JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds: Pumping Up Your Workouts in Style

Published on June 21, 2023, 10:09 a.m.

Looking to amp up your workout playlists with earbuds that can keep up? The new JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds bring excellent audio and sporty style to active lifestyles. Let’s check out why these earbuds are ready to rock your fitness routine.


JAAMIRA designed the JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds as wired earbuds ready for action with athletes, gym-goers, and fitness fans in mind. With JAAMIRA’s signature audio quality, innovative comfort fit, and durable sweatproof construction, these earbuds pump up your favorite tunes to power you through any workout.

 JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds

Key Features:

  • Excellent stereo sound
  • Secure over-ear fit
  • Built-in microphone and controls
  • Sweatproof and durable construction
  • Universal 3.5mm connectivity

 JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds

Design - Streamlined Style

The JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds feature a lightweight and streamlined design perfect for sports and exercise. The small in-ear buds coupled with the over-ear fit stay close to the head for a compact low-profile look and comfortable secure fit. With color options like Black, Blue, Red, and Pink, you can select a stylish accent to your workout gear.

Ease of Use - Plug and Play Simplicity

With standard 3.5mm wired connectivity, the JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds offer plug-and-play simplicity with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and any device with a headphone jack. No pairing, charging, or setup required. Just plug them into your phone and start your tunes.

Sound Quality - Balanced Signature Sound

These earbuds deliver JAAMIRA’s excellent audio performance thanks to custom dynamic drivers. The sound signature offers bright crisp treble and deep punchy bass for a lively and well-balanced listening experience perfect for amping up your workout music.

Microphone and Noise Isolation - Clear Calls On the Move

The built-in microphone provides clear call quality when you need to take a quick call during your workout. Noise isolating eartips block out external noise for immersive music listening.

 JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds

Controls - Manage Your Sound On the Move

The in-line remote makes it easy to control music playback and volume without interrupting your workout. Easily access calls and pause, play, or skip tracks.

 JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds

Comfort - Stable Ergonomic Fit

The over-ear fit uses a flexible “memory wire” section to gently wrap around the ear for security. Three sizes of silicone eartips allow you to customize the fit for all-day comfort. The earbuds stay comfortably in place during any activity.

 JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds

Sweatproof - Built for Your Active Lifestyle

With an IPX4 waterproof rating, the JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds can easily handle sweat, rain, and water exposure from sports and workouts. The sweatproof design ensures longevity through daily fitness use.

 JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds

Use Cases:

The JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds are designed for any activity that makes you break a sweat! With their stable fit and sweatproof design, these earbuds are perfect for:

  • Gym workouts - endure squats, lifts, and cardio machines with motivating tunes
  • Running and endurance sports - push through that extra mile with high-energy music
  • Group fitness classes - hear the instructor cues while jamming to the playlist
  • Outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and more - soundtrack your next adventure

Whether you’re crushing a new PR or pushing through a workout, the JR-EM390 has you covered!

User Reviews:

With over 1,800 global customer ratings on Amazon, the JAAMIRA JR-EM390 earbuds have amassed quite a bit of user feedback. Reviewers praise these affordable workout earbuds for their surprising sound quality, stable fit, and sweatproof durability. However, some downsides like fit issues and call echo have also been mentioned. Let’s dig deeper into the user experiences.

Sound Quality Punches Above the Price

Many reviewers remark on how the JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds sound better than expected for such an affordable price point. The stereo drivers deliver pleasingly balanced sound with sparkling highs and robust lows that make music pop. Whether they’re rocking out to hip hop or mellowing with folk tunes, users find the lively sound keeps them motivated workout after workout.

Secure Fit Brings Workout Confidence

The over-ear design gets consistent praise for keeping the earbuds firmly in place during exercise and activity. Users report they can jump, sprint, squat, and move without a budge. Between the earhooks and customizable eartips, the JR-EM390 earbuds lock into a personalized secure fit so users can focus on their fitness goals, not fixing their earbuds.

Call Quality Hits Some Snags

While music listening gets rave reviews, call quality gets more mixed reactions. Some users experience echoing and muffled calls in noisy environments. The microphone seems optimized for voice pickup rather than noise cancellation. So calls come through clearly in calm settings but can stumble in loud gym spaces.

Sweatproof Design Meets the Active Test

Users confirm the IPX4 waterproof rating holds up to the sweaty rigors of workouts and sports. After exposing the JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds to profuse perspiration and sometimes outright drenching, the earbuds still deliver their lively sound without issue. The sweatproof design ensures they can keep motivating fitness fans rain or shine.

Fit Isn’t Ideal for Smaller Ears

One consistent gripe cites the earhooks fitting uncomfortably on smaller ears. Some reviewers with petite ear sizes report the earhook presses their ear awkwardly, sits loose, or painfully digs into the folds. While the eartips accommodate tinier inner ears, the rigid earhook lacks flexibility to contour snugly on small outer ears.


With all the features packed into the JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds, including excellent stereo sound, stable fit, IPX4 sweatproofing, built-in mic and controls, and universal compatibility, these earbuds deliver outstanding value. For earbuds purpose-built for active lifestyles under $20, the JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds is an unbeatable choice.


For wired earbuds built for fitness, the JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sport Earbuds check all the boxes. With powerful sound, stabile fit, built-in controls, and sweatproof durability, these earbuds become the perfect workout companion to push through personal records and fitness goals. For earbuds that can elevate your active lifestyle, the JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds delivers.

 JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds


  • Drivers: Stereo dynamic drivers
  • Connectivity: Wired 3.5mm
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: Unknown
  • Noise Isolation: Noise isolating eartips
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX4 sweatproof
  • Inline Controls: Yes, volume, music, calls
  • Microphone: Built-in MEMS microphone

Box Contents:

  • JAAMIRA JR-EM390 earbuds
  • 3 sizes (S/M/L) of silicone eartips
  • Optional earhooks
  • Control module with microphone
  • Cable clip (x2)
  • Carrying pouch

How to Use:

  1. Select the eartip size that fits most comfortably in your ear.
  2. Place the earbuds in your ears and position the earhooks for secure fit.
  3. Plug the 3.5mm connector into your smartphone, tablet, or device.
  4. Use inline controls to adjust volume or tracks and take calls.
  5. After use, remove earbuds and wipe down with dry cloth to clean.
JAAMIRA JR-EM390 Sports Wired Earbuds