materials feel solid in hand and retain a stylish low-key look.

Supreme Comfort

The flexible silicone headband suspends the 28-gram earpieces comfortably on your zygomatic bones without squeezing your head. Air can circulate over your ears, keeping you cool during intense workouts. The earbuds-free design prevents pain some users experience from in-ear models.

Use Cases

The OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones are perfect for sports and workouts. Their open design lets you hear traffic and other ambient noises for safety outdoors. You can focus on your run or workout without getting discomfort from earbuds. For everyday use, the OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones allows you to listen to music or take calls while still hearing conversations and other sounds around you. The waterproof rating also makes them ideal in wet environments.

User Feedback Analysis

With over 500 reviews on Amazon, OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones customers widely praise the headphones’ comfort, sound quality, and value.

A Heavenly Fit

The most commonly applauded feature is the supreme comfort. Reviewers delight in how the featherweight earpieces rest so gently on the face that they “feel like they are barely there.” Users are astonished that the open-ear design eliminates ear pain and fatigue associated with earbuds. Marathon runners rave they “could wear them forever.”

Euphoric Sound

Listeners are blown away by the “magical” audio experience from the cheekbone vibrations. They describe the sound as “crystal clear,” with “robust bass” and “sparkling” treble. Gamers relish the 3D spacial awareness from the open design. Many say the audio rivals over-ear headphones.

Splash-Proof Fun

Active users praise the IP68 sweat and waterproofing that allows them to “swim with tunes.” The hassle-free controls make skipping tracks a breeze mid-workout. Runners love maintaining situational awareness while enjoying “pumping beats.”

Minor Quibbles

A few users faced connectivity issues and wished the onboard controls were backlit. Some found the charger magnets weak. While most liked the audio, some felt louder volumes had distortion. But these were rare complaints among overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Smash Hit Value

Almost unanimously, buyers are shocked by the quality and features offered for the low $40 price tag. Many say the comfort and sound are “as good as $200 models” and they “couldn’t believe the value.” For affordable bone conduction headphones, users declare the OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones a “steal” and “budget winner.”


  • Extremely comfortable fit for all-day wear
  • Allows ambient sound awareness
  • Sweatproof and waterproof for workouts
  • Long 7-8 hour battery life
  • Great sound quality with deep bass


  • Magnetic charger can disconnect easily
  • Highs not as crisp as earbuds


At around $40, the OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones deliver great value for money. You get excellent comfort, sound, and ruggedness that competes with more expensive models. The innovative bone conduction technology also gives you an immersive open-ear experience that typical headphones cannot match.

 OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones


With smart comfort and design, great audio, and hassle-free features, the OFUSHO M3S bone conduction headphones are highly recommended for active and everyday use. Their innovative open-ear style provides safety and freedom without compromising on sound quality.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Battery Life: 7-8 hours (150mAh battery)
  • Waterproof Rating: IP68
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Color: Black
  • Wireless Range: Up to 15 meters
  • Audio Components: Dual diaphragm vibrators

What’s in the Box

The OFUSHO M3S bone conduction headphones come with the headphones unit, charging cable, and user manual in the box.

How to Use

To use the OFUSHO M3S Bone Conduction Headphones, first charge the headphones fully. Then turn them on and pair via Bluetooth with your smartphone or audio device. The headphones will connect automatically when powered on if already paired. Position the band so the vibrators rest comfortably on your cheekbones. Then enjoy immersive, open-ear audio! Tap the buttons to adjust volume and playback as needed.